Why Does My Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 Keep Rebooting?

Samsung Galaxy Watch on a black computer with earpodsSamsung Galaxy Watch on a black computer with earpods

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A few people have complained about their Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 restarting automatically and not allowing them to use it. This phenomenon is called a reboot loop, and there could be many causes for it.

Your Samsung Galaxy watch could be stuck in a reboot loop for any of the following reasons:

  • There is a minor software bug
  • It had extended contact with water
  • There is damage to the hardware
  • You just installed an incompatible or malicious app

It can be frustrating when anything is stuck in a reboot loop. Read on to learn more about this, and you can solve the problem.

Why Samsung Galaxy Watch Keeps Rebooting

There could be a few for your Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 rebooting repeatedly. This phenomenon is known as a reboot loop and is often a software issue. The possible reasons for this are:

  • An app you recently installed on the watch is the culprit: If you just installed or updated an app on your watch, it might cause it to be stuck in a reboot loop. This might be because the app in itself has a problem, or it is just not compatible with your watch. This would be quite easy to resolve as it would just have to find a way to remove the app, even if you’ll have to reset the device.
  • There is a software bug: As smartwatches like the Samsung Galaxy watch series also run on software, they are not immune to bugs. These are glitches in the operating system that cause unusual behavior.
  • There is hardware damage: It is also possible that a part of the watch is damaged, which is the cause of the reboot loop. For example, if the power key is malfunctioning, it can cause the watch to switch off and on rapidly, which gives the illusion of a reboot loop that is not so.
  • The battery is not powered enough: It is also within the realm of possibility that the battery is not giving enough power to the device. This could lead to the watch shutting down and turning back on.
  • The watch was just introduced to water: While most Samsung Galaxy watches are water-resistant, it is an unfortunate downside for many that they can get stuck in a reboot loop after they have contacted water for some extended period.

These are the reasons for your Samsung Galaxy watch 3 getting stuck in a boot loop. And knowing these, it will be easy to look at the possible solutions.

How To Fix Samsung Galaxy Watch Rebooting Incessantly

If your watch is stuck in a reboot loop, there is not much you can do, and it will be borderline useless to you.

  • Force Reboot the watch: Rebooting your watch can be a simple solution to minor bug issues. Rebooting a Samsung galaxy watch is not hard at all. Just press and hold the home button and back key together until “Rebooting” is displayed. Do not select any of the options and just wait for the watch to turn off. It will turn on by itself and should work well now.
  • Perform a hard reset of the watch: If the software issue is not minor, forcing a reboot will not solve the issue. You can perform a hard reset in two ways since you aren’t able to power the watch off. You can use the Galaxy wearable app on the phone connected to the watch to reset it. On the other hand, you can use the recovery option by
  • Inspect the watch and charger for damage: Look around for any physical damage you might have missed. Use a soft tissue or cotton wool to swab around the buttons to remove any dirt that might have accumulated behind them. 
  • Dry the watch if it was recently introduced to water: If your Galaxy watch had contact with water before the reboot loop, it is highly likely that just drying it off will solve the issue. However, you have to be careful when drying it off. To do it, use a soft material to clean its exterior and place it in a well-ventilated room for any moisture in it to dry off. You can also keep the watch in a container with a desiccant-like silica gel to remove all moisture.

Trying these should be enough to power your watch back on normally. However, these won’t work if there is hardware damage. In such a situation, you’ll need an expert to help fix it.


Known officially as a reboot loop, having your watch restart itself is quite frustrating. It is not easy to pinpoint the exact cause, but they can include an app you recently installed, a minor or major software bug, hardware damage or the watch having water in it. Luckily, three of these causes can be easily resolved. However, in case the solutions in this article don’t work, it is probably hardware damage, and you will have to contact Samsung customer service.

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