Why Does My Hisense TV Say No Signal?

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Hisense is a Chinese electronics manufacturer specializing in cutting-edge TVs. The brand provides numerous TV models for everything you would want, from the best gaming options to the best all-around ones. Sometimes these TVs may require some troubleshooting, especially if it is just saying No Signal.

On average, when Hisense TVs say No Signal, it tends to be due to an issue with the input or source. The correct HDMI cable might not be connected properly, or the source may be otherwise disconnected. There may be other issues that cause the No Signal message to appear on a Hisense TV.

If you have a Hisense TV and see the No Signal message, read on to find out more about what reason could be behind it.

What Do You Do When Your Hisense TV Says No Signal?

A Hisense TV like the 40H4F can be a great addition to any household because it provides plenty of quality and innovative features. The selection of models suits all tastes, and ranges from the affordable to the more exclusive. When using it, you may encounter specific issues that will require some problem-solving.

When your Hisense TV says No Signal, you should first do some checks to make sure everything is in order. Here are some ideas to guide you while troubleshooting:

  • Look at the HDMI ports on the Hisense TV and identify the correct number for each cable. This will help you select the correct source when you’re browsing TV.
  • Get your remote and select the right source for the device you want to be connected to.
  • If you have a remote that doesn’t allow you to select the source, you should go to the Hisense TV settings via the home button. This will allow you to pick your preferred input.
  • If the No Signal message persists, check that all the cables are well-connected.

Once you have made sure that no cables have gotten disconnected and that you are on the correct source, the input should be showing and the No Signal message should be gone. If you continue to experience this problem, something else may be going on.

Why Does My TV Say No Signal When HDMI Is Plugged in Hisense?

HDMI cables transmit video or audio from devices such as cable boxes to TV screens. They are essential for most connections, especially if you plan to use the Hisense with other items like consoles.

If you receive the No Signal message on your Hisense TV and find no visible issues with the HDMI connection, you may be experiencing a different problem, including the potential of a faulty cable or even a faulty port.

Current Hisense TV models include 2.0 and 2.1 ports, which provide outstanding performance, audio, and video quality. Experiencing a No Signal message and a lack of connection while trying to use them can be a frustrating time.

You should first try to use a different cable for the HDMI, just to check if it connects. If it does, it means that your problem is with the cable and that you must replace it with another high-performance one.

Instead, if it is a problem with the port itself, you may have to replace it. This could be due to a tiny fault in the structure that prevents the establishment of a good connection between the two devices. In the meantime, you can use one of the other HDMI ports on your Hisense TV, which should be a good temporary fix.

When you have a powerful TV, it is great to enjoy its full benefits. The efforts of getting a correct signal connection can be a distraction but, once it is sorted, you will be able to get the highest quality.

Why Is TV Saying No Signal?

There are numerous other reasons for a TV to say No Signal and persist with that problem. Here are other common causes behind this message:

  • Faulty antenna signal
  • Network problems that can affect one or both devices
  • Product fault
  • If you have a 4K TV, you may not have the HDMI enhanced format setting turned on, which might prevent reception of the correct signal.

How Do I Reset My Hisense TV?

If your No Signal problem persists, you should reset your Hisense TV. To do so, you should first switch off the Hisense TV and disconnect it from the socket. Then, remove all the cables, including the HDMI ones, and reconnect them. Wait at least two minutes before plugging the TV back in and turning it on.

If you’d rather do a full factory reset to make sure that there are no issues, you should go to the Hisense TV menu, then to settings, and finally to the storage and reset option. Choose to reset and wait while the process is carried out.


Your Hisense TV can say No Signal for various reasons, but it will primarily be influenced by a poor connection with the HDMI cable. This can be due to it not being plugged in correctly or to a faulty cable. Most troubleshooting is easy to carry out.

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