Blink Camera Live Feed and Pictures Are So Slow

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Blink offers a line of wireless security products you can place anywhere in your house. Staying connected to what is happening in your home can give you peace of mind, no matter where life takes you. However, sometimes the Live View and the pictures are slow. What causes this, and how can you fix it?

Several issues can cause your Blink camera’s Live View to be slow or photos to be blurry. However, the main cause is problems related to a slow internet connection.

Below, we’ll discuss the causes and a few solutions for slow, blurry camera feeds. Keep reading to learn how to fix the lagging feed on your Blink camera!

What Feed Issues Are Common on Blink Cameras?

Blink security systems are a great tool for keeping an eye on things and knowing what’s going on when you’re away from home. 

However, some people experience issues with the speed of their Blink camera feed.

The main issues you’ll experience with your Blink camera feed include:

  • Delay
  • Buffering
  • Timing Out

Luckily, each of these issues can be fixed relatively easily. Continue reading to find out more about each of these issues.  


If you set your Blink camera to record every 5 seconds, what you see will be 6-7 seconds behind what is actually happening. 

For example, if your dog jumps on the couch, he could have already jumped off by the time you see it on your Live View. 

This delay can make it seem like your Live View is “slow.” If you want to see the recording faster, set the delay to record for a few seconds less. 


If your internet speed is slow, it can cause your recordings and live feed to buffer.

Using a lower resolution on your camera can help mitigate this. 

Your internet connection won’t need to work as hard, and although the Live View quality will be lower, it may keep your feed from buffering. 

Timing Out

Timing out is another issue that stems from slow internet speed. 

When your camera times out, it means it has been trying to find a connection for an extended amount of time and has not been able to.  

Time outs can give you problems when viewing clips or thumbnails, and problems accessing your camera. 

You can either opt for a lower-resolution feed or contact your internet provider and increase your internet speed to make your streaming smoother. 

Other Blink Camera Issues

If you are getting an “Unavailable” message or can’t see your live feed at all, it could mean your internet is out, or your camera needs new batteries

When changing your Blink camera’s batteries, it is best to use AA Lithium batteries

You can also try a different power source, such as a USB cable, to ensure the problem is not with the camera itself. 

How to Increase Your Blink Camera’s Speed

There are several things you can do to fix or improve your Blink camera’s live feed speed and the quality of your pictures. 

These include:

  • Opt for a lower resolution
  • Increase your internet speed
  • Power cycle your router 
  • Move your camera closer to the router

 Continue reading below to find out more about each of these issues. 

Opt for a Lower Resolution

As mentioned above, a surefire way to increase your Blink camera’s speed is to opt for a lower-resolution picture. 

This reduces the work your camera must do to create photos and videos.

Increase Your Internet Speed

If internet speed is a constant problem in your household, continue contacting your internet service provider to sign up for a higher-speed plan.

Your camera will connect to the internet more quickly, allowing it to collect more data and create clearer pictures. 

Power Cycle Your Router

Sometimes, slower internet speeds are temporary. If you usually have a high-quality live feed, try power cycling your router

Simply put, this involves turning your router off and back on again. Power cycling often clears minor glitches that prevent a fast internet connection.

Move Your Camera Closer to the Router

If nothing else seems to work, the problem could be that your camera is simply too far from your router to get a good signal.

If possible, move either your camera or router so the two devices are closer together, and see if you get a clearer picture.

If you still have issues after trying all the fixes above, contact Blink customer service. They can tell you if any warranties are available to replace your device. 

In Conclusion

Blink cameras are great home security tools. However, having a slow live feed or blurry pictures can be frustrating. 

This is typically a problem caused by a slow internet connection. You can fix it by increasing your internet speed, lowering your camera’s resolution, or rebooting your router. 

It can also mean your internet is down or your camera needs new batteries. Whatever the problem may be, rest assured that it’s typically easy to solve.

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