Why Your Ring Alarm Keeps Going Offline (4 Easy Solutions to Try)

Ring alarm generation 2 with keypads and sensors laid out on table.Ring alarm generation 2 with keypads and sensors laid out on table.

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Keeping the Ring Alarm online is critical to the success of the device—after all, if the device isn’t online, you won’t be able to get notifications when the alarm detects something. Some disconnections are simple to address, while others may require a bit more effort. Luckily, there are a few solutions you can try in case your device goes offline.

Below, we’ll cover four easy solutions you can try to get your Ring Alarm back online again!

Check Your Internet Connection

A simple solution for when your device goes offline is to check on your wireless internet connection. There are a few problems that might arise:

Wi-Fi Network Settings Have Changed

The first is that the Wi-Fi network password has changed. If you recently changed your wireless provider or changed your Wi-Fi settings, this is worth checking on since your device will automatically be disconnected.

Wi-Fi Connection Issues

Another Wi-Fi-related issue is that there is an issue with your Wi-Fi connection. An easy way to test this is to see if any of your other devices can connect to the internet. If they can’t, then you’ve found out why your Ring Alarm is going offline. Call your internet service provider (ISP) to see if there’s any way for them to get your internet back online.

Wi-Fi Dead Zones

The final connection-related issue could be the placement of the device. Some areas of your home may be “Wi-Fi” dead zones, which will lead to a weaker signal.

To check whether or not an area of your house is a Wi-Fi dead zone, you can use an online speed test on a mobile device in the area where your Ring Alarm is. This will give you a better sense of how strong the connection is in that area.

You’ll always want to ensure that your device is on the 2.4 GHz versus the 5GHz bandwidth, as many Ring devices work better on the 2.4 GHz wavelength.

Check Your Other Ring Devices

What happens if you checked your wireless internet connection and your other devices, and they all seem to be functioning properly? Perhaps you’ll need to check the Ring Alarm Base Station (if you have one). Since the Base Station allows users to cut down on how many devices are connected to the Wi-Fi, it also serves as the single point of connection your Ring devices have to the internet.

To fix this, you can press the reset button on the back of the Ring base station and see if that helps the issue. Do not hold the reset button as this will completely reset the base station, which is not what you want to do.

If you have other Ring devices connected to the Base Station that are operating normally, then it may be the connection between your Ring Alarm and the Base Station. In this case, you’ll want to contact Ring for further support. With the Ring Protect plan, anytime your Base Station loses connection to the internet, it will cause a cellular backup system to kick in, allowing the system to continue monitoring your home.

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Check Your Ring Alarm’s Battery

Another fix for your Ring Alarm constantly going offline is to check the battery. If you’ve got the device hardwired, then you’ll want to check the connection—it is possible that a cable came loose or a connection is not quite tight enough.

You’ll also want to check to see if there were any power outages. Something like a power surge or a temporary loss of power can cause the Ring Alarm to lose connection .

If something happens to your Ring Alarm Base Station’s battery, Ring has built-in a backup battery that will allow your device to work normally for about fifteen minutes. After fifteen minutes, the device will continue to monitor your sensors and send alarm signals but will shut off any other feature to preserve the battery.

When power returns, your Ring device will automatically recharge the backup battery until it reaches full power.

Troubleshoot with Ring

The final solution to try is to contact Ring support directly. This can be done easily through the Ring app, and Ring’s customer support will attempt to troubleshoot your problem based on the information you give them.

Alternatively, you can contact them via the Ring website, which will allow you to chat with their customer support or find contact information to get a hold of customer service by phone.

Final Thoughts

As useful as smart devices are, the reliance on a wireless internet connection makes them susceptible to malfunction. With Ring’s customer support as a final line of defense against malfunction, Ring Alarm users can rest easy knowing that if these four easy solutions don’t work, a professional team is ready to help diagnose and fix the issue.

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