Why Sharp TV Automatically Turns Off


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Televisions have come a long way in the past few years, and Sharp TVs seem to be keeping up with consumer demand for smart TVs with impressive picture quality. However, even the best televisions on the market still have some performance issues. If you have a Sharp TV and are wondering why it automatically turns off, we have everything you need to know!

The most likely reason that your Sharp TV automatically turns off is that it is overheating. Although it could also be that it is not receiving enough energy, i.e., the power cord is loose, the sleep timer is incorrectly set, or even that the remote sensor isn’t functioning properly. 

In this article, we are going to assess how to figure out what specific problem your Sharp TV is experiencing, and even more importantly, how to fix it! So if you want your Sharp TV to stop turning off automatically, keep reading! You will be an expert in no time. 

Why Sharp TV Automatically Turns Off

 The first step in stopping your Sharp TV from automatically turning off is to figure out what is causing this malfunction! 

In order to do so, we are going to step through how to check your television for each potential problem it may be facing. 

  • As the most likely problem is that the television is overheating, you should check the air vents behind your Sharp TV to ensure that they are not blocked or full of dust. 
  • If the vents look clean and free, you may be having problems with your energy connection. Check the power cord and make sure it is securely connected to the outlet. 
  • From here, you will want to head over to the sleep timer settings on your Sharp TV because it may simply be that it is set to be turning off! 

You may have already solved the problem! However, if you would like a little more information on how to complete each of these troubleshooting solutions, we are going to go through them in the following sections. You might also experience your Sharp TV not turning on!

How to Stop your Sharp TV from Automatically Turning Off 

Now that you know why your Sharp TV may be automatically turning off, you will certainly want to know what you can do to make it stop happening so you can get back to enjoying your home entertainment! 

What to Do if your Sharp TV is Overheating

As you have now learned, the most likely cause of your Sharp TV automatically turning off is that it is overheating. 

While it can be challenging to decipher whether or not this is definitely your problem, you can usually tell by looking at the air vents on the back of the television. If they are hot to the touch, don’t have ample room to breathe, or are full with dust and dirt, your Sharp TV is probably overheating. 

Even if cleaning the vents and moving the television slightly further away from the wall doesn’t stop it from turning off automatically, it’s still good practice to keep this area clean and free from obstruction. 

What to Do if your Sharp TV Isn’t Properly Connected to a Power Source

This one is pretty cut and dry; if you see that the cord for your television is falling loosely out of the socket, you will need to move the connection to a tighter outlet. 

It could also be the cord that is causing your problem; if the cable itself is worn or breaking in any way, it’s probably time to invest in a new one. Luckily you can purchase one on Amazon in seconds! They’re also available in different lengths, which is great because the cord being too short could be causing the cord to get damaged.

How to Adjust the Sleep Timer on a Sharp TV

Another reason why your Sharp TV may be turning off automatically is that your sleep timer is set without your knowledge! 

To turn off your sleep timer, or set it to a different time, simply follow the directions below: 

  • Press the MENU on the on-screen options. 
  • Navigate to and select SETTINGS.
  • Select TIME SET UP
  • Click SLEEP TIMER and select OFF or the time of your choosing. 

That should stop your Sharp TV from turning off at random unless you have specifically requested it to! 

Final Thoughts

When it comes to answering why your Sharp TV automatically turns off, you should now have all the information you need to answer with confidence!

Just to recap, it is most likely because your television is overheating; however, it could also be a problem with your power cord or even your sleep timer settings. 

Fortunately, you now know how to fix every one of these problems so that your Sharp TV will stop turning off aimlessly, and you can continue to watch your favorite TV show, movie, sports game, or anything else without any interruptions!

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