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Can You Screen Mirror on TCL TV?

Last Updated Feb 18, 2022
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Let’s say you wanted a bigger screen experience without having to copy files from your phone to your laptop. You might want to watch the new Marvel movie on a bigger screen or perhaps you want to do a home presentation to your family. You’re probably wondering if it’s possible to view contents on your phone through your TCL TV.

You can mirror your phone or laptop on your TCL TV. It is a smart TV that makes it possible for you to use the screen mirror feature. TCL now offers both Roku TV and Google-powered TV models, so it’s up to you to decide between the two models. Screen mirroring on any of the two models is possible.

That’s good news. However, you should probably know the process of screen mirroring your device on your TCL TV is not as simple as it looks. The process is complex because it varies, according to the device you own.

How Do I Mirror My Phone To My TCL TV?

So you just learned that it’s possible to mirror your phone to the screen of your TCL TV and you want to try it out but you still don’t know how to do it.

Here are the steps to mirroring your phone to your TCL TV:

  1. First of all, make sure the Android phone and the TCL TV are connected to the same wifi network 
  2. Go to “Settings,” and select “Device Preferences.”
  3. Select “Chromecast Built-in.”
  4. Select “Let Others Control Your Cast Media,” and set it to “Always.”
  5. Open the Google Home App on your Android device.
  6. Login into the Google Home App.
  7. Select the TV on the application.
  8. Select “Cast My Screen,” and accept the pop-ups that follow.

The Google Home application will automatically detect the TCL TV as they are both connected to the same wifi.

How Do I Mirror My iPhone To My TCL TV?

Everyone knows about Apple’s unique taste. The way they emphasize the quality of the devices has made them stand out from the crowd. As expected, iPhones have a different process of being mirrored on TCL TVs.

The process of mirroring an iPhone to a TCL TV is different from that of an Android. This is a result of how Apple customizes its operating system to be different from Android and other operating systems.

Though the process is different, it is still very easy to understand. After going through this article, you will be able to mirror your iPhone’s screen to a TCL TV. To mirror your iPhone to your TCL TV, do this, follow the steps below.

Ensure Your TV Is Roku Enabled

For you to mirror your iPhone to a TCL TV, your TCL TV has to be Roku-enabled. Roku devices support Airplay and Apple HomeKit which are both software installed in Apple devices to make connectivity less stressful. That makes it easier for you to mirror your iPhone, iPad, or Mac computer to certain Roku devices.

Open the Control Center on your iPhone

If you use an iPhone X or later, drag your screen down from the top right corner. If you use any earlier iPhone than the iPhone X, pull your screen up from the bottom of the phone.

Select Screen Mirroring

This “Screen Mirroring” text displays on some iPhone versions while on others, it shows two rectangular icons (one on top of the other).

Select Your Roku Device

Make sure your Roku device is connected to the same wifi network as your iPhone. This will enable it to display on your iPhone when you select screen mirroring.

Check for a Code on Your TV

When you select your Roku device on your iPhone, a code pops up on your TV. Your phone also displays an empty box where you can input the code displayed on your TCL TV.

Select OK to Complete the Process

After you input the code into your iPhone, select ok and mirror your iPhone to your TCL TV.

If you would like to learn more about TCL TVs, check out this article

Why Is My TV Not Showing Up On Screen Mirroring?

So you followed the steps on how to mirror your phone to your TCL TV but somehow it’s still not displayed on your TV. Don’t be disappointed. It doesn’t mean your phone or your TCL TV is bad. 

These solutions are what you can do if your phone refuses to connect to your TCL TV:

  • Restart both your phone and your TCL TV.
  • (For iPhones) Check if your AirPlay-compatible devices are turned on and are close to each other.
  • Make sure the Roku version is updated on your TCL TV so your phone can connect to it.
  • Make sure your wifi is turned on and both devices are connected to the same wifi network.

(For iPhones) It is important to check if your TV is Airplay-compatible. This should be the cause of the problem if you are still finding it hard to screen mirror your iPhones


Apart from using it for a presentation or to watch a movie, screen mirroring can also come in handy when typing a report, playing a video game, or even listening to music. You can even be able to mirror your Smart home Hub interface on your TV so you can get a clearer picture of security cameras. 

You can even be able to mirror your Smart home Hub interface on your TV so you can get a clearer picture of security cameras. 

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