Does Toshiba TV Have PIP or Picture-in-Picture?

picture in picturepicture in picture

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Picture-in-Picture is a good feature that enables users to multitask by sharing screens on their TVs. This means you can watch a show on one side of your TV while performing some other activity on the other side. This feature has however been reduced with different modern TVs as modern TVs are built with a single tuner, and dual tuners are needed to make the Picture-in-Picture feature work. 

Modern Toshiba TVs don’t have the picture-in-picture feature. This was a feature that was common on old Toshiba TVs with dual tuners. Unfortunately, these TV models are no longer made by Toshiba.

You can watch two different channels using the PIP feature. This is a very nice feature but unfortunately, as we said, it is not found on modern Toshiba TV models. Although the Toshiba TV has many other interesting features, that will make the user experience worthwhile.

Does Picture-in-Picture Work On Toshiba Fire TVs? 

One amazing feature about some Toshiba TVs is that they come with Amazon Fire OS. This means you can use the Amazon assistant, Alexa to control the TV, and also use it as a smart hub to control other Amazon devices in your smart home. 

Picture-in-Picture works on Toshiba Fire TVs. However, it is not the regular Picture-in-Picture feature that lets you watch a movie on your TV while surfing the Web on a little box that displays over the movie. You can only use the Picture-in-Picture feature to view your security camera footage while watching your movie. 

This will be disappointing to some of you that hoped you can enjoy the whole Picture-in-Picture feature without limitations. But, on the bright side, you can still watch your Amazon security camera footage while watching another show on your Toshiba TV. This is not a common feature with many modern TVs so it is an improvement.

How Can I Use Picture-in-Picture On My Toshiba TV? 

The picture-in-picture feature on the Toshiba Fire TV comes with its limitations. But, it was not made for fun. This means they considered user experience before adding that feature. So, you can still make use of it as it boosts your home security. You may be wondering how you can use the picture-in-picture security feature on your Toshiba TV. 

All you have to do is say a command to Alexa to display the particular camera footage location you want to be displayed. For example, if you have unexpected guests, you can say “Alexa, show me my front door” if you want to view your front door camera before deciding if you want to let them in. 

Before this feature can work, you have to make sure you have installed the cameras at the desired location. It is important to note that not all cameras will work with this feature. It can work on cameras from Logitech, Vivint Smart Home, Arlo, Ring, EZVIZ, Nest, and many more. When setting these cameras up, you should also synchronize them to your Fire TV. 

How Do I Synchronize My Camera With My Toshiba Fire TV? 

So you have gotten your security camera from a reliable source, and you have installed it into your home. You are trying to synchronize it to your Toshiba TV, but you still find it hard to. It is a really simple process.

If you want to set up your camera with your Toshiba Fire TV, and also set up Picture-in-Picture, you have to link the camera to your TV  in the Alexa app by following this process:

  1. Open the “Alexa App” on your Phone
  2. Select “More”
  3. Select “Add a Device”
  4. Select the “Camera” option
  5. Select the brand of the camera
  6. Follow all instructions that proceed to show on your TV

After following these steps, your Toshiba TV is ready to share footage of your security camera through the PIP screen. All you need to do is give the command to the intelligent assistant (Alexa). You can also talk to visitors outside through your Toshiba TV if you want to identify them before going to the door.


Even with its limitations, the PIP feature in the Toshiba Fire TV has proven to be an amazing feature that you won’t want to miss out on. It is important to note that the intelligent assistant app can work with other smart home devices like smart lights and smart plugs. 

As long as these devices are compatible with the Toshiba Fire TV, they would work well with it. This means you can use it to control your smart home appliances.

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