How Do I Change Subtitles on FireStick (Fire TV)?

Using a FireStick remoteUsing a FireStick remote

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We know that television watching has changed significantly over the last few years. Many of us now prefer subscription services over cable TV. Most of these subscriptions require applications to stream, and you can convert your normal TV into a smart TV with an Amazon FireStick. But, how do you change the subtitles on the Firestick? 

  • Visit your FireStick’s home screen.
  • Select the settings icon from the top banner.
  • Navigate to “Subtitles” from the Settings menu.

Below, we will discuss more information on changing subtitles on your FireStick. Keep reading to learn everything you need to know!l

How Do I Change Subtitles on FireStick? 

As the way we watch television changes, the technology surrounding it also changes. Smart televisions have become common, allowing you to download different streaming apps on your television. 

For those of us who don’t have smart televisions, that’s where an Amazon FireStick comes in. 

This nifty little gadget will allow you to turn your regular television into a smart one. With this, you can watch many different apps on your regular television. It is a great addition to any home, as long as you know how to use it.

For example, changing or switching the subtitles on and off can feel complicated. However, it’s actually quite simple. You can easily change the subtitles on your screen in just a few steps. 

Changing the Subtitles in the FireStick Menu 

The easiest way to change the subtitles across all apps on your FireStick is through the FireStick menu. Making changes to the subtitles from the regular menu is easy. 

To change your FireStick’s subtitles, visit the home screen and select the settings icon. From the Settings menu, navigate to subtitles and adjust the language as needed. When you’re done, simply close the menu.

Changing the Subtitles in the Accessibility Menu 

If you don’t see the changes you were expecting after making adjustments from the Subtitles menu, you can try using the Accessibility menu instead. This typically solves problems you cannot solve from the main menu, including subtitles that won’t turn off.

To make changes from the Accessibility menu, follow the steps below: 

  • Go back to the FireStick’s home screen. 
  • Navigate to the top of the banner, then select the settings icon. 
  • Find the Accessibility menu and select it.
  • Find the “Closed Captions” setting.
  • Turn this on or off according to your needs. 

Now, you can return to viewing and see your implemented changes.

Making Subtitle Changes on Fire TV Within an App 

Since there are many different applications you can download and watch with the help of your FireStick, it can also become tricky when their settings are different from your device’s.

While making changes on your FireStick itself will often be enough, you may need to make the changes within the apps for them to take effect. Luckily, in most cases, you will have a few ways of doing so.

Change the Subtitles in the App’s Menu 

Most apps have a settings menu that allows you to make changes that will affect the entire application. Changing your subtitle options here will apply the changes to all videos within the app. Follow the steps below to do so:

  • Open your desired app.
  • Find the settings option on the home screen and open it.  
  • Find “Subtitles” or “Closed Captions” in this menu. Sometimes, you may have to navigate through a “Preferences” or “Accessibility” menu to find these options.
  • Look through the options available on the app, then make your selections.
  • Confirm your choices.

Now, every video you play on the app should show your preferred subtitle options.

Change the Subtitles While Watching a Show or Movie 

If you’re already watching a show or movie and find it hard to understand, turning on and adjusting the subtitles for that specific video is often the best choice. 

Whether you want to turn on subtitles because the sound is too low, or you want to turn subtitles off because they’re obstructing your view, there are a few different things that you can try: 

  • Press the down arrow on your FireStick remote.
  • The subtitle options may be hidden in the menu at the bottom or top of the screen. Look for the letters “CC” or a dialog box on the screen.
  • Select this icon and make your desired changes.

Some applications may not have this menu. Instead, you’ll need to press the button on your remote control with three horizontal buttons. This will open the options menu. Choose “Subtitles” and make your desired changes before pressing the button again to close the menu.

In Conclusion

It’s easy to become slightly intimidated when figuring out how to use new technology, such as an Amazon Fire TV device. However, it is relatively simple to make changes to subtitles on your Firestick. 

You can change your subtitle settings through the device’s settings, or the settings on different applications you have installed on your TV.

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