Does Sony TV Have Bluetooth?

"No bluetooth connected" on screen display inside car"No bluetooth connected" on screen display inside car

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In the not too distant past, to think that television would come with Bluetooth capabilities seemed like science fiction. Today, finding a TV with Bluetooth is just as commonplace as finding a television that comes in color rather than black and white.

If you own a Sony Smart TV, it is probably Bluetooth capable. It can connect to many other electronic devices, including headphones, speakers, and smart home devices if it has Bluetooth capabilities.  However, this is a feature that has only recently become standard with Sony Smart TVs.

We will see what older Sony Smart TVs have Bluetooth capabilities and when Sony made this feature standard on most of its Smart TVs. We will also see when Bluetooth became standard on all Sony Smart TVs and the current best bang for your buck when it comes to Sony Smart TVs.

What Older Sony Smart TVs Have Bluetooth Capabilities?

Though known as a leader in the Smart TV industry, Sony is better known for its picture advancements than its audio capabilities and features.  And Bluetooth has not been an offering on Sony Smart TVs for very long, and Bluetooth as a standard feature is practically brand new.


Sony Smart TVs began to include Bluetooth as a feature on their Smart TVs in 2017. Though a relatively limited amount of their Smart TVs included this feature, they were on the cutting edge of this type of technology at the time. Those models included: the XBR A1E, X850E,  X900E, X930E, X940E, and X950E Series.


In 2018, Sony added Bluetooth to several models as part of the Smart TV package offered to consumers.  Those models included: the XBR A8F, A8F, X780F, X830F, the updated X850F, the updated X900F, and Z9F Series.

2019 and 2020

Compared to previous years, 2019 did not off as many different Sony Smart TV series with Bluetooth capabilities.  2020, however, did offer several more versions available to consumers.  The offerings of those two years were:

  • 2019 – the XBR A8G, A9G, the updated X850G, X950G, and Z9F Series.
  • 2020 – the XBR Z9H, Z8H, A8H, X850H, X900H, X950H, and A9S Series.


Currently, all Sony Smart TVs come with Bluetooth as a standard feature on all models.  This means that you can hook up your compatible headphones, speakers, and smart devices to your Sony Smart TV, giving it features that are on par with all other Smart TVs on the market.

What Is the Best Bang for Your Buck When it Comes to a Sony Smart TV?

After researching all of the features available on this year’s Sony Smart TV, the consensus seems that the best Sony Smart TV for the value is the 55” Sony A80J.


The features that this Sony Smart TV offers make it clear a favorite for those looking to add a Smart TV to their home this year.


In true Sony Smart TV-style, this model offers up big time when it comes to its picture. This TV’s processor contains AI technology that understands how people view television (and other things) to produce the most fantastic image available; this includes being “true to color” as we see it.

Google TV

This version includes Google TV.  That means that you have access to multiple streaming services in one place. You can access over 70,000 movies and TV episodes from your favorite streaming services such as Netflix, Amazon, Disney, Apple TV, YouTube, and more.

Alexa Compatibility

When combined with an Alexa Smart product, you can get even more out of your new Sony Smart TV.  Add Alexa, and with a simple query, you can have Alexa access your favorite music, pony up your smart camera, launch your favorite apps, including video apps, and much, much more.

These are just a few of the features that make this Sony Smart TV the best bang for your buck if you are in the market for a new Smart TV.

While Bluetooth is not a new feature on Sony Smart TVs, it IS a new standard feature found on all models.  That means that you no longer have to spend countless hours researching which Sony Smart TV comes with this feature that you feel you truly need.


If research is not your thing, and you are more of a person to rely on customer service “specialists” to help you determine which Smart TV has all of the features that you desire, then you no longer have to worry about that either.  Because let’s face it, not everyone who claims to be a “specialist” truly is, meaning that you are often at the mercy of someone who may or may not know what they are talking about when it comes to the features you are looking for in a Smart TV.

Now that all Sony Smart TVs come standard with Bluetooth, you can decide what TV works for you on multiple levels, and Bluetooth is now a given, taking away much of the trepidation you may feel regarding which Sony Smart TV is the right one for you.

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