Why Does My Toshiba Fire TV Keep Turning On By Itself

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Smart TVs have become a must when installing technology into your home. They make it easier for you to watch everything you want, from streaming services to satellite to video games. But sometimes, things can go array like the TV turning on by itself.

It could be something simple or something that needs replacing. The issue could be with your remote, your TV’s settings, or a smart accessory. Once you’ve figured out the reason, it is an easy solution to get it fixed.

You will find that many of the solutions are easy for you to do without involving a specialist. Here is everything you can do to figure out what is wrong and what to do next.

Why Does Your TV Keep Turning On?

There could be many reasons why your TV keeps turning on by itself. Here are a few that you may be what’s happening:

  • It could be your remote.
  • It may be the settings on your TV.
  • A smart accessory may be the cause.
  • Cord or connected devices have malfunctioned.
  • Check update settings.

Your Remote

Your remote controls the TV and sometimes it can malfunction. This is always the easiest thing to check as the reason for your TV turning on randomly. When the batteries are low on charge, it can cause your remote to send random signals to your TV. 

A simple way to see if it is the remote is to take the batteries out. If your TV stops turning on, then you have found the culprit. All you need to do is replace the batteries and you can go back to your regular programming.

Sometimes the buttons on your remote can get stuck as well. This happens often when the remote gets old or something has been spilled on it. You can simply clean the remote with some cleaner and a q-tip. You can just replace the remote as many replacements aren’t very much. It’s also good to have an extra remote around just in case.

Settings On TV

Sometimes the settings on the TV may cause it to turn on randomly. You can look in your device’s settings to see an internal timer and what it is set at. Sometimes these timers can be set to turn on. You can easily go to your settings and turn this off. Here are the steps:

  • Go to settings
  • Go to preferences
  • Go to Clock/Timers
  • Click on Timer
  • Choose to turn it “off.”

Smart Accessory

You can attach your smart accessory like Google Play or an Amazon Alexa to your TV. This allows you to control your TV via voice-activated. If your TV is turning on, make sure and see if there are any routines set on these devices. Sometimes these smart accessories may hear a command incorrectly and turn on your TV at a specific time.

You can easily look for these routines within the apps on your phone. You can also change the routine via voice command. It’s an easy fix, and you don’t have to replace anything. It should only take you a few minutes to correct it.

Connected Devices

Sometimes your connected devices can cause your TV to turn on and off. This is especially true for any old chords. All you need to do is disconnect the chords and devices to see if the TV turns on. If it doesn’t, then this is the problem.

You will need to replace any HDMI cords to solve this problem. If you replace these cords and the TV turns on again, it may be the device itself, such as a DVD player. You will need to replace the device or disconnect it whenever you are not using it.

Check Update Settings

Just like your phones and computers, your TVneeds to be updated as these can fix bugs in your device. Most of the time, updates are set up to be installed automatically, but this may not always be the case.

You will need to go to your settings menu and check for an update. It should only take a few minutes. Update your TV and test it out to see that the TV is fixed. If it is not, there is one final thing you can do before contacting support.

Final Steps to Troubleshooting

If none of these problems is causing your TV to turn randomly on, you can always do a factory reset. This will remove any custom settings you have applied, so be ready. Test out your TV to see if it will turn on randomly. If it doesn’t, you are good to go, but if it does, you may need to contact the company to see what other solutions they have to offer.

Sometimes companies will have recalls on devices. You can always check their website to see if your smart TV is on that list. If it is, you may be entitled to get a replacement TV. If it is not on that list, the representative will assist you on what you need to do next.


Smart TVs make watching your favorite movies and shows simpler, but sometimes they can be a little finicky. Try these fixes to see if this is the reason for your TV being that way. You may never know, it could be something simple that you can solve without buying a brand new TV.

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