Can You Turn Off the Light On a Toshiba TV?

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Televisions emit arrays of lights that create those beautiful visuals you love to sit back, relax, and watch. Apart from that source of light, there’s one other questionable feature that customers have wondered if it could be disabled anytime. In this case, we are talking about the never-turning-off Toshiba LED Lights. 

Fortunately, you can turn off the LED lights on your Toshiba TV, and there are several ways to do so: 

  • Going through the settings
  • Unplugging your device when not in use
  • Using a smart outlet strip
  • Using black tape to cover the light

You should understand, that little LED light is a source where your remote’s infrared rays are blasted on to give a command to your TV using your TV’s remote. In this article, we are going to shine more light on how you can disable these lights, what are remote control outlet strips, and how you can use them on your Toshiba TV to stop the annoying LED light and cut down power consumption in your home.

How to Turn Off the LED Lights On Your Toshiba TV

It’s frustrating for an individual who loves sleeping in the dark to have a constant light source shining brighter than it should. Well, you have come to the right place, we will teach you how to get rid of it. 

There are three ways you can turn off the Toshiba LED Lights whenever you want total darkness. You can go with any of the options stated below.

Go to the TV Settings And Turn It Off

The first method to turn off your LED lights on your Toshiba TV is doing so through the TV’s settings.

To turn off your LED lights on your Toshiba TV using settings, do this:

  1. Grab the remote
  2. Go to your TV “Settings”
  3. Select “Preference/Setup”
  4. The option in question is “Toshiba Illuminate”
  5. Then turn it “Off”

The latest feedback on this solution suggests that it does not apply to all Toshiba TV Versions. Check out the alternative options that are stated below.

Use Duct Tape to Cover the Light

Unfortunately, just as we discussed, the source of the light is the transparent medium connecting the remote to the TV through infrared. To block that medium would make your remote inoperable. 

You can cover the light source with duct tape carefully, but leave a little space so your remote can still work through. It’s recommended to do this only when necessary, and when there is no other available option.

Pull the Plug Anytime It’s Necessary

Anytime you need total darkness, simply turn off the electric outlet powering your Toshiba TV, and turn it back on when you want to use the Television once more. You should consider purchasing a remote control outlet strip for your TV too if you don’t have the strength to manually unplug your TV from the socket.

This equipment will enable you to cut the power to your TV without the need of flipping the outlet switch. Read on to know more about remote control outlet strips.

Use Remote Control Outlet Strips

Well, it may have been your first time coming across this device, and you may want to know how it can help you with your LED light situation. Just as your TV, remote control outlet strips are smart, and they are very useful generally in smart homes. So what are they actually, and what function does this device have?

Remote Control outlet strips, or in other words Smart Outlet Strips, can be controlled without having physical contact with them. That of course is by using a remote control. Also, this device is so smart in the function that it automatically cuts the power to any device it detects that is not in use at the moment. 

Having this device powering your Toshiba TV means once you turn off the TV, it will automatically cut the power to the TV. Therefore, no LED light problems anymore. In terms of how much the device will cost you, it is indeed a huge margin when compared with how much it will solve your LED light issue and save your power. Check out the section below to know more about Smart outlet strip costs.

Is Having a Smart Outlet Strip Cost Efficient?

Unknown to most people, there is a term called Standby Power. This term is defined as the electrical current still flowing through a device when shut down, but still plugged in. which means estimated over half of your yearly electricity bills are the result of this issue. 

Owning a smart outlet strip will cut down drastically on your power consumption, and save you money drastically. Yet, it’s relatively cheap at a price tag from $20 – $40 depending on the source you get it from. You need to get one if you have LED issues, and you want to save money on electricity bills.

So this means you are killing two birds with one stone. A smart outlet strip would also come in handy if you use it on appliances that are liable to cause electrical damages such as microwave, blender, iron, etc.


With a great design on some occasions comes great inconvenience. The Toshiba TV LED light is a vital component of the TV’s operations, and users cannot just out. Changing it from its setting plus the use of techniques such as powering down from the outlet, and covering it with duct tape can save you some inconvenience. Yet, there is no better way to go than the smart way. 

You can save yourself the inconvenience while saving extra cash from electricity consumption when you purchase and use a Smart Outlet Strip.

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