Why Is My Sonos Roam Flashing Orange?

Sonos five speaker on a dresser.Sonos five speaker on a dresser.

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Many new buyers of Sonos Roam get confused when they see different light indicators, particularly when the orange light is flashing. Do you want to know why the Sonos Roam is flashing orange light, and what do the other colors mean? Well, let us give you a quick understanding of this query to solve your hassle.

On average, Sonos Roam flashes orange light whenever the device is establishing a connection. If it happens after pressing the Pause/Play button rapidly, selecting a new track will solve the issue. Each light color means different, and learning about a few of them can ensure the best results. 

Now you might be thinking about what the remaining Sonos roam flashing colors mean. Continue reading this post to learn more about what other flashing lights mean and how to resolve an issue effectively and efficiently. 

What Do the Different Lights Mean on Sonos Roam?

You will see a variety of light indicators on Sonos Roam highlighting its functions. The status light is present at the front top side of the Sonos Roam. However, it can be near the control buttons, depending on the Sonos Roam model. 

Different LED light indicators on the Sonos Roam mean:

  • Solid White: Solid white will show you that the Sonos product is power on and functioning correctly. You will have to follow the product missing from the Sonos app when the solid white appears, but the product is not available in the Sonos app.  
  • Flashing White: Flashing white will show that the Sonos product is booting up after plugging into the power socket. Moreover, the status light will also turn white when the device is waiting for a network. 
  • Solid Green: Solid green light shows that Sonos product is mute. Sonos app is available right there for you to increase the volume. Otherwise, the volume control option is also accessible. 
  • Flashing Green: The flashing green light shows that Sonos product is ready to be set up but not connected to the Sonos system. If your product is not a new model, then the flashing green light indicates that the product has reset successfully, and you can do the rest steps to complete the remaining process. 
  • Flashing Red: It appears solely if the product fails to set up after 30 minutes of powering on. In such a case, rebooting the Sonos product is the best option to resolve this issue. 

Now that you got the fundamental information regarding various flashing lights, let us discuss what if the charging light is orange. 

How Do You Know If Your Sonos Roam Is Charging?

Charger plugged into outlet

Sonos Roam displays the solid orange light when it starts recharging. It turns off after ten seconds, but the battery continues to charge. However, the orange light will not turn off until sufficient charge is available, depending on the power adapter, to turn on the device. 

To view the battery level, you will have to open Sonos App and look for the Roam in the system tab. You will see a symbol as an indication that your Roam is charging. Furthermore, you will also see a percentage next to the battery icon displaying the current charge level. Watch this video to know everything about Sonas Roam in 5 minutes

Can I Leave Sonos Roam Outside?

In general, one can use Sonos Roam in an outdoor environment. Sonos Roam has the IP67 rating that proves it is waterproof and capable enough to deal with snow or rain. The manufacturer even claims that it will operate in both low and high temperatures. 

It might be surprising to you that your Sonos Roam can even breathe underwater for at least 30 minutes. However, Roam might be damaged if it goes beyond the depth of one meter. Get this carrying case to keep your Roam working for up to many years. 

Before you leave this page, read below how to fix issues by resetting the Sonos Roam.  

How Do I Reset My Sonos Roam?

Sometimes, an issue does not resolve, and users know nothing about how to tackle it correctly. If you ever face such trouble, reset your Sonos Roam to its default factory settings.  

One can reset Sonos Roam by following a few steps: 

  1. Keep pressing the power button for a few seconds. 
  2. Release the button after hearing the power-off tone. 
  3. Wait for ten to fifteen seconds. 
  4. Press the Play/Pause button and turn on the Roam. 
  5. Let the device complete the resetting process. 

Remember that resetting your Sonos Roam will delete all stored content, registration data, and other music services. Therefore, you should do it when transferring ownership or an issue could not resolve in any other way. Hence, never try it as a troubleshooting step because you might not restore the deleted information. However, you can think of performing this process if your product cannot complete the setup perfectly.   


After reading this post, you have got enough information about why the Sonos Roam is flashing light and what the rest of the LED lights mean. Enjoy the entertainment experience by purchasing the best quality.

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