Can I Change The Screensaver On My TCL TV?


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You’ve probably seen your computer or laptop go into a “Screensaver Mode” before. Usually, it is a preset image or a rotation of preset images that pop up on the screen. You probably remember the bouncing images that other TV series have for their idle time. When buying your TCL TV, you probably never thought about changing the image for your background. 

You can change the screensaver on your TCL TV. The process will be different depending on your TV’s operating system. You will need to go into settings to find the different screensaver options to change the screensaver. 

Changing the screensaver is a wonderful thing for people who want to use their TCL TV as wall art. Always consider having the proper equipment if you’re mounting your TV for everyone’s safety. Read on to learn how to change the screensaver on your TCL TV.

Changing the Screensaver on a Standard TCL TV

Let’s start out by looking at our standard TCL TV. This is going to be for most of the TCL TVs that are on the market. 

When configuring your screensaver settings, you will have to first go to the settings. You can find the settings by pressing the little gear icon. Once you’re there, you want to go to Device Preferences. This should take you straight to Screensaver. 

In Screensaver, you are able to view a variety of options. Just press the up and down icons on your remote to look over the list of options. Here are a few things you can change:

  • Disable the screensaver entirely
  • Change the backdrop
  • Switch through different colors

You can also change the time in which your inactive time starts, and the screensaver begins. This helps so you know if you have to pause your favorite show to go make popcorn that, your TV  won’t time you out right away. Your options for that are as follows: 

  • 5 minutes
  • 15 minutes
  • 30 minutes
  • 1 hour
  • 2 hours

Custom Screensaver for TCL GoogleTV

Now, as you might be aware, there are multiple types of TCL Smart TVs. One of them is the Google TV. When setting up your screensaver in Google TV, you are looking for what is called “Ambient Mode.” 

To find “Ambient Mode ” on your TCL Google TV, you will have to go to “Settings (in the upper right-hand corner of your screen). Then from there, you will scroll down to “Systems.” It is in Systems; you will find “Ambient Mode.” 

You will only be able to access screensaver photos off either a preset collection of pictures or through your Google Photos. That is unless you decide to download a Google screensaver app like “Wave”. 

How to use Photos as a Custom Screensaver on your TCL Roku TV

The second kind of TCL Smart TV is the Roku brand. This one can get a little complicated as you will need to download the Roku app on your smartphone to really get customized with your screensaver photos. 

Once you have the app downloaded on your smartphone, just make sure you give the app permission to access your phone’s photos. You do that by looking for the “Media” button at the bottom of the screen and accessing the “Screensaver” button. 

From the app on your smartphone, you can choose different pictures and have them “preview” on your television screen. You can also change the style of your screensaver. When you are done click “Set Screensaver,” and you have your custom screensaver for your TCL Roku TV! 

Changing my TCL Smart TV’s Wallpaper

The other thing you can do if you would like to customize your TV further is to customize the wallpaper. You do this by adjusting the theme of your television

In order to do that, go ahead and on your “Home” page, navigate to “Settings.” In Settings, you should be able to find your “Themes.” Once you are in Themes, you can navigate around to change the color and pictures surrounding the theme of your Smart TCL TV. 


So, is it possible to change the screensaver on your TCL TV? You can change your screensaver. With the TCL TVs, you are able to change not only the screensaver but the time before it “times out.” Just go into your Device Preferences and change up those screensaver settings.

You can also change up your screensaver on your TCL Roku, Google, and Android TV brands. Although Google and Android call it the “ambient mode,” it is the same thing. You can even find apps to help you customize your wallpaper and screensavers. 

Customizing your TCL TV to how you want it can go a long way in furthering your watch experience. So go ahead, fire up that TV, and set it to the way you like it.

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