Encode vs. Encode Plus, Which is Better?

Door with smart lockDoor with smart lock

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If you’re looking for a smart lock to make your home more secure, you may be considering the Schlage Encode or Encode Plus. Both locks offer smart features with impressive security capabilities.

Generally, the Schlage Encode Plus is a better option than the standard Schlage Encode. The Encode Plus has a few extra security and usability features compared to the former model, including auto-unlock and Siri voice command compatibility.

Which is Better: Schlage Encode or Encode Plus?

The Schlage Encode and Encode Plus are both excellent options when it comes to home security.

Standard Encode smart locks include powerful features, such as:

However, the Encode Plus offers even more advanced technology.

The Schlage Encode Plus is compatible with Apple HomeKit. This allows you to integrate it with your other Apple devices easily. Additionally, the Encode Plus works through Bluetooth and WiFi, while the Encode is operated manually, with a keypad or key.

The table below will highlight some of the Encode Plus’ best features compared to the Schlage Encode:

FeaturesEncode PlusSchlage Encode
Apple HomeKit and Siri voice command compatibilityYesNo
WiFi connectivityYesYes
Touchpad entryYesYes
Keyless accessYesYes
Bluetooth compatibilityYesNo

After considering the features of both options, it will be easier to make an informed decision that fits your unique needs and circumstances.

How Does the Schlage Encode Plus Compare to Other Smart Locks?

The Encode Plus is a very popular smart lock. It’s not as expensive as the Ultraloq U-Bolt Pro, but it is more expensive than the Wyze Lock Bolt.  

Of these three locks, the U-Bolt Pro has the most features, including a six-in-one deadbolt.

Wyze Lock Bolts are affordable and easy to install. But for a smart lock that seamlessly integrates with Apple HomeKit, look no further than the upgraded Schlage Encode Plus.

What Advantages Does Encode Plus Offer?

There are several advantages that the Schlage Encode Plus offers over Schlage Encode. These include:

  • Better security
  • Siri support

With its robust features and modern design, the Encode Plus offers an unparalleled security solution for any home.

The Schlage Encode Plus Offers Better Security

The Schlage Encode Plus offers more security, peace of mind, and convenience than the Schlage Encode.

The Encode Plus’s real-time activity logs provide comprehensive insight into when a code has been used, allowing for quick identification of unauthorized access attempts.

Furthermore, users can customize their push notifications when different codes are used, allowing them to stay alert and be notified of any suspicious activity.

With the Encode Plus, you can always be sure your property is safe and secure.

The Schlage Encode Plus Has Bluetooth Compatibility

Possibly the biggest advantage the Encode Plus offers over the regular Encode is Bluetooth compatibility.

The Encode Plus can connect to other Bluetooth devices, allowing users to unlock their doors without a stable WiFi connection.

The regular Encode only supports access through WiFi, making it less convenient for users who don’t have a stable WiFi connection in their homes.

The Schlage Encode Plus Comes with Siri Support

A key advantage that the Encode Plus has over the Encode is Apple HomeKit and Siri support.

With the Encode Plus, you can use Siri voice commands on your Apple device to unlock doors, check the lock’s status, and more.

The Plus’s Express Mode even allows you to unlock doors by simply holding your iPhone or Apple Watch near the lock.

If you connect your lock to the Apple Home app, you can also automate your lock and unlock your door remotely.

The Encode Plus provides a convenient experience for iPhone or Apple Watch users, allowing them to interact with their devices in a way that feels natural.

What Are the Disadvantages of the Schlage Encode Plus?

If you are considering purchasing the Encode Plus, you should know there are also some disadvantages compared to the Schlage Encode. These include:

  • A complex learning curve
  • It’s more expensive than Schlage Encode

If the Schlage Encode Plus is not properly installed, it could malfunction and cause issues for users.

The Encode Plus has a Complex Learning Curve

If you’re used to using the regular Schlage Encode, you may notice that the Encode Plus has a different interface, and, therefore, a more complex learning curve.

The Encode Plus also takes longer to set up than the traditional model due to its more complex installation instructions.

This can make setup more difficult, and you may need assistance from a technician to ensure everything is installed correctly.

Additionally, some users have experienced technical issues while setting up the Encode Plus, further increasing setup time.

It’s More Expensive Than the Standard Schlage Encode

The most notable disadvantage of the Encode Plus is that it’s more expensive than Schlage Encode, which can be a deterrent for some users.

The price makes it much less accessible to those on a budget and makes it difficult to justify the higher cost for those who do not need the extra features.

The Schlage Encode Plus smart lock is priced approximately $100 higher than the regular Schlage Encode.

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