Can You Use a Toshiba Smart TV Without a Remote?

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Smart TVs may have brought a new way you watch your shows and movies, but there will always be that pesky remote. It always seems to be the first thing that goes missing when you first get your TV. But now you have more options than ever to work your TV without a remote.

There are plenty of ways to control your TV without a remote. You can even look into purchasing a replacement remote if worse comes to worst, but you will not be without options.

With technology, you now have the option to connect in various ways. Here’s more information, and you can figure out which works for you.

Universal Remote Control

Universal remotes have been around for quite a while. A universal remote can be programmed to your television and many other devices. All you need is the right codes, and there you go, you can program it to your TV and whatever device along with it.

The best part of their use is how you can use just one remote to access all of your other devices, making it easy. That lowers your chances of searching for a missing remote more than once a week, seeing as you no longer have more than one remote. 

You can replace these remotes easily, and you don’t have to learn a new button setting. They are pretty cheap, and if you’re already purchasing one, you might as well go for a backup remote.

Smartphone Application

Instead of purchasing a universal remote control, you can download it straight from your smartphone. The smartphone access gives off a different feel than an actual remote with real rubber buttons, but it gets the job done. 

There are many different applications you can download to act as a remote. Here are some applications you can download to replace that missing remote:

  • Universal remote application
  • Toshiba remote application
  • The streaming services application

Universal Remote Application

There are many universal remote applications you can choose from. All you need to do is head to your phone’s app store and search for “universal remote,” and a whole list of options will pop up. 

Many options are free. You will just have to deal with ads here and there. It is a great choice when in a time crunch. Others you may have to purchase it, or there may be in-app purchasing. This is solely up to you and if you need it permanently or temporarily.

Toshiba Remote Application

Many companies now have released their remote application to go with their smart TVs. Toshiba is one of them. You will find that you can download it and have immediate access to your TV.

The only issue with this app is that if your television is not connected to the internet, you will manually have to turn on your TV. Sometimes it takes a second for your TV to connect to the internet, but at this point, you are good to go to use the remote application.

The Streaming Service Applications

Some streaming service applications will allow you to control your streaming service on your TV. Now, this isn’t every streaming service, but some have allowed it.

If you find yourself unable to do so, you can always screen share your phone with your television. This has its limitations where you cannot use your phone during this time, but it proves to be a better and larger screen than your phone.

Your Computer

Smart TVs are just a different type of computer. With your TV connected to your Wi-Fi, your TV can be connected to many different devices. These devices include your phone, tablets, and computer. 

You can use your computer as a remote until you can get a replacement for your lost one. This can be a little daunting, especially if you use a desktop, but it is a great alternative until the replacement arrives.


When all else fails, buy a new Toshiba Smart TV. There are constant upgrades almost weekly for almost any electronic ever made. Toshiba continuously upgrades, and a newer smart television is just around the corner. So why not head out there and purchase it? 

You lost your remote; this might just be the best time for an upgrade. Well, maybe the universal remote control and the app is cheaper, but hey, we all like new things, so why not take advantage of the opportunity. 

This may seem like an extreme option, but it may be the best option for you if the TV is old and there are already issues occurring. Smart TVs are forever becoming “smarter,” and this may be the time to upgrade.


Toshiba designs top-tier products beyond just televisions, but the television is one of their greatest, giving their customers top-quality appearance and features. 

You can use the Toshiba Smart TV without a remote control. Universal control allows you to access your television in all forms. You can also use your smartphone. You have so many options that sometimes it may just be easier not to have a remote.

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