Does My Samsung TV Have Freeview (And How to Get It)

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Freeview is a free-to-air digital terrestrial TV service in the UK that has over 70+ TV channels including big networks like BBC, ITV, Channel 4, and Channel 5. You may notice that it’s missing from your Samsung TV or you want to add Freeview to it. But how do you do it?

Most newer models of Samsung smart TVs come with Freeview. However, if your TV is from 2016 or earlier, you might not be able to access it so easily. Instead, if you do have an older TV, you might need to upgrade or look at a compatible set top box.

Any TV can receive Freeview channels, but if you want the full Freeview experience (such as TV listings or the ability to pause, rewind and record live tv via Freeview Play) you will need a capable TV or set top box.

Does My Samsung TV Have Freeview?

Freeview was launched in 2002 and is supported by all major UK free-to-air broadcasters. It’s a very popular choice for many when wanting to watch television without paying a subscription beyond your license fee.

But how do you get it on your Samsung TV? The first thing to look at is what your home has available as a TV source.  If you have an incoming aerial connection then you can watch Freeview regardless.  If you don’t and you plan to watch TV via internet, you will need to ensure your TV has the Freeview streaming app available.

Samsung Smart TVs that are 2018 or newer will have the Freeview Streaming TV app available.

Almost all Samsung TVs that are 2017 or later made have a built-in Freeview app. However, if your Samsung TV is older or doesn’t have a Freeview app, you can still watch Freeview channels by following the guide below.

How Can I Get Freeview on My Samsung TV? 

There are a few ways to access the Freeview app on a Samsung TV.

You can get Freeview on your Samsung TV by using an aerial, downloading the app from Samsung Smart Hub, or upgrading your TV or set-top box.

Freeview Using An Aerial

Here is how you can get access to Freeview on your Samsung TV with aerial:

If you already have an aerial, follow these steps to access Freeview on your Samsung TV:

  1. Position your aerial towards the transmitter. (Roof aerials are recommended for Freeview but indoor or portable aerials work pretty well too)
  2. Connect the aerial lead to your Samsung TV.
  3. Tune your Samsung TV and allow time for it to find all the available Freeview channels.

Once all the available channels are tuned, you can start binge-watching your favorite shows. 

Freeview Without An Aerial

Here is how you can get Freeview on your Samsung TV without an aerial:

Using the Samsung Smart Hub or Samsung Store:

  1. Make sure that your Samsung TV is connected to a stable Internet connection.
  2. Verify this by clicking on the Menu button on your remote control. 
  3. Select “Network Settings” and choose the network type. Tap on the wireless option and wait for your TV to detect available wireless networks. 
  4. Once you see your wireless router or device’s name appear on your Samsung TV screen, select it and enter your password to connect your Samsung TV to the internet. 
  5. Once your Samsung TV is connected to the Internet. Click on the Menu button on the remote control again.
  6. Now select “Samsung Smart Hub” or “Samsung Store” and open it.
  7. Once you are in the Samsung Store, tap on the search option and type in “Freeview app.” 
  8. When the store finds the right app, select it and click on the download button to download it on your Samsung TV. 
  9. When the Freeview app is downloaded, all you need to do now is open it and you will have complete access to your favorite networks and shows. 

Accessing Freeview Through Other Devices

If for any reason you don’t have the Samsung Store on your Samsung TV, or you are unable to access it, you can only get Freeview by purchasing an aerial or a compatible TV or set top box.

The only other option you have is to use the Freeview App which is available for iOS or Android. 

However, it’s worth mentioning that all this does is provide a platform that will launch the catch up apps for the various Freeview channels (i.e. if you find a programme you’d like to watch on BBC one, selecting it will direct you to launch or download and install the BBC iPlayer app).

Common Questions

What Is Freeview?

Freeview is the UK’s biggest digital television service. It lets its users access UK’s most demanded TV and radio channels as part of the governments TV license fee service. 

It can be delivered to any UK resident’s home through an aerial if they own a TV, Personal Video Recorder PVR, and set-top box. It is important to note that some of Freeview’s channels can also be accessed without an aerial.

What’s the different between Freeview and Freeview Play?

Freeview is the regular traditional TV service. You cannot scroll back and watch programmes that have been broadcasted in the past.

Freeview Play allows you to pause, record or rewind live tv by using a combination of each channels catch up service (e.g. BBC iPlayer, All4, ITVX etc) as well as the hard drive within the TV or set top box.

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