Can You Change the Background on a Toshiba Smart TV?

smart tv screen being changed by person holding remotesmart tv screen being changed by person holding remote

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You’ve gotten your new Toshiba Smart TV, and like every new purchased technology, you would want to customize the device to your personality. The Smart TV is already programmed with its own background manufactured in it, and you probably want to change the background-but can you?

Just like on the Toshiba computer, the Toshiba Smart TV background can be changed to your own preference. You could simply follow these easy steps in changing your TV background:

  • Open ‘Settings’ option.
  • Scroll down and select display and sound.
  • Click on wallpaper.
  • Select your preferred wallpaper, then press “ok”.

You might find it challenging to change your TV background or how to change your TV screensaver. Keep reading to learn the new features on the Toshiba smart TV.

How to Change the Background on My Toshiba Smart TV?

The Toshiba Smart TV allows you to set any album of your choice as your background. Unless you set up your idle background, the smart TV would display its pre-loaded images. 

In addition, on selecting your background wallpaper, you are able to personalize it. Follow these step-to-step guides below:

  1. Select “Settings” on the Main Menu: Click on your main menu on your TV, scroll down and open the ‘Settings’ option. The TV’s settings will then appear on your screen.
  2. Open the “Display and Sounds” option: Using the arrow key on your TV remote, select the ‘Display and Sound’ option. The chosen setting would appear on your screen and the option ‘Wallpaper’ would be seen.
  3. Select ‘Wallpaper’ option: Use your remote trackpad and select the ‘Wallpaper’ option. The option ‘Settings and Preferences’ menu would appear on your screen.
  4. Click on ‘Album’: On this menu, you are able to select the album you would like to use to set up your smart TV background by selecting the ‘Album’ and choosing the album stored on your TV. 
  5. Customize ‘Screen saving’ settings: Amongst the alternatives present for customizing are Shuffle, Slide Style, Start Time and Slide Speed . You can get right of entry to each of these options by using your remote arrow button. Upon deciding on your selections, exit the menu on your screen for your options to be saved in your system.

Amongst the choices for Slide Style are Pan & Zoom, Dissolve and Mosaic patterns. For the Slide speed, you could choose from among the Slow, Medium or Fast. You also can pick your Start Time for the screensaver to be activated.

Once you have followed the steps above, you can successfully personalize your TV background and customize the settings to your style.

What Type of Toshiba Smart TV Wallpapers Are Available?

Smartphone casting a video of an animal to a smart TV in a living room.

In 2017, Toshiba got very serious about OLED TVs. So much that the Japanese company geared up to take on at LGs own game- the manufacturing of a wallpaper model.

The company made it possible for people to download their wallpaper or use their personal images saved in the TV system. There are several types of wallpapers you can choose from. 

Unsplash is a safe site you can download TV wallpapers from. It is a royalty-free, copyright-free, and free of charge website for finding beautiful images.

Live Wallpapers

Certain wallpapers take up more energy than others, like the Live wallpaper. Wallpapers like the live wallpaper would need the TVs energy saver to be turned on.

 If your energy saver is off, here are the following steps to switching it back on:

  1. Press MENU, then scroll and select the ‘Picture Settings’ option.
  2. Select the ‘Power management’, then press ‘ok’.
  3. Press on the ‘Power Save Mode’.
  4. Press the ON choice and the power save mode would automatically save energy.

The energy-saver would allow the TV to turn off on its own whenever not in use. You could change the timing in which the TV would go off. For more information on the Power saver, read more on the Toshiba manual

How to Change the Screensaver on My Toshiba Smart TV?

You have your TV turned on all day without streaming and what’s better than having your own album being displayed on your inched TV. Photos about puppies, trips, family and friends. Basically, your TV turns into a cinema screen filled with memories.  

Similar to the computer, the TV screen saver appears once the device is idle. The feature displays high-quality pictures by default, including time and current weather. 

The feature is simple to set up and we’ll show you how to personalize it.

Setting Up Your Screensaver

The Toshiba Smart TV has its default screen saver which you can rotate on stock photos and weather. However, you can download a screen saver app for more designs. To do so, open the Play Store app on your TV or on the internet and search “Screen Saver.”

After the installation, press on the Home button and select the ‘Settings’ icon. Once open, follow these steps:

  1. Navigate down and select ‘Display & Sound’.
  2. Next, select ‘Screen Saver’.
  3. Select the screen saver you prefer.

If you got your screensaver on the Play Store, the option would automatically open on its own. Although, some might require setup.

Screensaver Settings

 Lastly, you could change how the screen saver would appear on your screen:

  • When to begin: The number of minutes of being inactive before the screen saver begins.
  • Put Device to sleep: The number of minutes of being inactive for the TV switches to sleep mode.
  • Start Now: Display the screen saver right now.
  • Sleep Now: Switching the TV to sleep mode.
  • Stay Active on Music: The TV won’t be put to sleep if music is playing.

Now you know how to change the background on your Toshiba Smart TV.


That’s it! Now you can sit back with friends and family and laugh at memory lane being shown on a big screen TV .If you’d like to learn more about your Toshiba Smart TV, check out this article.

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