Why is My Ecobee Not Turning on the Heat?

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You count on your Ecobee Smart Thermostat to heat and cool your home. But if it’s not doing its job, you’ll need to do some troubleshooting.

Why Isn’t My Ecobee Turning on the Heat?

There are four possible reasons why your Ecobee Thermostat isn’t turning on the heat: 

  • The set temperature is too low
  • Incorrect thermostat settings
  • Insufficient power
  • The furnace is overheating

Not sure if the heat is on? Look for the orange flame icon or an orange border on the thermostat display. If the flame icon is white, the thermostat is not calling for heat. Ignore a flashing yellow light — this is related to Alexa notifications, not the heat settings.

Check the Set Temperature

For the heat to kick on, your Ecobee Smart Thermostat should be set at least one degree higher than the current temperature. If it’s not, you can change the heat set point on the thermostat interface or in the Ecobee app. 

First, set your Ecobee Thermostat to Auto mode:

  1. Open the menu on your thermostat.
    ecobee main menu
  2. Select “Settings.”
    ecobee settings

    ecobee installation settings
  3. Choose “Installation Settings.”
    ecobee installation settings
  4. Select “Thresholds.”
    ecobee thresholds
  5. Enable “Auto Heat.”
    ecobee. enable auto heat

Now, you can use the slider on the main display screen to change your heat set point.

To change the heat set point in the Ecobee app:

  1. Open the Ecobee app.
  2. Tap “Settings.”
    ecobee app settings
  3. Choose “Device Settings” then “Heating Range.”
    ecobee app. device settings then heating range
  4. Adjust the range levels by sliding the values to the left or right.
    ecobee app. Heating range slider

You will see the set point temperature displayed in a box under the current temperature.

If you have set different thermostat zones, your Ecobee sensors will track the temperature in different rooms, then average it to calculate your home’s temperature. If one room is significantly colder than the others, try turning the heat up.

Adjust the Thermostat Settings

Heat threshold settings limit how often your heater cycles to raise the temperature. With tight controls in place, you may be preventing your system from operating. 

You can only adjust these settings on the Ecobee Thermostat itself — you cannot use the Ecobee app or website.

Here’s how you can adjust your heat threshold settings and get your system working again: 

  1. Tap to open your thermostat’s Main Menu.
  2. Select “Settings.”
  3. Press “Installation Settings.”
  4. Select “Thresholds.”
  5. Set the heat threshold to a lower temperature.

You might also need to switch your fan control settings. From the Installation Settings menu, select Equipment > Furnace > Fan Control in Heat Mode > HVAC.

ecobee. HVAC in heat mode

You can set temporary heating by adjusting the temperate directly on the ecobee thermostat face.

Decrease the temp you want the heat to kick on at and it will temporarily use that as the default.

ecobee. adjust temp settings temporarily

Check the Furnace Power

The Ecobee Thermostat calls heat from your furnace, so if the furnace doesn’t have power, there won’t be any heat.

Try flipping the breaker for your furnace’s power to see if it fixes things. If your furnace still isn’t turning on, you may need to hire an electrician. 

If this has happened before, or if you’ve had trouble keeping your thermostat powered, consider using the Ecobee Power Extender Kit. This will bring constant power to your thermostat. 

Make Sure the Furnace Isn’t Overheating

An overheated furnace can cause a fire, so most furnaces have an automatic shut-down trigger for safety. 

If the temperature inside the furnace reaches an unsafe level, it may turn off. The fan might also turn on to cool it down. 

There are a few things you can do to prevent your furnace from overheating:

  • Make sure the vents are clear.
  • Clean and replace the air filter regularly.
  • Clean the furnace’s blower fan and evaporator coil every year.
  • Avoid running your heater for long periods during the winter.

Final Options

If you’re not sure what else to do short of disconnecting your thermostat, contact Ecobee support or chat with our agents 24/7 at Tech Supportal

Our agents can troubleshoot any problem with any device, and they’re available via phone or chat.

My Ecobee Thermostat Isn’t Working After Installation

If you just bought an Ecobee and heat or A/C isn’t turning on, you should:

  • Check the power wire: This wire should be connected to the RC terminal. Gently tug to ensure every wire is secure.
  • Look for a C wire: Ensure there is a wire connected to the C terminal, adding a spare wire if necessary. 
  • Install the Power Extender Kit: Check that the R wire is connected to the RC terminal, G wire to the C terminal, W wire to W1 terminal, and Y wire to PEK terminal.
  • Look for proper placement on the backplate: Ensure the Ecobee is firmly on the backplate without any wires in the way.
  • Check for voltage: Check to see if there is power from the voltage breaker or other items blocking energy from flowing into the system.

FAQ: Ecobee Not Turning on the Heat

Will Ecobee Still Turn on the Heat with No Wi-Fi? 

Without Wi-Fi, your Ecobee Thermostat will still operate as a traditional thermostat. However, you won’t be able to use any features that require an internet connection, like the Ecobee app.

Will Ecobee Still Turn on the Heat Without Power?

Ecobee Thermostats don’t have a battery backup, so they cannot function when the power goes out

How to Recalibrate an Ecobee Thermostat?

If your Ecobee Thermostat is reading the wrong temperature, the easiest way to recalibrate it is by using the “Temperature Correction” feature on the thermostat interface. 

ecobee temperature correction
  1. Open the Main Menu on your thermostat.
  2. Select “Settings,” then “Installation Settings.”
  3. Press “Thresholds.”
  4. Select “Temperature Correction” and use another thermostat to adjust the temperature accordingly.

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