Can You Use a TCL Smart TV without Internet?

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You might be thinking of purchasing a TCL Smart TV to enjoy video streaming apps, including Netflix, amazon music, etc. Indeed, it will bring a lot of entertainment for you and your family. What if your internet connection goes away for some reason, and can you still use it in such situations or not? 

As a whole, a TCL smart TV can work without an internet connection. Just like a regular TV, it supports streaming TV channels by using an antenna or cable box. Moreover, one can also use video streaming apps and various other features even if no WiFi is available.  

If you do not have access to your Wi-Fi connection for some reason, you need to consider a few solutions to stream apps that require the Internet. Without any further ado, let us dive straight into other alternatives. 

How Can I Connect My Smart TV without Wi-Fi?

One can connect the Smart TV without any WiFi connection by using:

  • Screen mirroring
  • Casting dongles 
  • Ethernet
  • Mobile data

Screen mirroring is the best option to see smartphone displays directly on the screen of TCL Smart TV. Follow the manual guide instructions carefully before using casting dongles. You might also like to see if your TV will be able to be used without internet/WIFI which can be resolved here.

Let us find out how you can stream Netflix on this Smart TV without connecting to Wi-Fi.  

How Can I Watch Netflix on My Smart TV without the Internet?

To watch Netflix on Smart TV without any internet, connect through the Chromecast, formerly known as Google Cast, in three steps:

  • Launch the Netflix app on a smartphone 
  • Choose the cast icon 
  • Select the device 

Furthermore, it is also possible to connect Apple or Android devices to TCL Smart TVs. By pairing your android, you can use the TV as a display for playing the content you like the most. In this regard, you can use the screen-mirroring feature instead of moving to any other option. 

How Do I Connect My Phone to My TCL Smart TV?

You might be assuming that it is easy to connect your smartphones with the TCL smart TV by using a USB cable. Yes, it is possible, but one of the most effective and efficient ways is screen mirroring. 

One can connect the smart TV and mobile phone following these steps: 

  • Select screen mirroring from the input menu on the smart TV. 
  • Open the wireless display menu in the phone settings and turn on screen mirroring. 
  • Select the Smart TV from the list of all available devices. 

After pairing a smartphone and smart TV, it gets easier to see the phone’s display over the TV screen. You may also buy the ScreenBeam Mini2 Wireless Display Adapter to increase the screen mirroring experience. 

Is Netflix Free on a Smart TV?

Most of the Smart TV Models allow users to watch Netflix content free for up to 30 days. One can download and install the app from the store. After the trial period, however, a paid subscription is necessary to continue its services. 

After getting a Netflix subscription, you can watch your favorite programs for a month. However, a free trial period will provide you with the best value for your money because you will not have to pay a one-month fee.  

What Speed of Internet Does a Smart TV Require?

For a Smart TV, it is a great option to use the maximum speed. A low connectivity speed does not work well for playing content with up to 4k resolution. 

Some streaming services may run at the lowest speed, but you cannot consider it a rule of thumb. It also does not mean at all that a Smart TV requires the highest internet speed. Remember that your 4G mobile can run the content smoothly if there is no other option.  

How Can I Use My Smart TV with Android Top Box or Aerial?

One can also watch the Smart TV without an internet connection by using:  

  • Aerial 
  • Android Top Box 

With aerial photography, you can watch programs of the local TV broadcasts. A top box keeps the internet-based apps unlocked over the TV. At the same time, it even allows adding various HD channels that are impossible with the aerial.

Many android boxes are available in the market that support downloading and storing content. You can watch downloaded programs on TV many times without using the net.

Both of the above choices can make your smart TV look like a regular TV. It can work the same as an LED but comes with a few advanced functions. People are switching to these models due to internet connectivity support.  


You would have understood how using Smart TV is possible without an internet connection. Before leaving, we want to highlight that it will allow you to use many streaming apps, but you need to be careful. Not all applications, like Netflix, offer a free trial period. Some of them may charge you right after downloading and installing an application.

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