ADT Alarm Not Beeping When Door Opens

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The ADT alarm system is one of the best systems in the industry today. It offers protection from burglary, fire, and smoke, as well as monitoring your security 24 hours a day. But as an owner of this system, it is essential to learn how to manage your alarm system correctly. However, what if the ADT alarm starts not to beep when the door opens?

It is crucial to understand and recognize the ADT alarm chimes. Once you open your door, you will notice that there is a chime sound inside your house. Recognizing and paying attention to the chime is necessary so you can respond when the beeping (chime) does not sound.

On rare occasions, the chime may not sound when a door opens. Addressing this concern immediately is a priority to maintain the 24/7 full security coverage of your home. Troubleshooting the lack of a chime when the door opens is possible through the steps in this article. 

ADT Door Alarms

ADT door alarms are the best for households, especially if someone has a pet or small kids. While there are many other types of security measures that you can take, such as deadbolts, wire locks, and others, none of these will protect your family members as well as an ADT door alarm.

An ADT door alarm will alert you of a break-in, or in some cases, an intruder. Many ADT door alarms are set off by motion when someone passes by. This motion detection is possible because they are based on a technology that uses an infrared motion detector to detect the heat signature of a person or pet moving through a door.

Troubleshooting Your ADT Door Alarm

As with many electronics, occasionally, some systems need to be reset or redirected. Have you ever had a thunderstorm cause a disconnection from your wifi, router, or printer?  The premise is the same – time to troubleshoot how to reconnect systems.

Anything can affect these systems, such as loss of wifi, weather conditions, and other environmental factors. With some simple troubleshooting tips, you can handle situations that occur with your ADT door alarm. 

Sensor Activation

The first thing that you need to do is to verify whether the sensor is activated. To do this, turn off your security system, then check whether your sensor has been triggered. Verify that your sensor has been programmed to switch off the main power supply automatically after some time.

If it has, then all you need to do is to disconnect the battery from the sensor. Then, attach the battery and set the timer. Do not forget to set the time and date since the false alarm could have timed out.

Disable Timers and Sensors

Second, you should disable the timers and other unnecessary sensors. To do this, you should disconnect all other alarms. The old model ADT sensors do not have remote controls anymore. They use a unique key to start or stop their operations.

To disable these sensors, you can use the switch or knob on your front door. In addition, if you have an older model garage door opener, you should remove it.

Test Window and Door Contacts

Third, to prevent a false alarm, you should have the window and door contacts tested before you leave your house. You can do this with the help of a flashlight. When there is no movement detected in these areas, there should be no problems.

Then, you should check whether your sensors have been programmed to reset themselves when the battery gets low automatically. If so, you should replace the battery. Also, you should check whether the motion detectors are working properly.

Change The Chime Code

Fourth, if your main entry point is a chime alarm, you should set it so that any motion detected will be sent to your central doorbell. You should add a chime code to your ADT doorbell. If there is no chime, you should change the code.

On some models of ADT alarms, a doorbell chime will not sound unless the batteries are depleted. To test whether this feature works, you should try ringing the doorbell several times and listening to the chimes.

Turn Off ADT Main Power Supply

Fifth, you should turn off your ADT main power supply and plug in a spare outlet. Then, you should turn on your ADT backup sensors. These sensors are used for detecting motion detectors.

If your primary system detects motion, the motion detectors will activate the ADT backup sensors, and the system will then trigger the alarms. With these troubleshooting steps, you can quickly troubleshoot your ADT alarms.


If your troubleshooting has failed so far, you should have a user manual to refer to. The user manual will contain more detailed instructions on how you can activate and deactivate motion detectors, switch on/off the main light and window sensors, and control the thermostat settings.

Keeping your ADT security system working correctly and as expected, it is critical to address any concerns as quickly as possible. If you still need more help, you can call your local ADT representative or ask for technical support from the company itself.

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