Can I Control My Sharp TV From My Phone

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You might have come across a situation where you might want to control your Sharp TV using your phone, because your remote may be lost or out of commission, and you want to use your TV at that moment. You may be wondering if there is any way you may operate your TV without using a remote.

It is possible for you to control your Sharp TV with your phone, and there are numerous ways to. You can do this by using the Sharp Remote App, an infrared blaster, or through Roku. If you own an Apple TV, Fire TV, or Google Chromecast, it is also possible to control your Sharp TV with your phone.

If your Sharp TV comes with a Roku or an Android TV operating system, you can control that model using the Roku App, or the Google Home App on your phone. In this article, we would be looking at your Sharp TV remote app, how you can control your Sharp TV without a remote, and how you can turn on your TV using just your phone.

Does Sharp TV Have a Remote App?

If you have used a lot of high-end smart TVs or products, you will find out that most of these devices come with an official app in case you want to control and access the device anytime. For smart TVs, these Apps can act as a remote, controlling the smart TV in case you lose your remote anytime. So do Sharp TVs have a remote App?

Sharp TVs have an official app that gives users the ability to control the Smart TV by downloading the App to their phones. Also, each model of Sharp TV requires different apps. Roku TVs from Sharp use the Roku App, Android TVs use the Google Home App, and phones with IR blasters can use a generic app that supports Sharp TV.

This means that you have to decide which model of TV you have so you can be able to pick how you want to control it using your phone. In the next paragraph, we would be looking into how you can connect your phone to your Sharp TV. 

How Do I Control My Sharp Smart TV Without a Remote?

Controlling your Sharp Smart TV without a remote means using something else that comes close to having a remote, your phone. And no, I am not talking about controlling it directly using the TV buttons as no one has the strength to always stand up when they want to change channels. 

Below are some of the ways you can control your Sharp TV using your smartphone.

Controlling Roku Sharp Smart TV Through Roku App

Since most smart TVs that come from Sharp make use of the Roku operating system, we must look at how you can connect, and control your Sharp TV through the Roku app. 

To control your Sharp TV through Roku, do this: 

  1. Start by downloading and signing into your Roku Mobile App on your phone.
  2. Make sure both your Sharp TV, and the smartphone are connected to the same network.
  3. On the Roku App, select the device which you wish to control. 
  4. If you didn’t discover the device, you can add it by tapping “Get Help”, “Connect Manually”, and then enter the IP address of your Roku Sharp TV.

Ensure you sign into the Roku Account that your Sharp TV uses.

Controlling Your Sharp TV Through IR Blasters

If you own an Android with IR Blasters, you can control your Sharp TV by downloading a compatible universal remote on your phone like AnyMote Smart IR Remote. iPhones don’t have IR blasters, but you can buy a separate dongle or IR hub for it. 

Not only can the IR Blasters control your TV, but they can also, in turn, control your DVDs, BluRay players, and soundbars.

Controlling Using Streaming Devices Apps 

Streaming device apps like the Apple TV, Fire TV, and Chromecast all can control your Sharp TV through your phone. All you need to do is purchase these devices and hook them up to your Smart TV. 

There are compatible apps that are made for these devices such as Alexa, Google Home, and Apple Homekit which can help you navigate, and control your streaming experience. 


Smart Sharp TVs feature a remote app that can help you navigate the TV using your phone, and the app is available to both iPhone and Android users. Although most of the users don’t really like this app, meaning you should only consider it as an option if any of the other ways to control your TV give up on you. 

If you are using a Roku Sharp, get the Roku App immediately. If you are using a normal Sharp TV, using an IR blaster with your phone can go a long way too.

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