Why Is My Bose Smart Speaker Flashing Yellow?

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If you notice that your Bose smart speaker starts flashing yellow, you might think that there is some problem with the device if you aren’t familiar with what the different LED status lights on your speaker mean. But don’t jump to any conclusions! Your smart speaker flashing yellow isn’t usually a sign of a problem.

When a Bose smart speaker has an LED battery indicator light flashing yellow while plugged in, this is a sign that the Bose smart speaker is charging correctly. If the Bose smart speaker isn’t flashing yellow, then it is not receiving an active charge.

Knowing what the battery indicator light on your Bose smart speaker means is an important part of maintaining your smart home system. Read on to learn more about what a flashing LED on your smart speaker means and how to keep your speaker working right.

Flashing Yellow Lights on a Bose Speaker Mean Charging

In Bose smart speakers, a flashing yellow LED battery indicator means that your speaker’s battery is currently charging. Keeping your smart speaker’s internal battery charged up between uses allows you to use the speaker even if it’s not plugged into an electrical outlet.

How to Charge Your Bose Smart Speaker

You can charge your Bose smart speaker either on a smart speaker charging cradle or by plugging it into the wall using a USB-C type charging cable. (Source: Bose)

The convenience of buying a charging cable for your smart speaker is that it can act as a home base for your speaker. This is an especially good idea for portable smart speakers since if you don’t keep a charge on them, they won’t be ready for you to use when you decide to take them with you.

How Long Does It Take to Charge a Bose Smart Speaker?

The average charge time for a Bose smart speaker is around three hours. (Source: Bose) When you plug the smart speaker in to charge, the LED battery indicator light will begin flashing yellow.

Sometime later when the speaker is fully charged, the flashing yellow light will go off. When the battery is fully charged, it should last for around eight hours before being charged again. 

Will Charging Your Smart Speaker Overnight Overcharge It?

Since a Bose smart speaker can be charged in three hours, you might worry about leaving it plugged into a charging cradle or plugged into an outlet overnight. But there’s nothing to worry about. One of the benefits of Bose’s advanced lithium batteries is that they come with a built-in auto shut-off feature.

Once the battery has a full charge, the flashing yellow battery indicator will stop flashing and the charging action will stop. (Source: Bose)

Should You Keep Your Bose Smart Speaker Plugged In?

Bose’s smart battery system means the best way to keep your Bose speakers functional is to make sure they’re plugged in all the time. This way, the speakers will always be operating on a full charge and you always have plenty of juice if you want to take your speaker elsewhere without a charging station.

What to Do When Your Bose Smart Speaker Won’t Charge

If you have your Bose smart speaker plugged into an outlet with a charger or it’s sitting in the charging cradle and the yellow battery indicator isn’t flashing, this means that your speaker isn’t taking a charge. There are a few reasons why this might occur (Source: Bose):

  • The smart speaker needs to be rebooted: Rebooting your speaker is the first step you should take before trying to replace any of the hardware. Sometimes a reset of the system is all you need to get connectivity again.
  • The speaker doesn’t have a good charging connection: Try disconnecting and reconnecting the charging cords to the charger, the outlet, and the speaker to make sure that none of the connections are loose. If you’re using a charging cradle, make sure that the speaker is seated firmly in the charging station to line up correctly. 
  • The charger is bad: If all of the charging connections on your charging cable look solid but the smart speaker still isn’t charging, the charger itself could be defective.
  • The charging port on your speaker is defective: Sometimes when smart speakers get yanked around while they’re plugged into the wall, this can cause damage to the charging port on the speaker. This damage may prevent the speaker from taking a charge, in which case the speaker will need to be repaired or replaced.

If you plan to use Bose speakers and soundbars as your primary audio equipment in your smart house system, it’s a good idea to keep a few backup chargers on hand in case you run into problems. This will allow you to troubleshoot the speaker with a new charger and determine whether the problem is an issue with the charger or an issue with the speaker itself.

Keep Your Bose Speaker Charged

A Bose smart speaker is capable of many different functions that make it useful in a smart home ecosystem, but none of them will work if the smart speaker isn’t actively plugged into a wall or running on a charged battery. Be sure to charge your smart speaker regularly to keep your smart home’s speaker system in working order.

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