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Is the Nanit Baby Monitor Portable?

Last Updated Nov 21, 2020
Mom traveling with a baby.

For new parents, the variety of baby monitor options out there can be intimidating. Overall, you’re looking for a baby monitor that is flexible to accommodate all your family needs. For those who plan to have a bassinet or travel with a new family member, portability is key.

The Nanit baby monitor does have portable options: It can be purchased with a compatible floor stand or multi-stand, which can both be moved anywhere around the home or taken with you during your travels.

The Nanit is one of the best baby monitors for people looking for portability. Read on to learn more about how you can take Nanit on the go with you and your little one!

Nanit Mounting and Portable Options

The Nanit comes in two main options:

  • Nanit + Floor Stand
  • Nanit + Wall Mount

They also released a multi-stand to use with the device, but it is sold separately.

Floor Stand

The floor stand towers above the crib but is not attached to the wall. This way, it can be moved from room to room. It is a good investment for those parents who are planning on using a bassinet for the first few months. It can stand above the bassinet and then be moved to the nursery when you’re ready to stop sharing a room with your sweet new arrival.

It may seem silly to have a monitor watching your baby even while she or he is right next to you. Trust us, when it’s the middle of the night and your baby is on your partner’s side when you want to check on them, it’s much easier to look at a night-vision screen than sit up and squint through the darkness.

Also, the breathing monitor helps give peace of mind throughout the night while trying to get some much-needed shut-eye at the very beginning!

Wall Mount

The wall mount is meant to be mounted to the wall above the crib. Nanit suggests having it aligned with the center of the crib to see every area of the crib and its surroundings. This option is suitable for parents who plan to have their child in the nursery for most of their first years.

If a parent prefers wall mounting to save space and be extra sturdy but still wants portability, the multi-strand can be purchased separately for about $50.


The multi-stand is a good investment, even if you have a floor stand. The multi-stand is extremely simple for travel because it is small and portable and can be placed on just about any surface.

The stand allows you to turn your Nanit into a nanny camera throughout the day, or when your baby no longer needs to be modified.

Using the multi-stand with a wall mount or floor stand is simple. You simply detach the camera from the wall or floor stand and attach it to the multi-stand.

Where Can I Move the Nanit?

With the floor stand, you can move the Nanit anywhere within your house easily. It would be a bit cumbersome for travel, but you can disassemble the floor stand and take it with you in a pinch.

The Nanit floor stand has two modes: wall-leaning and freestanding. If you plan on moving the floor stand often, we recommend using the freestanding method even in the nursery. The wall-leaning option uses two legs, while the freestanding one uses three. Also, with the wall-leaning mode, you may have to screw into the wall to ensure the camera does not tip, making it harder to move the setup around!

With the multi-stand, you can move the Nanit virtually anywhere. The Nanit’s camera can be removed from your floor or wall stand and placed on the multi-stand; this is extremely handy for traveling. It’s also great if your baby is spending time at their grandparents’ or another sitter’s home, as you can check on your baby throughout the night.

The Nanit remembers the last ten Wi-Fi networks it’s been connected to—so it will save both grandparent’s Wi-Fi network, a sitter, and more without needing to reconnect every time you visit. You can easily pack up your multi-stand and Nanit camera and take it anywhere the baby is spending the night.

Does the Nanit Have a Parent Unit?

The Nanit does not come with a standard parent unit. Instead, your phone, iPad, or other capable devices turn into a baby monitor.

This can be a pro or a con for parents. Some always have their phone with them, so it’s ideal for merging the two. However, if parents are on their phone a lot for their job or pleasure, it is cumbersome to navigate back and forth. An extra device would be helpful in this case!

The Nanit does offer background use on your device if you are okay with multi-tasking and just listening to your baby and not seeing them. Another alternative: Nanit also has a skill on any Echo Show that allows you to live-stream your baby.


The Nanit is a baby monitor that genuinely stands out in the world of baby monitors for many reasons. It is portable, easy to set up and use, and has many great features that other monitors don’t have. For parents, it’s definitely an excellent choice for a baby monitor!

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