3 Best Smart Locks for Bedroom Doors

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Many people are familiar with front door smart locks, but what you may not know is that there are plenty of options for your bedroom and interior doors as well. After all, what if you want to keep a roommate out of your room or secure a wine cellar or home office?

The best smart locks for bedroom doors can vary depending on what features you’re looking for. The three locks featured in this article were chosen based on their ease of installation, price and value, and smart home compatibility. Later in the article, we’ll discuss some alternative options if smart locks prove to be incompatible with your existing setup.

Key Features for a Bedroom Door Smart Lock

When shopping for an indoor smart lock, it is essential (though not always required) to find a model that replaces your handle, rather than the deadbolt seen on an exterior door.

Note: There are still ways to install smart deadbolt locks on interior doors, but doing so will require additional installation and setup.

Additionally, if you’re renting or living in an apartment, you may want to install a more temporary interior smart lock that doesn’t require altering your door. Having the ability to swap out your existing lock for a new model easily is ideal when searching for what will best suit your needs.

With that said, let’s take a look at the three best indoor smart locks for bedroom doors.

1.  CATCHFACE Fingerprint Door Lock

Ease of installation is a feature that many look for when buying a device that requires additional setup. If you’re renting or live in an apartment, you may not want to install anything permanent, but rather a system that can be easily replaced should the need arise.

If you’re in the market for an easy to install smart lock, we recommend the CATCHFACE Fingerprint Door Lock. This smart lock is compatible with most door handles and offers both keyless entry and fingerprint sensors.

Additionally, it has a physical backup key in case the battery on the device dies. Not only that, but it is designed to replace your existing handle, meaning there isn’t any additional installation required.

Here’s a look at some of the features offered by the CATCHFACE smart lock:

  • 4-in-1 keyless entry; fingerprint, virtual password, smartphone unlock, and physical key.
  • Uses low energy consumption with 4 x AAA batteries, meaning it will work even if the power in your house goes out.
  • The smart lock can store up to 120 different fingerprints, allowing friends and family to have access (you can even create temporary custom codes for guests).
  • Easy to install. The only thing required is a screwdriver—no drills or complicated setup steps. Additionally, the handle can be installed for both left and right-handed doors providing more options for your house.

Given the variety of features, as well as the ease of installation, the CATCHFACE fingerprint door lock is ideal if you rent or live in an apartment and want to up your security without permanently altering your door.

2.  Turbolock TL-111 Pro

If permanency or ease of installation isn’t as high on your list, you may be in the market for a more budget-friendly smart lock. If that’s the case, consider the Turbolock TL-111 Pro.

This smart lock is not only affordable, but it can replace your existing door handle and offers Bluetooth connectivity to unlock the device. Like the CATCHFACE lock, the Turbolock has programmable passcodes, and a physical back up key should the device lose power.

The Turbolock has a variety of competitive features, including:

  • Remotely view “unlock records” to see who has access to your lock.
  • “Passcode Disguise” feature, allowing users to enter 12 digits on the keypad. As long as the correct password sequence has been entered, the door will unlock, no matter how many numbers were entered before or after the passcode.
  • It has an easy to use, backlit keypad for improved readability.
  • Scratch, corrosion, and weather-resistant, so you can also use it for exterior doors.

The Turbolock TL-111 Pro is one of the few smart locks under $100, but don’t be deceived by the price point. This lock still has plenty of competitive features, making it an excellent budget-friendly option.

3.  Yale Assure Lever

Coming in at a higher price point but loaded with additional features, the Yale Assure Lever is a smart touchscreen lock that comes with a backup charger and can be installed on most standard interior doors. Also, it replaces either lever or knobs on doors with a single hole, so a deadbolt hookup is not required.

Here’s a look at some of the features provided by the touchscreen Yale Assure Lever:

  • Compatible with other smart home devices and many existing alarm systems (Samsung SmartThings, Ring Alarm, ADT, etc.).
  • The lever has a physical key, as well as a 9V backup charger, so you won’t be locked out even if the battery dies.
  • Automatic Locking feature meaning you won’t have to wonder: “Did I lock my door?”
  • Touchscreen backlit keypad.

The Yale Assure Lever is highly recommended, as it combines features with functionality and is easy to install. Additionally, the compatibility with existing smart home systems and alarm services makes for seamless integration with your current smart home ecosystem.

Alternative Smart Door Lock Options for Bedrooms

The ability to install a smart lock on your bedroom door can have a positive impact on your overall security, but what if you don’t have the option to install something on your door? Or what if you already have a smart home security system and want to continue using devices in that ecosystem? Fortunately, there are some alternatives to installing a physical lock on your door.

Smart Latching Locks

If you don’t have the setup for adding a standard smart lock or are looking for a more cost-effective alternative, there are still plenty of options. One such device, the WAFU WF-018, is a wireless remote control lock that does not require any hardware alteration on your existing door. As such, it can be installed on other surfaces like cabinets or cupboards. It also features an emergency manual unlock feature in case you misplace the remote.

Entry Sensors

Suppose you’re looking for an alternative to a physical lock on your door and require more “monitoring” services rather than physical entry prevention. In that case, it may be worth considering an entry sensor as an alternative.

SimpliSafe offers an affordable Entry Sensor that can attach to all types of doors and windows. They’re easy to install and will alert users if a window or door is opened. Though not a physical lock, the ability to install the sensors anywhere, as well as receive alerts of potential intruders, make the SimpliSafe Entry Sensors a promising alternative.

In Summary

We all understand the importance of security for your house, and the interior is no exception. Depending on your needs, the qualities you look for in a smart lock for your bedroom door can vary. Whether your focus is the ease of installation, budget-friendly options, or features, there are plenty of creative options to get you started improving the security of your bedroom doors.

Given the abundance of features from the locks discussed in this article, you really can’t go wrong with any model.

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