Can I Become WhatsApp Group Admin without Admin Permission?


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Creating a WhatsApp group is a fantastic way to communicate with multiple people at any given time. Adding an admin to a WhatsApp group helps you take control of group settings.

You can become an admin of a WhatsApp group without admin permission when the admin leaves the group. WhatsApp will randomly select a new admin for the group chat, and you could get lucky.

Please continue reading to learn everything you need to become a WhatsApp group admin. In addition, we will discuss the roles you take on as a group admin.

How to Become WhatsApp Group Admin

In most situations, you need admin permission to become a group admin in a WhatsApp group.

This measure is in place to ensure that people don’t control groups that they’re not welcome in.

However, if the original creator of the WhatsApp group leaves and there are no other admins, you could be randomly selected to become an admin.

WhatsApp uses a random number generator to select the next admin after the only admin of the group exits.

It’s impossible to have a WhatsAppgroup that doesn’t have an admin in place.

Unfortunately, if an inactive user gets selected by the random number generator, it can be difficult to get an active admin in the group.

Roles of a WhatsApp Group Admin

A WhatsApp group admin can control essential settings in the application.

For example, a group admin can enable or disable chats between group members.

Regular WhatsApp group members cannot change group settings without going through an admin.

This measure is in place to prevent people from adding unwanted changes to WhatsApp groups.

If someone interacts with the WhatsApp group in a negative way, the admin can remove that negative influence.

They have control to make the discussion a safe spot for group members.

Admins can also add other administrators to the group, so they don’t have to run it alone.

This is a great way to ensure rules are followed in a WhatsApp group.

How to Make Others a WhatsApp Group Admin

When you’re a WhatsApp group admin, you can add anybody else that participates in the group into an admin role.

Follow the steps below to add other admins to your WhatsApp group.

  • Open your WhatsApp group chat
  • Open the group info tab
  • Click on the person you want to make an admin
  • Click “make group admin” and confirm your decision

Be cautious about the members you add to an admin role on your WhatsApp group because they can lock out people that you want to join.

It would be best only to add people you trust as an admin to your WhatsApp group, so you don’t have to worry about undesirable participation.

What Happens When You Exit WhatsApp Group as an Admin?

If you’re a WhatsApp group admin, it would be best to add other people to the group and appoint new admins that you trust. Otherwise, WhatsApp will choose a random member to admin the group.

A sole admin leaving a WhatsApp group is the only time members don’t need approval to become an admin. Sometimes, admins will intentionally leave a group to relinquish their administrator role.

WhatsApp automatically makes the person who created the group an admin because it’s assumed that the person creating the group wants control.

They can relinquish their role by leaving the group and rejoining as a new member.

Sometimes people that create a WhatsApp group don’t want control of the settings.

Can Admins Remove Other WhatsApp Group Admins?

Another reason you should always choose reliable admins for your WhatsApp group is because an admin controls all group participants.

Unfortunately, this situation means that an admin can remove other admins from their role.

You need to choose admins for your group that aren’t malicious and are easy to work with.

WhatsApp group admins also could remove all members from the group and delete the group entirely.

You’ll have to build a new group from scratch when this happens.

If you don’t enjoy how a WhatsApp group works, you should allow other group members to join a new one.

You can become the administrator in the new group and control what happens.

Final Thoughts

The only situation that allows a WhatsApp group member to become an admin without admin permission is when the only admin of the group leaves.

However, they will randomly select a member.

If WhatsApp selects an inactive group admin, it would be best to create a new group and give other group members the information.

WhatsApp makes it necessary for admins to choose other admins because they relinquish much control in the WhatsApp group.

All admins have the ability to kick group members and other administrators from the conversation.

So, if the wrong people are appointed admin, it can completely ruin the WhatsApp group.

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