Fire TV Cube Volume Control Not Working-Troubleshooting

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Amazon has been one of the industry leaders when it comes to at-home streaming devices. One of their best is the hands-free streaming device the Fire TV Cube, but that doesn’t mean it comes without its problems. One issue that seems to be occurring for some people is the volume control not working on the remote. What exactly can you do to fix it?

Changing your remote batteries or checking its signal is not broken can solve the issue if the problem lies with the remote. Restarting your device, the remote or resetting the equipment control settings can also solve the issues. Also be sure the device and cords are connected to their proper outlets. 

When your volume control stops working on the remote it is nothing to worry about as it’s usually a simple fix. Using some of the steps in this article you should be able to properly troubleshoot and solve the issue. If you still have problems you may have a faulty device so be sure to try all of these fixes to confirm that it is a hardware issue. 

Fire TV Cube Volume Control Not Working- How to Troubleshoot

If your volume control is not working on your fire TV cubes remote it is usually fixable with a few easy steps. Knowing what to look out for is important for knowing how to fix it. 

Some of the reasons it might stop working can be:

  • A fault in the remote
  • Fire TV Cube needs to be restarted
  • Your streaming device is not hooked up properly
  • An issue with your Fire TV Cubes setting

Resetting the device and remote is the quickest way to try and solve the issue. If resetting does now solve your issue then you should try some of the other solutions below. 

How To Restart The Fire TV Cube

There are multiple ways to reset your fire cube TV. One of the easiest is to press and hold the Action button for 10 seconds. Wait for it to turn off then press it again to restart. You can also go into your settings, scroll to the bottom and restart the device from there. If that doesn’t solve your issue you should try resetting and troubleshooting the remote next. 

How to TroubleShoot Fire TV Cube Remote

All models after the 2018 version of the Fire TV Cube have a volume control button on their remote, so if you have an earlier model you won’t be able to control the volume. Check the remotes and TVs Ir receiver to ensure nothing is blocking them. You should check your batteries in the remote, as batteries with no power will cause the remote to not work properly.

Resetting Your Fire Cube TV Remote

Resetting the remote can sometimes solve the issue, which is done by:

  1. Turn The Fire Cube Off
  2. Press the Home, Back button, and Left Button simultaneously
  3. Wait 60 secs
  4. Remove batteries from remote and unplug Fire TV Cube
  5. Wait 60 secs 
  6. Plug Fire TV back in and wait for it to reboot
  7. Press The Home button for 40 seconds, then wait 60 secs for the remote to sync 

If you’d like to see more about the Fire TV Cube, check out this article. Now, let’s look at checking the audio settings and cables.

Checking The Audio Settings and Cables 

One of the reasons that may be wrong is the equipment control settings. To adjust these settings you will start by going into the Settings section. Selecting Equipment control then Managing equipment, you should be able to adjust and check the settings of your audio device. 

The device you are using TV, recovery, or soundbar can be changed then tested with the remote. 

Using the HDMI-Cec Port

If you have improperly installed the HDMI port on the Fire Cube TV then your audio settings may not work. The HDMI should be connected to the HDMI-CEC port, which is located at the back of the TV. 

This specific port allows you to control the TV audio with the fire stick remote. Different TV manufactures can have a different name for the port, so make sure to check your TV manual. 

Disabling Dolby Plus

Digital Dolby Plus audio can also be an issue if you are using an Amazon app that does not support it. Going into the settings under the audio section, you can control Digital Dolby plus. Turning it off when using apps that don’t support it will fix some volume issues. 

Final Thoughts 

If all else fails one of the easier ways to control the volume of the Fire TV Cube is with Alexa voice control. Saying “Alexa raise/ decrease volume” after pressing the microphone button changes the sound by a set number. 

To change the amount the volume is raised with voice control you should go into the settings, click equipment control, select manage equipment, select the sound device, and press voice increments. Using the fast forward and rewind you should be able to customize your voice control setting. 

Hopefully, with this article, you were able to fix the volume issue on your Fire Cube TV. Alexa voice control can always be used when it’s not working. Contacting support may be your best option if you have further questions and still can’t solve the issue.

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