Why Is My Ring Doorbell Flashing Blue?

Ring doorbell flashing blueRing doorbell flashing blue

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All Ring Doorbells are equipped with a doorbell and camera, but they also have a circular light on the front of them. This light can give you a lot of information about what’s happening with your Ring Doorbell, but if you’re new to this type of technology, it can often be challenging to figure out. To help, we have provided an answer to what the Ring Doorbell’s flashing blue light means.

The Ring Doorbell light will flash on and off at one-second intervals when the device starts up or reboots. The blue light flashing four times means the device is successfully set up. Rapid blue light flashes followed by a white circle means the Ring Doorbell has been reset to its factory default settings.

Still confused about the flashing blue lights and how to differentiate their meanings from other lights on your Ring Doorbell? Read on to learn more about all the blue light patterns that may appear on your device and what they mean. 

Understanding the Ring Flashing Blue Light

You will find the LED ring light on your Ring Doorbell right under the camera. It’s the only light on the device, but it can tell you a lot about what’s going on with your Ring Doorbell.

The light on your Ring Doorbell will flash in different colors and patterns based on what the device is doing. If you’re having any issues with the device, it’s essential to understand what the Ring Doorbell blinking blue light is trying to tell you.

Ring Blue Light Patterns

The blue light on your Ring Doorbell will move in different ways to give you messages about the device’s status. The table below explains each of those messages:

Blue Light PatternWhat It Means
Blue light flashes on and off at one-second intervalsRing Doorbell is starting up or rebooting
Blue light flashes and moves upwardsRing Doorbell is in the process of connecting to a Wi-Fi network during setup
Four segments of the blue ring light flash four times, followed by a white circle.Ring Doorbell setup process is complete; the doorbell is ready for use
The top half of the blue ring light blinksDuring setup, the Wi-Fi password you entered in the Ring app was incorrect. For Ring Doorbell Pro, this may also mean the built-in battery is completing its initial charge.
Short, fast blue light flashes, followed by a spinning white circleA factory reset has been completed
The blue light spinsThe doorbell button was pressed
Blue light is solidTwo-way audio is in use

If you’re wondering what the colors on a Ring Doorbell mean, such as if your Ring Doorbell is flashing white or red, we have a great guide for you!

Ring Blue Light Flashing During Set-Up

Normally, when your Ring Doorbell is in setup mode, the LED ring light will be spinning, not flashing. The light will change to a flashing blue, upward-moving pattern while the doorbell is trying to connect to your Wi-Fi network for the first time.

If you enter the wrong Wi-Fi password, only the top half of the blue light will flash. You must reenter the password to complete the setup.

At the end of the setup process, four blue flashes followed by a white circle signal that the doorbell is ready to use!

Ring Blue Light Flashing at Random Times

If your Ring Doorbell LED blue light is flashing steadily at any point after the setup process has been completed, the device is likely rebooting. This happens anytime the doorbell loses power or gets an automatic firmware update.

When you see the light on your Ring Doorbell blinking blue at one-second intervals, all you have to do is wait. It usually takes a few minutes for the device to restart.

Ring Doorbell rebooting every once in a while shouldn’t be a problem. However, it can become troublesome if it keeps happening. To avoid this, charge your Ring Doorbell battery regularly. For hardwired doorbells, ensure that wires are undamaged and securely connected.

Ring Doorbell Flashing Blue When Charging

The charging blue light you see on your Ring Doorbell will depend on the model you own:

  • If you have the original Ring Doorbell 1st or 2nd generation, you will charge the battery by plugging the charging cable directly into the back of the doorbell. The flashing blue light indicates that the doorbell is charging. The circle light will fill as the battery life increases. When the light is solid blue, the battery is fully charged.
  • Other battery-operated Ring Doorbell models, such as the Doorbell 2 and 3 have a removable battery that is charged directly. As soon as you remove the battery from the doorbell, there will be no more LED lights until it’s replaced.
  • The Ring Doorbell Pro is a hardwired device, but it requires several hours of charging through the connected wires after its setup for the very first time. This charging will begin automatically after setup. While it’s charging, the top half of the blue ring light will blink blue. The light will turn off when charging is done.

To learn more about charging your Ring Doorbell, check out this article.

What to Do If You Can’t See the Ring Light

Because your Ring Doorbell uses its single LED light to relay messages about the device and its current status, it’s essential to be able to see the light when you look at your doorbell.

When it’s sunny outside, you may find that you cannot clearly see the light due to glare. To fix this problem, you can install an Anti-Glare Mount on your doorbell. It’s like a little awning for your doorbell that blocks the sun. This mount is compatible with the following Ring Doorbell models:

  • Ring Doorbell
  • Ring Doorbell 2
  • Ring Doorbell Pro

An anti-glare mount may also protect against light rain and may increase the overall lifespan of the device. If you cannot find a protective cover to go on top of your Ring Doorbell, consider moving it under a porch or awning away from the sun.

Ring Chime Flashing Blue Light

Ring Chime and Ring Chime Pro also have a circular LED light, but the small light is in the top-right corner on these devices.

Ring Chime devices complement your Ring Doorbell and Ring security cameras by extending your home’s Wi-Fi network to create a stronger, more stable Internet connection.

Similar to Ring Doorbell’s light, Ring Chime’s blue light indicates the device’s status. A solid blue light means Chime is working correctly, no light means the device isn’t receiving power, and a blinking blue light means something else is happening with your device.

There are four reasons why the blue light may be flashing:

  1. The device is in setup mode.
  2. The device is rebooting.
  3. The device is reconnecting to the Wi-Fi.
  4. An automatic update is being installed.

Troubleshooting When Ring Chime Light Is Flashing

A Ring firmware update should take no more than 10 minutes. If your Ring Chime flashing blue light doesn’t stop after 10 minutes or flashes often, there is likely an underlying issue.

Check to ensure that your Wi-Fi works on another device in your home, such as your phone or computer. If it’s not, reset the Wi-Fi router by unplugging the power cable for at least 30 seconds and then plugging it back in. It may take several minutes before Chime reconnects to the Internet.

When your Wi-Fi is working well, but Ring Chime is still disconnecting often, try boosting the connection between your router and Ring Chime. You can do this by moving the devices as close together as possible. You can also try removing other devices from the Wi-Fi network.

Final Thoughts

A reoccurring flashing blue light on your Ring Doorbell is cause for concern because it may mean there are gaps in your security coverage. Understanding the Ring Doorbell’s flashing blue light patterns ensures that your doorbell is always working to monitor your home. However, remembering what each light pattern indicates may prove challenging, so remember the tips above!

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