Can I Delete an Instagram Group Chat?

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Instagram group chats are a great way to share content and keep in touch with friends and followers on the popular photo platform. Despite their usefulness, some group chats can become inactive or surplus to requirements, which may make you wonder how to delete an Instagram group chat.

You can delete an Instagram group chat if you are an admin on it. There will be similar steps to follow to delete the conversation, but being a member vs. an admin in the chat will change aspects of the process.

If you are in an Instagram group chat that you no longer wish to have, read on below to find out more about what to do.

Can I Delete an Instagram Group Chat?

Instagram group chats are like a private curated corner of the platform. Functioning much like DMs but for more people, group chats can provide hours of social interaction.

Sometimes they can become unnecessary, at which point you’ll want to clear them from your DM tab.

Deleting an Instagram group chat will differ depending on whether you are a member or if you have admin rights.

You can always delete the conversation, but you will only be able to leave a group chat if you are a member. As an admin, you can end the chat for everyone.

Deleting an Instagram group chat is a quick and easy endeavor that will help you declutter your corner of the platform. Let’s take a look in more depth at how to achieve this.

How to Delete an Instagram Group Chat

When you want to delete an Instagram group chat, you must decide what you need from this process.

You can simply delete the conversation so you won’t have to see it in your DM tab anymore, or you can either leave or end the group.

Leaving the group will mean that you won’t be able to see any activity in it unless someone adds you to it again.

Ending it requires admin privileges and will delete the group chat for everyone involved in it.

If You Are a Member

As a member of an Instagram group chat, you have the option to leave it at any point when you no longer wish to be in it.

To do so, launch the app from your smartphone or device and click on the paper plane icon to access your direct messages tab. This will show you a list of all your messages.

Tap on the group chat you want to delete to open it. Once in it, tap on the name at the top. This will open the settings for the group chat.

You will see several options there but scroll past them to the bottom, where you will find ‘leave chat’, usually in red text.

Tap on this option, then confirm that you want to leave. This will also delete the group chat on your side while it will still be open to the other members remaining in it.

If You Are an Admin

Users in group chats can have admin privileges. This usually falls to the person who started the group chat but is not limited to them.

If you are an admin for the Instagram group chat you wish to delete, you will be able to end the chat permanently for everyone involved.

When you are ready to delete a group chat that you have admin rights over, follow the same steps as above.

Open the group chat, click on the name at the top, and scroll down to where you’ll find the option in red that says ‘end chat.’

Once you confirm your decision to end this group chat, it will be deleted for every member in it if you have admin rights.

Remember that if you are having issues with some of the members in the group chat, you can choose to kick them out instead of deleting everything.

As an admin, you have the power to add and eliminate members of the group chat at any time.

If you are not ready to delete the whole thing, you may consider this other option before permanently erasing the chat.

Deleting an Instagram Group Chat Conversation

If you simply want to delete an Instagram group chat conversation from your list of messages, you can easily do so in a few seconds.

Launch the app and click on the paper plane icon.

While in the list of messages, scroll to the group chat conversation you wish to delete. On iOS, swipe left.

You will see the options to ‘delete’ or ‘mute’ the conversation. Tap on ‘delete,’ then tap again to confirm this selection.

On an Android device, when you reach the group chat, you want to delete, tap and hold on to the conversation.

Tap ‘delete’ and once more to confirm. On a browser, navigate to the conversation and open it. Click on the ‘i’ in the corner and select ‘delete chat.’


You can delete an Instagram group chat if you have the admin privileges to do so.

If you are only a member, you can choose to leave the chat and delete the conversation at any time, but it will only delete it for you.

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