Why is My Ecobee Sensor Temperature Wrong?

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If you want to smarten up the heating and cooling in your home, the Ecobee Thermostat is a great choice. But, there are some things that can cause your Ecobee room sensor to give an inaccurate reading.

You Set Your Thermostat to Optimize for Humidity

If your Ecobee Thermostat supports eco+, your sensors may adjust the temperature based on humidity

When your thermostat is optimized for humidity, it automatically adjusts the temperature reading based on what the room feels like instead of what the temperature actually is.

If the humidity is particularly high, you’ll see a higher temperature reading. If the humidity is low, you’ll see a lower temperature reading.

You can tell if this feature is active on your thermostat’s home screen. If there’s an icon that says “eco+” underneath the temperature reading, eco+ is active.

You can disable this humidity adjustment feature by disabling eco+:

  1. Open the Menu on your thermostat.
    Open the menu
  2. Open the “Settings.”
    Open the Settings menu
  3. Select “eco+.”
    Select eco+
  4. Disable eco+.
    Disable eco+

The Internet Connection Was Interrupted

Your Ecobee Thermostat and all of its sensors need a strong internet connection to communicate with each other. If one or more are reading the wrong temperature, try:

  • Reconnecting to the internet
  • Power cycling your thermostat and router
  • Resetting your thermostat
  • Getting a Wi-Fi extender

Reconnect to the Internet

If you’re not having issues connecting any other devices to the internet, you probably just need to refresh the connection between your thermostat and router.

  1. Open the Menu on your thermostat.
  2. Select “Settings.”
  3. Tap “Wi-Fi.”
    Select Wifi
  4. Make sure you have “Wi-Fi Radio” enabled, then tap “Network.”
  5. Press “Select Wi-Fi Network” and connect to your home Wi-Fi network.

Power Cycle Your Thermostat and Router

If reconnecting your thermostat to the internet didn’t work, try power cycling both the thermostat and your router. 

Since Ecobee Thermostats do not have a battery backup, the only way to reboot the thermostat itself is by either disconnecting it from the wall or flipping the breaker switch connected to it. 

Reboot your thermostat, then reboot your router. To reboot your router, unplug it from the power outlet for about five minutes, then plug it back in and wait for it to fully boot up before reconnecting. 

Get a Wi-Fi Extender

If your router is far away from your Ecobee Thermostat and sensors, it may not be able to create a secure, consistent connection to the internet. Getting a Wi-Fi extender can help.

Place your Wi-Fi extender in a central location between your router and your thermostat. Consider a Wi-Fi extender with an ethernet port for an even better connection. 

The Sensor Battery Needs to Be Replaced

Standard Ecobee Room Sensors have a battery life of 18-24 months, while the Smart Sensors have a battery life of 3-5 years

If it’s been a while since you changed your batteries, your sensor might display the wrong temperature or disconnect from the thermostat completely.

Ecobee Thermostats have icons on the home screen that indicate your sensors’ power levels. If the power level is low on one or more sensors, remove the back cover and replace the batteries.

Ecobee Room Sensors use CR-2032 batteries, and Smart Sensors use CR2477 batteries

When changing the old batteries out for the new, it’s a good idea to let the sensor reset itself. After removing the old batteries, let the sensor sit for about 30 seconds before inserting the new ones. 

The Sensor is Experiencing Communication Issues

Ecobee room sensors use Wi-Fi to remain connected to the thermostat. If there are communication issues between the sensor and thermostat, it may read the wrong temperature.

Correct the Temperature Manually

If all your sensors are reading the wrong temperature due to communication issues, you can adjust the temperature manually. 

To do this, you’ll need a second thermometer that reads the correct temperature.

Open the ecobee app on your smartphone, then navigate through Menu > Settings > Installation Settings > Thresholds > Temperature Correction. Adjust the reading by the correct number of degrees.

Power Cycle the Sensor

Sometimes, your thermostat sensors just need a quick reboot. Here’s how you can reset the sensor you’re having issues with:

  1. Remove the circular cap from the back of your sensor.
  2. Remove the batteries and let the sensor sit untouched for about five minutes.
  3. Replace the batteries and cap. 

Your thermostat should detect the sensor and ask if you want to pair it. Select “Yes” to begin the pairing process.

The Sensor is Placed Incorrectly

Your Ecobee sensor may be reading an incorrect temperature because of where you’ve placed it. If you want the most accurate temperature possible, keep your sensors away from certain household objects.

Move the Sensor Away from Devices That Cause Interference

A good rule of thumb to follow is, don’t place your Ecobee sensors close to objects that send out electromagnetic waves. This includes things like:

  • Microwaves
  • Baby monitors
  • Radios

Placing your sensors near these objects can disrupt the sensor’s connection to the thermostat. 

Move the Sensor Away from Anything That Generates Heat or Cool Air

If you place your Ecobee sensor directly below an air vent, it may record higher or lower than the rest of the room.

Air vents are the number one thing to keep your sensor away from. Other items that give off heat and can impact the temperature reading include:

  • Candles
  • Gaming systems
  • Appliances

Relocating the sensor to a relatively neutral space is your key to comfort.

Make Sure the Thermostat is Flush with the Wall

To properly sense the temperature inside your home, your Ecobee Thermostat needs to sit flush against the wall

Go up to your thermostat and see if there’s any space behind it where air can blow back into. If there is, use some plumber’s putty to fill in the gaps.

Your Thermostat Needs a Software Update

Ecobee Thermostats automatically update to the latest firmware. You can see what firmware version your thermostat is running by opening the Menu and selecting “About.”

If your firmware is out of date for whatever reason, you’ll need to contact Ecobee Support. There’s no way to update your firmware manually, so a representative will have to help you.

Your Thermostat Needs to Be Reset

If you’re still having issues with your sensors reading the wrong temperature, the next step is to factory reset your thermostat. 

This will reset your thermostat and its sensors to their original factory settings and let you set everything up like new again:

  1. Open the Menu on your thermostat.
  2. Select “Settings.”
  3. Press “Reset” then “Reset All.”
    Reset ecobee

Your Sensor is Defective

If you’ve tried everything above and still can’t get your sensor to read the correct temperature, it may be defective.

Ecobee offers a three-year limited warranty on their devices. Contact Ecobee for a replacement sensor if you’re still under your warranty period. 

FAQ: Ecobee Sensor Temperature is Wrong

Are Ecobee Temperature Sensors Accurate?

Ecobee determines the temperature on your thermostat by averaging all the temperatures shown on your sensors. 

According to Ecobee, the temperature on your thermostat is accurate within 1 degree Fahrenheit

Do Ecobee Temperature Sensors Have a Warranty?

Ecobee sensors, as well as Ecobee Thermostats, come with a three-year limited warranty. This applies to all Ecobee devices purchased directly from Ecobee and those purchased through authorized retailers.

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