Why Your Westinghouse TV Remote Doesn’t Work (5 Fixes to Try)


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The name Westinghouse may not ring a bell when you talk about household brands, but they have some of the most durable and affordable TVs ranging from different sizes and prices with a knack for providing viewing comfort for all its users. But what happens when your Westinghouse TV remote doesn’t work?

When this situation arises, the first instinct should be to check on the batteries. First, verify that they still have power and are appropriately placed in the remote. If the batteries are in good condition, the next option should be to perform a quick remote reset. 

Because of their quality, it can be surprising and frustrating when you realize that your TV remote suddenly fails to work anymore. In this article, you will learn some of the reasons why this remote malfunction happens and a few steps you can take to nip them in the bud.

Why Won’t My Westinghouse TV Remote Work?

When users complain about their remote, it’s not always because it is damaged and needs replacement, so you may have nothing to worry about yet.

The problems could equally be due to one of these:

  • Batteries require replacement
  • Remote is losing connection with TV
  • Some buttons are not working
  • Other devices are interfering with your remote’s sensor.

These issues could make your viewing experience less enjoyable and comfortable than usual. However, here are five simple DIY ways you can attempt to resolve the issue.

5 Fixes To Resolve Westinghouse Remote Issues

These fixes are in no particular order, so if you are unsure about which of them to try first, keep trying all of them until the issue is rectified. Then, read on to see these five simple yet effective ways to regain control of your remote, literally.

Change the Batteries

Your Westinghouse TV is having difficulty picking your remote’s signals probably because the batteries are weak and can no longer generate enough power to send alerts clearly to your TV. That is a common cause of remote malfunction that is often overlooked. Unfortunately, remote batteries can only last for so long, and as time goes on, they have to be changed.

Purchase new recommended alkaline batteries and replace the existing ones. Ensure that you place them in the right way taking note of the positive and negative parts of the battery, and then you can try operating it.

Power Scan the Remote

A remote power scan has effectively resolved this issue for many users who experience it, especially when only a few buttons are malfunctioning.

If you’re wondering what a power scan is and how you can go about it, here are some easy steps:

  1. Press down the Clear TV button
  2. Press the Power button as soon as the light blinks on the indicator
  3. Press the Arrow Up key intermittently till your TV goes off
  4. Click the # key once and restart your TV

You should now have successfully done a power scan.

Reset the Remote

An effective way to get your malfunctioning Westinghouse TV remote back in order is by resetting it. This procedure will enable the remote to go back to its default settings and configurations and resolve whatever issues it is experiencing.

Resetting the remote is not rocket science. All you need to do is:

  1. Take the batteries out
  2. Press down any button of your choice for about one minute
  3. Put the batteries back in again.

Usually, that gets the job done. If not, take a look at the next fix.

Sync the Remote with TV

Have you noticed that the light indicator occasionally shows, but the TV fails to respond? This could be caused by many factors, including interference of the remote’s signals by other appliances that have sensors and are close to where the TV is. These appliances could share some compatibility with your remote and maybe pick the signals meant for your TV.

The remote may also, for some reason, have lost connection to your TV and could need to be synced again to work.

Firstly, put away all other appliances within your TV range. Then, directly point the remote to the TV sensor and long-press the Rewind and Fast Forward buttons together. That will automatically show a message confirming the pairing.

Replace the Remote

As a final resort, if the other troubleshooting solutions prove abortive, then maybe it’s high time you consider replacing the remote. Sometimes, the sensor may be bad, which is usually caused by constant falling, or it probably has water or other liquid inside it, thereby ruining the remote. Contact Westinghouse TV customer care or visit the nearest electronics dealer to replace it.


Getting your Westinghouse TV remote back in good working condition should no longer be much of a trouble. You can get it fixed with these five fixes while sitting in your living room. The fixes are fast and straightforward, and your remote will be working correctly again before you miss anything on TV.

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