What is the Ecobee Sensor Battery Life?

ecobee thermostat and sensorecobee thermostat and sensor

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The ecobee Smart Thermostat uses wireless temperature sensors to measure activity and temperature within a certain room, maximizing efficiency. 

While these sensors have a pretty long battery life, some users find themselves changing the batteries constantly and wondering just how long the battery life actually should be.

Ecobee Sensor Battery Life

There are two types of ecobee sensors you might have in your home — the ecobee Room Sensor or the ecobee SmartSensor.

SmartSensors are an updated version of the Room Sensors. If you purchased your ecobee Smart Thermostat recently, it probably came with SmartSensors.

ecobee Sensorecobee Room Sensorecobee SmartSensor
Battery LifeUp to two yearsUp to five years
Battery TypeCR2032CR2477

Because the CR2477 battery is slightly larger than the CR2032 battery, it tends to last significantly longer. 

But since ecobee Sensor batteries are not rechargeable, you’ll need to replace them when they run out of power.

How to Change Your Ecobee Sensor’s Battery

The ecobee app will tell you when your sensor’s battery is running low. We recommend replacing the battery as soon as you get this notification to avoid lapses in temperature monitoring.

  1. If your sensor has a stand, gently pull the stand upwards to release it from the sensor. 
  2. If you have a circular battery cover or an ecobee SmartSensor, use a flat screwdriver to pry the cover off from one of the recessed corners.
  3. Gently pry the old battery out of the compartment with a flat screwdriver.
  4. Insert the new battery positive side up. Push it in gently until it’s held in place by the metal prongs.
  5. Replace the battery cover or stand.

Why is My Ecobee Sensor’s Battery Draining So Fast?

Ecobee sensor batteries tend to drain faster if they’re detecting a lot of motion. For example, the sensor in your living room or kitchen will probably drain a lot faster than the one in your basement.

To increase your Ecobee sensor’s battery life, try placing it somewhere it won’t pick up as much motion

If you’re noticing low battery life in a room you don’t go into much, there could be other factors at play. 

Battery Placement

Before you start to worry that you have a defective sensor, open the battery compartment and make sure battery contact isn’t an issue.

It should be securely in place behind the metal prongs, and none of the prongs should be bent. If they’re bent outwards, bend them back into place and reinsert your battery.

Sensor Use

If you’re using your sensors all day, everyday, the batteries will drain a lot faster.

Ecobee thermostats have three different modes — Home, Away, and Sleep. For each mode, you can choose which sensors are on and off. Turning certain sensors off in Away or Sleep mode can increase battery life.

  1. Open the Main Menu on the thermostat or in the app.
  2. Select “Comfort Settings.”
  3. Choose the mode you want to adjust.
  4. Select “Participating Sensors.”
  5. Choose the sensors you want to activate when your thermostat is in that mode.

You can also check to see which sensors are active at any time. Select “Sensors” from the thermostat’s Main Menu, then check which icon is displayed

Sensor IconSensor Status
White sensor with signal wavesActive
Black sensor with signal wavesInactive
Black sensor without signal wavesNot connected to the thermostat

When to Contact Ecobee

If you have to replace the sensor battery multiple times a year, even after doing what you can to increase battery life, it’s probably not working right. 

Ecobee sensors come with a 3-year limited warranty that covers manufacturer defects. If you think you have a defective sensor, contact Ecobee for a replacement.

FAQ: Ecobee Sensors

How Many Ecobee Sensors Can You Have?

You can have up to 32 ecobee Sensors connected to your thermostat, and your thermostat can control up to 16 zones in your home. 

Does the Ecobee Thermostat Have a Battery?

The ecobee Thermostat itself does not have a battery. These smart thermostats are powered through wiring to your HVAC system.

Since there’s no battery backup, your ecobee Smart Thermostat will not work in a power outage.

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