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Why is my Ring Doorbell Flashing Red?

Feb 1, 2020
Ring doorbell flashing blue

The Ring Doorbell allows for advanced video surveillance, adding another layer of security for your smart home. After getting my Ring Doorbell set up, I noticed a series of flashing red lights and wanted to learn more about what the lights indicated.

Why is my Ring Doorbell Flashing Red? The Ring Doorbell system utilizes light cues to indicate potential issues or to communicate a message. A flashing red light usually means its time to power your device.

Fortunately, if you’re experiencing red lights on your Ring Doorbell, there are several troubleshooting steps you can try to address the issue.

Red Light Indicators

The Ring doorbell utilizes red lights to indicate potential issues, or to let you know it’s activated a particular function. Here’s a closer look at some of the cues you may notice:


  • A solid or flashing red light on your Ring Doorbell means the battery is low. If this is the case, you simply need to recharge or replace the battery pack (depending on your model)
  • Note: While charging, the light indicator will change from red to a blue circle filling up.

Three Red Dots

  • The most common red lights you will see on your devices are three red dots. These red dots will appear on your device at night and indicate the doorbell is using its IR night vision function.

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Other Ring Doorbell Indicator Light Cues

The Ring Doorbell also relies on other indicator lights to inform you of potential issues or to communicate some information to the user. It implements a circular light that flashes different sections depending on the intended message.

Flashing Blue Light

A common light cue your Ring Doorbell will display is a blue light, meant to represent different device statuses. If you see a flashing blue light, it most likely means your device is powering on, however, it could represent other statuses as well (depending on the visual pattern).

  • Flashing:
    • A flashing blue light indicates your Doorbell’s camera is powering on.
  • Circle (Filling):
    • A blue filling circle on the Doorbell lets you know your device is connecting to a network.
  • Spinning:
    • A spinning blue light occurs after the Doorbell button is pressed.

If you’re looking for a more in-depth guide on what the lights represent, Ring Support offers a helpful visual guide. Additionally, you could check out one of our other articles here, for a closer look at why your Ring Doorbell may be flashing blue.

Other Color Cues

Here’s a guide to some of the other light cues your Ring Doorbell utilizes:

White Light (Section of Circle)Indication
Top Section Flashing An incorrect WiFi password has been entered during the setup. Verify your information is correct and reattempt the connection.
Right Section FlashingThis indicates your device is too far from your router and is having trouble establishing a consistent connection.
Left FlashingThe left section flashing indicates the doorbell is experiencing issues with your internet connection.
Spinning LightA spinning light indicates the device is in “Setup Mode” and is ready to be configured.

How to Reset Ring Doorbell (and Other Troubleshooting Tips)

If you’re consistently running into issues with your Ring Doorbell, whether it’s the flashing indicator lights or connectivity issues, there’s usually a quick fix. Performing a reset on the device can often address many connectivity problems you may experience.

How to Perform a Reset

  1. To reset your Ring Doorbell, hold down the setup button for 15 seconds
  2. Wait 30 seconds for the device to completely reset
  3. Repeat the Setup process

Connectivity Issues

If you’re noticing connectivity issues with your Ring Doorbell, here’s a few things that might be causing the problem:

Issue Solution
Weak ConnectionCheck your internet connection. If it’s slow in other areas of your house, your modem/router might need to be reset.
Video Playback Displaying Black ScreenTry connecting your device to a different network. This will confirm if your router is having trouble communicating with the doorbell.
It could be an issue with the associated app. Try to view the video playback on your mobile device with WiFi vs. Cellular to help diagnose the source of the weak connection.
No PowerIf your model supports replaceable batteries, try a different battery to isolate the issue.
If your model is a “wired” model, confirm that power is being sent to the doorbell via your breaker box.


If you begin noticing different flashing lights on your freshly installed Ring Doorbell, you’re not alone. The red lights on the doorbell most likely mean it just needs to be charged or activated the IR night vision feature. These are not indicative of a faulty device, but rather act as visual cues to the doorbell’s functionality.

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