How Many Zones Can The Ecobee Thermostat Control?

Ecobee thermostat set to 72 degrees.Ecobee thermostat set to 72 degrees.

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If you want to ensure that each room in your home is regulating the temperature to your desired setting, the Ecobee Thermostat does offer the solution you are looking for. When the Ecobee thermostat is connected to your home, it can be completely managed from your phone. 

The Ecobee thermostat can be used to create up to 16 different zones to control your home’s temperature. This means that up to 16 different rooms on the same Wifi network can all be managed straight from your phone. The Ecboee Smart Sensor/Room Sensor can connect up to 32 devices to your Ecobee thermostat. 

There are multiple reasons for wanting to create zones in your home. The organization of these zones can help get the most out of your Ecobee Thermostat and have the most control over the temperature inside your house. In this article, we will explain how the zones work and how to optimize the use of your thermostat.

What Zones Should I Create for Ecobee?

When looking at the Ecobee app you will see that all devices connected are located under “My Home”. You can click on each device that’s connected and choose the desired room name for your thermostat. If the Ecobee does not have the name of the room that you would like, you can manually type in a name. This helps keep things organized so you know which thermostat you are adjusting when doing this from another room. 

The Ecobee comes with a room sensor that can be put in a room without a thermostat in it. This connects back to your thermostat and lets it know what the temperature reading is in that room. This can help regulate temperatures more accurately without installing more thermostats. The Ecobee can support up to 32 sensors in a home. 

What are Ecobee’s Zones?

Zones are essentially the same thing as a room. An Ecobee Thermostat is assigned a zone, then that zone is given the name of the room the thermostat resides in. The name of the zone, for organizational purposes, is typically the room that the thermostat will be regulating temperature but you can name it whatever you would like. 

Zone’s are helpful when you have more than one thermostat to control. Zone’s help keep your devices organized when you require more than one Ecobee thermostat in your home. Keeping these zones organized allows you to easily and quickly check in on your temperatures straight from your phone. 

How to Maximize the Zones Ecobee Can Reach

The Ecobee Thermostat uses the wiring from your heating and cooling system as well as Wi-Fi to connect to your phone for customization and viewing. If you have a large area to cover and multiple thermostats to install, you will want to make sure that Wi-Fi is available in all rooms. 

Sometimes Wi-Fi cannot reach the entire home or there may be dead spots. If you need to use an Ecobee Thermostat or the room sensor in a location that the Wi-Fi is not strong, make sure that you use a Wi-Fi extender. Additional routers can be set up to extend your Wi-Fi while still staying on the same Wi-Fi network. 

HVAC systems are what control the air in your home. There are a variety of different types so you will want to check your HVAC system to see if it can support multiple zones. Some HVAC systems can split so they can control multiple thermostats, each having individual heating and cooling settings. 

If the HVAC system only can control one zone, having multiple thermostats throughout your home will all read out the same temperatures. The video here explains what that would look like in your home. Ecobee also has a compatibility checker on their website so you can verify the thermostat will work accordingly in your home.

Ensuring that you have adequate Wi-Fi and an HVAC system that can accommodate the Ecobee is key to getting the most out of your thermostat. 

Can Other People Utilize Zones in The Home?

The person that sets up the Ecobee on their phone is considered the “Homeowner” of the thermostat. From here the homeowner can set up a Family Account. Once the account is created you can manage home members and invite them to the Ecobee thermostat. 

All invited members will have access to view all connected thermostats and change the temperatures accordingly. They will also have access to control other Ecobee related devices in the house as well. 


The Ecobee Thermostat makes it easy to keep your devices organized and connected throughout your home. Ecobee thermostat can connect up to 16 thermostats and 32 room sensors, all on one wireless network. Zones create an organized ecosystem and allow you to easily make changes to any thermostat in your home straight from your phone. 

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