Can You Disable Alexa on the Fire TV Cube?

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Tech devices are getting smarter everyday, and these amazing little gadgets are even being combined with each other so that you only have to purchase one small machine that can really do it all. The Amazon Fire TV Cube is just that, it is not only an amazing high-speed streaming device with over one million options for immediate entertainment, it also allows for a completely voice controlled living room with an Alexa system built in. But you may be wanting to know: can you disable Alexa on the Fire TV Cube?

The simple answer is yes, you can disable the Alexa feature on the Fire TV Cube, and it’s as easy as pressing the mute button on the Cube itself. Once you have disabled Alexa, the Cube will simply be a streaming device.

There is some debate amongst consumers on whether or not the Fire TV Cube is actually worth the higher price tag, compared to the other Amazon Fire TV streaming products, without the Alexa feature enabled. Luckily for you, we have all the information you need about the Cube with and without the voice control features, and we also will talk about why you may or may not want to turn off the Alexa on your Cube.

Why Do People Disable Alexa on the Cube?

You may have your own reasons for wanting to disable Alexa on your Cube, and luckily, you now know how simple it is to do so by just pushing the button on the top of the device with an icon of a small circle with a line through it!

No matter why you want to disable Alexa, you are not alone. In fact, there are many Cube users who are turning off their Alexa features as well, and for the majority of them, it is an issue of privacy.

Many people around the world have started asking a few questions about these nifty devices that can hear our every command, and the most asked question these days is, are they always listening?

Does Alexa in the Cube Really Record Everything You Say?

So here is the current million-dollar question: does Alexa in the Cube really record everything you say?

Amazon has responded with a resounding no, while the microphone feature is always turned on, the device does not actually listen or record unless you first prompt it to do so by saying “Alexa”.

However, it’s important to understand that the machine often believes it is hearing “Alexa” and will essentially wake up and begin listening until it is sure you do not have a command or question. So some of your background conversations may be heard.

Everything the Alexa hears will be recorded for accuracy checks unless you specifically change the settings to deny this feature.

Is the Fire TV Cube Worth it Without Alexa?

If you are still unsure of whether or not you want to have a listening device active in your living room, you can absolutely turn off the Alexa feature on the Cube with one easy click.

However, most consumers agree that the Alexa feature is what makes the Fire TV Cube the Cube, in fact, if you are not interested in the Alexa features, it is a lot more cost effective to purchase one of the many other Amazon Fire TV streaming products.

If you haven’t yet purchased a Fire TV Cube, you may want to know what other features it provides (besides the voice control) that other streaming devices don’t have in order to decide if it is worth it, even without Alexa.

  • It is certainly the fastest streaming device on the market. However, the Fire 4K is reported to run extremely efficiently, so much so that you might not notice the difference.
  • The Cube supports streaming in ultra-high definition, even slightly better than the Fire 4K. if you have a top-notch television, this may be an important factor for you.

Of course, choosing whether or not spending the extra cash on the Fire TV Cube is worth is is completely up to you. However, we have found that most users really feel that the Cube isn’t that much more exciting than the Fire 4K if you do not want to use the Alexa aspect.


Hopefully you now understand not only the fact that you can easily disable Alexa on the Amazon Fire TV Cube with just the press of a button, why you might want to, and what exactly the Cube has to offer without it.

You can know make the decision of whether this is the right streaming device for your home, or if you are better off purchasing a model without the built-in microphone.

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