How Do I Stop Commercials From Being Louder?

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It can get a bit frustrating or even startling when the volume of a TV commercial is much louder than the volume of the program you’re watching in the first place. TV commercials are normally loud, and they get even louder so they can grab your attention, and have you focus on whatever is being advertised.

When advertisers find a way to circumvent the accepted volume for commercials by making them louder than they are supposed to, you can easily fix this. All you need to do is to adjust the volume or loudness control in your television settings and select what is comfortable for you.

Adjusting the volume or loudness control of your television may help you stop commercials from being loud for the time being, but it might end up becoming loud again in the future. In that case, keep reading this article to find out how you can put a stop to loud TV commercials for good, and why your TV commercials keep getting louder.

How to Stop Commercials from Being Louder

Many TV stations, would prefer to have the volume of commercials shown on their main programs to be very loud, so they can catch the attention of viewers, and make them focus on whatever is being advertised.

This sometimes has the opposite effect as the increased loudness, most times end up irritating viewers.

In this case, there are two main ways you can use to stop commercials from getting louder than the television program itself. This can be done by either adjusting your setting or filing a complaint.

How To Adjust Your Settings

When you are experiencing a spike in the volume of the commercials shown on your television or home theater, you can easily fix this by adjusting the settings of your system.

Go to the settings of your system, and look for the volume or loudness control. After which you will search for automatic gain control. Here you go ahead and select audio compression or audio limiters. This can help stabilize the volume of your commercials into an acceptable one.

File A Complaint

Sometimes adjusting your settings just isn’t the solution to your problem, and on a different occasion, the commercials might start getting louder again. If this ever happens, then you can go ahead to file a complaint to the appropriate authorities.

You should make sure that your complaints include the following:

  • State if the program was shown on cable, satellite, or broadcast.
  • Name of whoever it is that is advertising or the name of the product or services being advertised.
  • Date and time the commercial was shown.
  • Name of the TV program that broadcasted the commercial.
  • Name of the TV station.
  • The number of the channel you were watching.

The reason why you have to include all this is that TV stations aren’t really being monitored to ensure that they follow the acceptable commercial volume laws. So it is up to you the viewer to make sure that this is fixed if you ever run into it.

Why Are TV Commercials Getting Louder

There are certain standards put in place when it comes to TV commercials, and its volume is one of them. Unfortunately, due to the need for advertisers wanting their advertisements to be seen and heard more, they end up boycotting some of these laid out standards.

The reason your TV commercials keep getting excessively louder than it’s supposed to be is that these advertisers are trying their best to catch your attention, and an increased volume seems to be one of the methods they adopt to achieve this.

Outside of this, another reason why this may be happening is because of the fact that the government only has power over commercials shown on broadcast or cable.

They have no jurisdiction over streaming services like Amazon, Netflix, and others. So if this is where you are experiencing an unwarranted increase in the volume of the commercial being shown, you might want to lay a direct complaint to them.

Can You Completely Cut Out the Volume of Commercials?

Unfortunately, there isn’t really anything you can do to completely remove the audio that accompanies a commercial, even if the volume of the said commercials much louder than necessary.

The best that you can do to not hear the commercial at all, is to mute your television throughout the duration of the said commercial. After which you can unmute your television when the program is back up again.


There is no doubt that very loud commercials can be quite irritating. And as much as you would like to, there is no way for you to permanently mute the commercials shown on your TV. The best thing for you to do is try adjusting the settings of your television. If this doesn’t work, or if somehow the commercials get much louder again in the future then you would need to file a formal complaint.

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