Can Schlage Encode Be Hacked?

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Having a WiFi deadbolt on your door is not only convenient, but it can also make your home feel much safer from intruders. However, although Schlage Encodes are one of the most popular deadbolts on the market, many people still wonder: Can the Schlage Encode be hacked?

The Schlage Encode smart lock can be hacked. Although Schlage is known as a safe and reliable company, all smart locks are vulnerable to hacking through password hijacking, software problems, WiFi breaching, or a variety of other tactics.

So, if you want to learn how Schlage Encodes can be hacked, as well as what you can do to prevent it from happening, keep reading! Everything you need to know to keep your home safe with a smart lock is right here. 

How Schlage Encode Can Be Hacked & Security Tips to Stop It

Before you learn how to keep your Schlage Encode from being hacked, you first need to understand the various situations that hackers can use to hack your smart lock. 

Your Schlage Encode can be hacked through:

  • WiFi Breaching
  • Password Hijacking
  • Bluetooth Sniffing
  • Voice Command Hack
  • Software Problems

And now it’s time to find out what each of these hacking tactics means and how they can affect the security of your Encode, and most importantly, the security tips you need to ensure it doesn’t happen to you. 

WiFi Breaching

The first way that a hacker may get into your Schlage Encode is through a tactic called WiFi breaching. 

However, it’s important to understand that WiFi breaching is a fairly uncommon way to hack your smart lock. Whoever has entered into your home wireless network still has to hack your smart home hub and find your Schlage login information before actually getting access to the lock. 

But it is still possible! So what should you do to protect your home from WiFi breaching?

Security Tip: In order to deter hackers from entering your home WiFi network and gaining access to your personal information and smart lock login, there are a few things you can do:

  • Createa private and personal password. 
  • Change your password on a regular basis. 
  • Turn your WiFi to non-broadcasting so others cannot find it. 
  • Ensure your smart home hub is from a reputable brand and is tested for vulnerabilities. 

While this is the least common way to hack a Schlage Encode, you should still be aware that it can happen. 

Password Hijacking

On the other hand, password hijacking is one of the more popular ways to hack a Schlage Encode smart lock. 

Password hijacking can only occur when a hacker gets their hands on your personal device such as a laptop or smartphone, and finds your Schlage or other personal login information within the device. 

A talented hacker will be able to find this information in your files even if it isn’t saved as automatic login on your phone. 

Therefore, it’s vital that you not only keep your phone or device on you at all times, but also follow these security recommendations. 

Security Tip: Of course, we all save important login information on our devices, but if you find out your phone or device is missing, the first thing you need to do is delete all data on it.

If you have an Apple iPhone or iPad, you can do so through the “Find My” app. 

And if you have an Android device, navigate to the Android Find page and enter your Google account information to delete all saved data. 

Bluetooth Sniffing

Next on the list is Bluetooth Sniffing. Because your Schlage Encode is connected through Bluetooth, it is possible that an experienced hacker could find themselves within the Bluetooth connection and gain access to your login information. 

While this tactic is less common due to the fact that the hacker must be extremely close to your home in order to connect to the Bluetooth. 

However, you should still know how to protect your smart lock when using Bluetooth connection. 

Security Tip: Do not use just any Bluetooth connection for your Schlage Encode smart lock. Instead, ensure you connect through an encrypted and authorized avenue. 

Voice Command Hack

One of the great and easy-to-use features of the Schlage Encode is that you can unlock your door with just your voice.

So if your hands are full with the kids or the groceries, you can use your specific voice commands you set up to open the door for you! 

Although, as convenient as this service is, it can also lead to one of the easiest ways to hack your lock. 

Security Tip: Whenever you do use your voice commands at the front door, it is vital that you do not do so when anyone who you do not completely trust is around. 

Also, you should enable your Schlage Encode to require a voice pin code as well as a command to increase its security. 

Software Problems

Finally, there is a chance that your Schlage Encode could be hacked through the software itself. However, this is highly unlikely. 

When it comes to smart locks, not all companies are created equal. And although some smart locks struggle with hackers during software updates, Schlage is known for its secure locks which are tested for vulnerabilities. 

Security Tip: The only real way to ensure your smart lock doesn’t get hacked during a fluke software update is to use a backup lock as well. 

But as you now know, if you opt for Schlage, you can feel safe knowing the company is extremely focused on ensuring hackers cannot get in this way. 

Final Thoughts

So, can Schlage Encode be hacked? Yes, it can. 

But now you know now only how it can be hacked, but also what you can do if you have the Schlage Encode at your home to protect the device from hackers and keep you and your home safe. 

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