How Can I Use Sharp TV Without the Remote?

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Few things are more frustrating than losing your remote. There was a time before smart electronics when every function on your TV had a button. If you lost your remote or needed new batteries, you could simply navigate the onboard control panel. In modern times, your remote control is the key to your device. Without it, you’re left wondering how to get around. Not to worry – you can use a Sharp TV without the remote.

Press “power” to turn your Sharp TV on. Then press “menu.” When the menu comes up, navigate by using the “channel” buttons to move up and down, the “volume” buttons to move left and right, and the “input” button to enter your selection.

That covers the basics, but what if you want to do more? Read on to learn what you can access on your Sharp TV without using a remote.

Can I Program a Sharp TV Without a Remote?

Programming is one of the first steps to setting up a new television. Before you can access your local stations or cable provider, your TV must learn which channels are available. Follow these steps to have your favorite shows at your fingertips in no time:

  • Turn the TV on using the “power” button.
  • Press the “input” button to change the input on the screen to “cable.”
  • Press the “menu” button to bring up the programming options.
  • Scroll down using the “channel down” button until you reach “initial setup”
  • Move to the “ez setup” option and press “input.”
  • Scroll to your desired language and press “input.”
  • Select “home” on the next screen and press “input.”
  • Select “cable” if you have an active cable service or “air” if you’re using an antenna and press “input.”
  • Select “start” for air or “analog and digital search start” for cable and press “input.”

At this point, your Sharp TV will begin programming, and no remote was necessary. Leave the TV on and don’t press any buttons until the process is complete, or you’ll have to start over again.

When the channel search is done, your TV will tell you how many channels it found. Press “input” to confirm the changes, and your Sharp TV is programmed and ready to go.

Other Options for Using a Sharp TV Without a Remote

While it’s possible to use your Sharp TV without the remote, it’s definitely not the best – or only – option available.

Universal remotes

Purchasing a universal remote control that lists Sharp as a compatible brand is the most obvious fix. Universal remotes come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and colors. They come with simple instructions for setup, and most will offer options to control multiple devices.

Streaming Players

Streaming players like ROKU, Amazon Fire Stick, and Chromecast will all work with Sharp TVs, and all offer a remote for navigation. The best choice for Sharp TVs would be Roku, as they’ve partnered with Sharp for a more immersive experience. ROKU remotes designed for Sharp TVs will allow you to not only use your streaming player, but also control the TV’s other functions.

Sharp’s Mobile App

Like Most manufacturers, Sharp has brought their line of Smart TVs up to speed with the world of mobile Apps. You can download Sharp’s app from the Google Play Store for Android or the App Store for Ios. With the Sharp app, you’ll have full control of your TV. For newer Sharp TV’s, the dashboard includes all the features you’ll need to access and enjoy your built-in Roku player.

As an added bonus, the Sharp App has options for a virtual keyboard for searches, voice commands, and the ability to miracast from your phone.

Infrared Blasters

Infrared blasters were common on Android mobile devices, particularly Samsung models, until 2017, when the company discontinued them. An iR blaster worked the same way as a universal remote, pairing your phone’s hardware with the TV’s infrared receiver.

The problem became functionality, and the idea was scrapped as outdated. The issue was that the blaster needed a hardware component and couldn’t be downloaded, making it obsolete in today’s plug and play app world.

If you have an older Android laying around with an IR blaster, however, it can be repurposed for use as a replacement remote in a pinch. Apple products have never included an IR blaster and require a dongle and an app to function the same way.

Final Thoughts

The remote that came with your Sharp smart TV was designed specifically for that unit and will therefore provide perfect functionality. You’ll have access to every option in the best format available.

Since you’re here, that option is probably unavailable. Not to worry! If you find a good universal remote with all of the features you use most, download the Sharp app, or use a streaming player, you’ll find that remote wasn’t so important after all.

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