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9 Smart Locks Perfect for Sliding Glass Doors and Patios

Last Updated Jun 17, 2022
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Smart locks are a staple in most smart homes, adding efficiency and removing a lot of annoyances, such as forgetting your keys and locking yourself out. Most of us have at least one in our house, usually on the front door. What about the other doors?

Sliding glass doors are much different than any other door in our homes. They slide and have a latch locking mechanism that an experienced thief can easily defeat. They can also be the biggest piece of glass in our home, adding to the concerns around security.

The 9 Best Smart Locks for Sliding Glass Doors and Patios

Unfortunately, there aren’t many options for smart locks for patio and sliding glass doors unless you have a specific door frame brand. There are many more that will work for keyless entry. You can also automate your sliding door if you’re up for the DIY task. Here are our best recommendations to improve the security of your sliding glass doors:

  1. Lockey C150 
  2. Lockey 2500
  3. Yale Assure Lock for Andersen® Patio Doors
  4. Port Smart Lock- Tower
  5. Sonew Mechanical Password Door Lock
  6. Codace Keyless Entry Door Lock
  7. Autoslide
  8. HauSun Foot Lock
  9. DIY Smart WiFi Sliding Glass Door Lock

In addition to locks for your patio doors, you should always consider creating your own home security system with cameras and alarms for your safety. Even though all these options aren’t smart locks for sliding doors and patio doors, they’re all guaranteed locks for your doors to help boost security and safety. Keep on reading to learn more about them.

Lockey C150 

Even though the Lockey C150 isn’t exactly a smart lock that can be integrated into your smart home ecosystem, it’s an extremely secure lock for keyless entry. It comes in several colors to match your door frame and home. This lock is also discrete, fits most sliding doors, and comes with a lifetime mechanical warranty.

The main downsides of this lock are that they highly suggest you get a locksmith to install it for you, and you can only use one code. Therefore, it’s not ideal if you have multiple guests who need a code entering your home, everyone will have the same code.

Additionally, since it doesn’t work with geofencing or Bluetooth to automatically unlock, as a smart lock would, is another big downside.

Lockey 2500

The Lockey2500 is a fantastic lock for sliding glass doors. It allows keyless entry, but like most mechanical locks, it only allows for one code, so you’ll have to share it with your friends and family who will be using the lock. It also comes with two backup keys. As with all Lockey products, they come with a lifetime warranty. 

If you ever need to change the code, it’s pretty easy. There is a quick video guide to show you how.

Yale Assure Lock for Andersen® Patio Doors

Yale is a worldwide name for keys and home security. The Assure Lock for Andersen® Patio Doors is one of the few smart locks available for sliding and patio doors in the United States. Yale does have some other models for sliding doors, but they are not available in most parts of the world.

The Yale Assure Lock is the perfect smart lock for patio doors, and hopefully, this technology can be available on most sliding doors. It has Bluetooth and WiFi connectivity, is battery-operated, and works with the Yale Access App. It’s also compatible with Alexa, Google Assistant, and Apple HomeKit.

A major downside to these is that you must have an Andersen-fitted sliding door hinge to be able to use them. They will come with newer installs if you plan on upgrading your existing system. There’s also a simple upgrade kit if you already have Andersen doors but want them to have a smart lock. 

If you’re interested in just upgrading your patio door, you’ll have to reach out to your local Andersen dealer to find out more. You can find your local dealer here.

Port Smart Lock- Tower

The Port Smart Lock’s Tower line is a smart lock designed for sliding and swing doors with a hefty price tag. Starting at $520, you can customize your lock to your door’s specifications. It comes in two colors and has a keypad with a card sensor. It also comes with a backup key and an emergency power supply via USB.

While this is a true smart lock, it’s an expensive option, but you can’t put a price tag on your home security. You can connect it via Bluetooth and WiFi and manage it through their app, compatible with iOS and Android devices. It’s also able to be integrated with Google Home.

Additionally, some other benefits are that there’s an alarm if someone is trying to break in and an activity log for those who enter.

Sonew Mechanical Password Door Lock

The Sonew Mechanical Password Door Lock is a fantastic option if you want a password-protected lock with keyless entry. This lock was designed for sliding doors and they do state that if you are installing it on a glass door like most patio doors are, you need a door frame.

It doesn’t need any electricity and isn’t battery-powered, so you won’t have to worry about being locked out if the battery is low. Unfortunately, it isn’t a smart lock, but there are two ways you can enter the passcode, forwards and backward (for example: if your passcode is 1244, you can enter 4421).

Codace Keyless Entry Door Lock

The Codace Keyless Entry Door Lock is fairly similar to most other keyless entry models for sliding doors. This model is better because it can withstand sliding doors a bit thicker than most others (up to 2.56 inches). It’s also waterproof and sunproof, so there is no need for a protective cover like most models need.


The Autoslide is a DIY system that completely automates your sliding doors, closing the door for you hands-free. It has two ways of opening the door: with a remote and with infrared motion sensors. It works with doors up to 200 pounds, so there are no worries about using it on a light sliding glass or patio door. 

Installation is fairly easy, and it comes with a DVD that shows how it’s installed. They have a 2-year warranty, which should add some peace of mind if you plan on investing in one of these, as they are a bit pricey.

Unfortunately, Autoslide isn’t integrated with any smart home ecosystems, but it’s entirely hands-free. You’ll just have to remember to lock the door before you leave and at night. 

HauSun Foot Lock

The HauSun Foot Lock is a great way to beef up the security on your sliding door. It’s discreet and won’t catch a burglar’s eye’s when trying to break in. You install it in either the top or bottom corner of your door, so it’s not easily seen from the outside. 

A major downside of this is if you get locked out of the house, you won’t be able to get in through the patio door because it’s so secure.

DIY Smart WiFi Sliding Glass Door Lock

Finally, one thing you can do, especially if you’re a DIY enthusiast, is to create your own smart lock for your sliding glass door. With simple and quick instructions, all you need for this task is:

This task shouldn’t take that long to rig, and the outcome is well worth it, especially until more smart locks for sliding glass doors and patios become available.

Even though there aren’t many smart locks available for sliding glass doors on the market, some companies have tried to break into the space but never really got off the ground like Padiolock. Lockly has also announced a smart lock for a sliding glass door, but it’s not available for purchase. 


Back doors are often the main entry point for a burglar because they are the easiest to get into. The locks we’ve recommended will make your home more secure and give you enough time to alert the authorities if there does happen to be a break-in. 

We have yet to find the perfect smart lock for sliding doors that’s easily available for most sliding doors. Not many companies have put many resources into developing them yet. But as they come out, we will surely be writing about them.