Why Is Sonos Roam Flashing Green?

sonos move speaker on a bookshelf.sonos move speaker on a bookshelf.

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Many have come to love the Sonos multi-room speakers that play any media of your choice via remote command, voice or app. However, as time goes by users with the device sometimes come to realize their Sonos device is flashing green on its LED. So the question that begs to be asked is: what’s the cause of it?

With a new Sonos speaker it’s common to see it flashing green, indicating that it is ready to be set up and so it hasn’t been configured yet. If your Sonos product is not new, and it comes to indicate the flashing green it means that the device was reset and is ready to be set up.

You might also find that some different colors and patterns come from the device on different occasions.  Are you wondering what this might be and what they could mean? Then you have stumbled on the right article. Do keep reading and you’ll understand more about the working of a Sonos speaker.

What Does the Flashing Green Light on Sonos Mean?

When a Sonos device starts flashing green or indicates it, many of its users get frustrated for not knowing what to do about it.

The good thing is that there is nothing wrong with the device but there is an explanation as to why the Sonos device flashes green or indicates a solid green on its LED: 

  • It could be that the device is new, already powered, and ready to use. 
  • It could be that the device has been reset and is waiting to be configured. 
  • It could be the device is muted meaning no sound is coming from it. 

Whenever you see your Sonos device indicating green, be assured that it could mean any of the reasons mentioned above. If it’s a case of your system being muted you’ll notice the solid green color appearing on its soundbar

You can remedy the situation by pressing the volume increase button on your remote, phone app, or from the soundbar itself to bring the speaker off of mute. 

What if The Sonos Device Isn’t Muted?

You might find that your device is indicating the green light in situations that it is muted. In this scenario, you might come to find that no sound is coming from the soundbar but it is heard coming from your television or any device to which the Sonos beam is supposed to be synced.

Even as you try to increase its volume nothing seems to work on the soundbar. Although this is not a standard scenario, you might find that your device is going through a muted condition due to: 

  • Poor internet connection- it could be that after connecting your device to the internet, your router is far away or too many devices are connected to the WIFI. You could restart your Sonos beam or switch off some of your devices from the WIFI.
  • Bad HDMI connection- if you are using a cable to connect your Sonos device using HDMI to your television set, make sure that your cable is in good condition and that both ends are securely inserted into their ports. 

This scenario can be remedied by turning your Sonos beam on and off to reset the system. If the problem persists be sure to contact Sonos customer care support. 

What are the Other Sonos Beam Colors?

Some of the other color lights you may see on your Sonos beam speaker include:

  • Solid white: This means that your device is up and running properly.
  • No light: your device is not powered on: Ensure that your cable is inserted properly, if you have a portable Sonos speaker turn it back on or charge it.
  • Flashing white: The Sonos speaker is booting up after being plugged into power.
  • Solid orange: the Sonos device was not able to complete the setup process and is overheating. 
  • Flashing orange: this indicates that the device has been set up and is establishing a connection.
  • Flashing orange and white: this status light indicates that your Sonos device is updating. 
  • Flashing red: this will indicate that your device has not been set up after 30 minutes of powering it on. 
  • Flashing red and white: The Sonos device has failed to update.
  • Flashing blue: this means that your device is available to connect with a Bluetooth device. 
  • Solid blue: this means that your device has connected with a device in Bluetooth mode.
  • No light: your device’s microphone has been disabled. 
  • Solid white: the microphone on your Sonos product has been enabled. 

If you would like to learn more about Sonos Roam, check out this article.


The Sonos beam device is capable of syncing with any number of devices that you may use in the comfort of your home. If your device indicates a solid green on its soundbar it means that it is muted. And to unmute It, increasing the volume will restore it to its normal function and turn the status light to solid white.

In other instances, the flashing green might indicate that your device has connectivity issues, or that it has been reset and waiting to be configured. We hope that this article will help you have a pleasant experience with your Sonos beam device.

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