Why Doesn’t My Fitbit Vibrate When I Get A Notification?


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The Fitbit Versa is a great smart technology that makes its users’ lives easier. It comes equipped with music capabilities, customization options, and notification capabilities. Notifications are a great way to keep motivated on a fitness journey. If this function stops working, many users wonder why it doesn’t my Fitbit vibrate when they get a notification?

There is a problem with the settings on the watch at the time of the error when a Fitbit stops vibrating to alert you about notifications or text messages. To fix this, you must navigate into the settings and adjust them so that the watch works with the app.

It is important to understand how to identify the common root of the problem now that you know what the problem is. You can learn more about the best ways to troubleshoot a Fitbit vibration issue to get your watch working properly again in this article.

Lack of Permission

One of the most common reasons a Fitbit isn’t vibrating when you get a notification is that the permissions and settings aren’t correct. This usually happens when you first pair your Fitbit and phone together or after updates. This can be challenging and frustrating, especially if your phone isn’t close by and you want to screen your text messages.

When the permissions are not working properly, it can shut off certain functionality within the Fitbit. Users who encounter this should go into the settings on the mobile phone and find the notifications section. Open this section up and swipe the “Allow Notifications” tab from off to on. 

Once the permissions are adjusted, it is important to send yourself a test text. This will alert you to whether or not the problem has been fixed or whether or not further troubleshooting needs to be done.

Bluetooth Blues

Almost all notifications are received due to a strong Bluetooth connection between the Fitbit and the device. When the Bluetooth functionality is not working properly or if it has stopped working, vibrations to alert users about text messages and notifications can malfunction. 

The Bluetooth settings need to be updated regularly to ensure that all the important patches are applied for a seamless user experience.

Motor Failure

Fitbit uses an internal motor to create the vibrating sound that we are familiar with and love. This motor is defective or stops working when it receives a notification from the Fitbit so that it is no longer able to vibrate when it receives the notification. 

An experienced technician can determine whether or not this is the case. Depending on the tech you speak with, they may be able to replace the motor for you, or you may have to purchase a brand new Fitbit.

Additionally, if your Fitbit battery is dying, such as less than 10%, the vibrations will be significantly weaker, so you may not feel them at all. Charge up your Fitbit if you think this is a possible issue.

Do Not Disturb

Your Fitbit will stop vibrating if the phone you are paired with has a driving mode or a Do Not Disturb setting. When the phone is in one of these modes, the Fitbit will stop vibrating. The software instructs the phone to shop, pushing notifications in these modes so that it will not disrupt motorists or others.

The software restarts notifications as soon as the phone gets out of this mode.

It’s All About Location

For your Fitbit to work properly, it needs to be within reach of your phone for it to function. When the Fitbit is too far away from the watch, it may have difficulty notifying the watch that it has received a text message. 

This can lead to frustration when the Fitbit is far away from the watch. If you have stopped getting vibrations when your phone receives a notification, try moving closer to the phone to reactivate them.

Enable Notifications

Sometimes, the settings on the Fitbit’s phone paired can be changed. When they change, they can turn off the ability to receive notifications through the phone and Fitbit. Therefore, users should regularly ensure that push notifications are turned on and functioning properly to prevent problems with functionality. To check notification settings, follow these steps:

  1. Make sure the device you have the Fitbit app downloaded on is nearby
  2. Log into the app
  3. Go to the dashboard
  4. Navigate to the account button
  5. Select notifications
  6. Pick which notifications you want to receive
  7. Next, go to app notifications settings
  8. Allow the apps you want to push notifications to your Fitbit.

This should ensure that the notification option is enabled and the user gets the content they wish to receive via their watch. Users can also go back and customize the settings later on to turn on or turn off notifications for various reasons, depending on how they see fit.

Good Vibes

Ensuring that you get good vibrations from your Fitbit notification settings is essential. This alerts users to alarms, incoming texts, news announcements, and so much more. People lead busy lives, so these little blips can cause havoc on their schedules. Using the troubleshooting tips provided should provide you with all the answers you need to get your Fitbit back in order.

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