Dyson Vacuum Battery Guide. Everything You Need to Know

Dyson vacuum battery lifeDyson vacuum battery life

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Dyson is one of the most recognizable vacuum brands today, and their cordless models are especially popular.

While having a battery-powered vacuum to clean your home is convenient, people still have one important question — can I vacuum my whole house before the battery runs out? 

(All pictures in this article are of my Dyson V11).

How Long Do Dyson Vacuum Batteries Last?

Dyson V11 battery life at medium power

There are a lot of cordless Dyson vacuums on the market today. The battery life you can expect will depend on the model and power setting you use.

ModelLow PowerMedium PowerMax Power
Dyson v620 minutesN/A6 minutes
Dyson v720 minutesN/A6 minutes
Dyson v840 minutesN/A7 minutes
Dyson v1060 minutes30 minutes6 minutes
Dyson v1160 minutes40 minutes6 minutes
Dyson v1260 minutes35 minutes6 minutes
Dyson v1560 minutes45 minutes8 minutes

Across the board, the Dyson v15 has the longest estimated battery life. However, it is also the most expensive model, and Dyson is an expensive brand to begin with. 

Luckily, there are ways to extend your vacuum’s run-time for as long as possible — without breaking the bank on the most advanced model.

Things That Affect Dyson Battery Life

As with many cordless products, a Dyson vacuum’s battery life is one of the most important factors for customers to consider. 

Dyson vacuuming carpet near dog

Any of the following can affect your cordless Dyson vacuum’s battery life:

  • How often you use it
  • What power setting you use
  • How long you leave it on the charger
  • How often you clean the filter

Dyson vacuum batteries have long been a source of frustration for customers. While the battery itself will last a while, they are tricky to replace.

To avoid the frustration of replacing your battery every year, it’s important to use your vacuum in a way that preserves battery life for as long as possible.

Tips for Extending a Dyson Vacuum’s Battery Life

Dysons lowest setting

To get the most out of your Dyson battery, both in terms of run time and overall battery life, it’s important to use it properly.

Follow these tips to ensure you get the most out of your Dyson battery:

  • Use the lowest power setting possible. The higher the setting you use, the less time your battery lasts.
  • Vacuum for longer periods. When possible, vacuum until the battery is completely drained. 
  • Unplug the vacuum when the battery is fully-charged. Consider using a smart plug to prevent overcharging.
  • Clean the filter regularly. A clean filter ensures your vacuum doesn’t work as hard to suck up dirt and debris. 
  • Store your vacuum at room temperature. Extreme heat and cold can decrease your vacuum’s overall battery life.

For added peace of mind, save the receipt from your Dyson vacuum purchase. Dyson offers a two-year warranty on all cordless vacuum parts, so you can get a free replacement if your battery fails before this.

What Do the Lights Mean on Dyson Batteries?

Some Dyson vacuums include battery display lights. But, with multiple colors and sequences, it can be hard to decipher what these lights mean.

ModelColor Meanings
Dyson v6 and v7Solid blue: Normal operation
Blinking blue: Battery needs to be charged
Blinking amber: Vacuum is too hot or too cold
Blinking red: Some kind of fault
Dyson v8Blinking blue: Charging or in need of charging
Solid blue: Normal operation/charge level 
Blinking red: Battery not charging
Solid red: Not be plugged in or docked correctly
Solid green (during use): Blockage or battery issue
Dyson v10Blinking blue: Charging or in need of charge
Blinking red: Battery fault
Solid red: Main body fault
Blinking red & blue: Charger fault
Blockage indicator: Inspect vacuum for blockage
Filter light blinking: Filter not fitted correctly
Filter light solid: Filter needs cleaning

From the Dyson v11 onwards, the LED display is on the main vacuum housing. 

How Long Does It Take for a Dyson Vacuum Battery to Charge?

Dyson V11

Different Dyson vacuum models take different amounts of time to charge fully. 

ModelCharge Time
Dyson v63.5 Hours
Dyson v73.5 Hours
Dyson v85 Hours
Dyson v103.5 Hours
Dyson v114.5 Hours
Dyson v124.5 Hours
Dyson v154.5 Hours

You never want to overcharge your battery, so it’s best to unplug your vacuum after the estimated charge time.

When Should I Replace My Dyson Vacuum Battery?

Other than the lights on your battery that can indicate a fault, you’ll likely notice your battery’s performance degrade over time by how long it lasts on a single charge.

Reduction in battery performance is pretty normal over time. When you notice a significant change in your average run time, it’s a good idea to replace your battery.

How Do I Know if My Dyson Vacuum Battery is Type A or Type B?

You can tell whether your Dyson vacuum has a Type A or Type B battery by the way you attach it to your vacuum. Type A batteries can be clipped into place, while Type B batteries must be screwed into the housing.

All cordless Dyson vacuum models before the v12 use Type B batteries. Type A batteries only came into production when Dyson released the v12.

Are Dyson Vacuum Batteries Covered Under Warranty?

As mentioned above, Dyson vacuum batteries are covered under Dyson’s two-year warranty. If your battery stops working within this two-year period, you can contact Dyson for a free replacement battery.

How to Replace a Dyson Vacuum Battery

How you can replace your Dyson vacuum’s battery will vary depending on whether you’re replacing a Type A or Type B battery.

If you have a Type A battery:

  1. Squeeze the trigger on the base of the battery.
  2. Pull the battery away from the main unit.
  3. Push the replacement battery into place until you hear it click.

If you have a Type B battery:

  1. Locate and remove the two screws holding the battery in place. The Dyson v6 battery has a third screw on the rear of the handle, which you must also remove.  
    Remove two screws on dyson vacuum
  2. Set the screws aside (you’ll need them later) and pull the old battery out of the housing.
  3. Insert the new battery and replace the screws.

What Do I Do with an Old Dyson Vacuum Battery?

Dyson batteries shouldn’t be thrown directly in the trash. Instead, you should dispose of them at a local battery drop-off station. Contact your city or town hall if you don’t know where your closest drop-off station is.

Some Dyson stores also have battery-recycling programs. If there’s a store near you, contact them and see if they will take your old battery. 

Are Dyson Vacuum Batteries Interchangeable?

Some Dyson batteries are compatible across models, but even similar models sometimes require different batteries. To be sure you get the correct battery for your machine, check the Dyson website for the exact parts number.

Can You Use Third-Party Batteries on Dyson Vacuums?

While it is technically possible to use a third-party battery with your Dyson vacuum, doing so will void any active warranty you have on your vacuum.

If you do choose to use a third-party vacuum, be sure to do your research before buying anything. If the battery damages your vacuum in any way, it’ll become a very expensive problem.

Are Dyson Vacuum Batteries Safe?

Generally speaking, Dyson batteries pose no more of a risk than any other battery in your home. 

While there are some freak stories of Dyson batteries malfunctioning or catching fire, they’re relatively low power, and overheating is rare.

If you’re worried about your Dyson vacuum’s safety:

  • Stick to official Dyson batteries and accessories
  • Keep your vacuum’s filter and dust bin clean
  • Ensure your charging cables and outlets are in good condition

Troubleshooting: Dyson Vacuum Batteries

Dyson V11

My Dyson Battery Doesn’t Last Long

If your Dyson battery isn’t lasting as long as you expected, you should first lower the power setting. The higher the setting, the shorter the battery life.

You should also clean the filter and empty the dust bin regularly to prevent your vacuum from working harder than it needs to.

If you still have problems, make sure your charger is working properly and you charge the vacuum fully before unplugging it.

My Dyson Battery isn’t Charging

If your Dyson battery won’t charge at all, you may need to:

  • Use another power outlet
  • Replace the charging cable
  • Clean debris from the vacuum’s charging port
  • Replace the battery

If you still experience charging issues after doing all of the above, there’s a chance your vacuum has worn out over time and needs to be replaced. 

Dyson Vacuum Cleaner Cuts Out While It’s Still Charged

There are many reasons why a Dyson could stop working while the battery still has some charge. The most common is that there’s some kind of blockage.

Empty your vacuum’s dust bin and check inside your attachment for blockages. If everything looks good and you still have problems, try cleaning the filter and waiting for it to dry completely before replacing it.

If you’re still having the issue, there’s likely a deeper problem with your vacuum. When this happened to mine, it was because of issues with the vacuum’s trigger button. In this case, your only option is to take your vacuum to a vacuum repair store or contact Dyson for assistance.

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