Why Can’t I Change The Channels On VIZIO Smart TV?

Vizio Smart TVVizio Smart TV

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VIZIO Smart TVs have fairly advanced technological abilities these days. You can stream pretty much any shows or movies you could want! But you can still use these televisions to watch cable or broadcast TV, and if you are having trouble changing the channels on either of these available platforms, there are a few ways to fix this problem.

There are four reasons why you may not be able to change the channels on your VIZIO TV:

  • The remote may need new batteries.
  • The television is on the wrong input source.
  • The channels need to be scanned.
  • You need to reset your television and cable box.

Of course, you will need to know how to perform these solutions to get your channels changing again. So keep reading, because we are going to break each one down and you will be back to enjoying your programming in no time!

What Is the Problem If I Can’t Change the Channels on VIZIO Smart TV?

The list we’ve provided for the possible reasons your VIZIO Smart TV may be having trouble changing channels begins with the easiest solution and most likely solution. So we recommend starting at the beginning.

  • The remote may need new batteries.
  • The television is on the wrong input source.
  • The channels need to be scanned.
  • You need to reset your television and cable box.

If you already know what is wrong with your TV, feel free to skip ahead to the proper section learn how to solve the problem!

How Do I Fix the Remote for my VIZIO Smart TV?

If you cannot change the channels on your television, the first step is always to make sure it is not simply the remote that needs fixing, not the TV.

When watching over-the-air TV, try changing the channels from the buttons on your VIZIO TV, if that works, it is definitely your remote that needs assistance.

If you are watching cable television through a set-top box, use the box to try to change the channels. Once again, if that does the trick, you will need to fix your remote, not the TV or the box itself.

Ensure that your remote control has working batteries and that they are installed correctly.

From there, VIZIO has quite a few tactics to try before you give up and pay to repair your remote, or worst-case scenario, buy a new one. If you are sure it is your remote that is malfunctioning, check out their step-by-step guide on how to fix it!

How Do I Change the Input Source on my VIZIO TV?

As we know, there are a lot of options for ways to watch television on a VIZIO Smart TV, so depending on the system of your choice, you need to ensure that the television itself is set to input the signal from the program you’re trying to use.

While not all input names obviously correspond with their systems, the top three most popular choices you will use are TV, HDMI 1, and HDMI 2.

If you are watching broadcast television through a coaxial connection, you will need to use the TV input. Whereas if you are watching cable, check which HDMI port the cord is attached to. Remember, there are several and they are each numbered, so make sure you read the label carefully.

To change the input to the source you need, follow these easy steps:

  • Select the INPUT button on your remote.
  • Scroll through the list with the arrow buttons until you find your desired source.
  • Select OK to choose the input.

That’s it! Now you can change your input source with ease, so if you decide to hook up an Amazon Firestick, a new DVD player, or a gaming console, you can follow these instructions and make sure the correct signal is displayed on your VIZIO TV.

How Do I Run A Channel Scan?

Almost every television on the market today comes with an internal tuner that allows the device to access broadcast programming. Your VIZIO Smart TV has it too, but it has to be set up to run properly. Here’s how to do it:

  • Click the MENU button on your VIZIO remote.
  • Choose TUNER or CHANNELS (depending on your model.)
  • Do not exit the screen until the scan is complete.

It’s important to remember that this solution only works if you are not using a cable box to watch TV.

If you are using an external set-top box to get your channels, but they’re not changing, you need a different tactic.

How Do I Reset my VIZIO TV and Cable Box?

When having trouble changing the channels on your VIZIO TV while it’s connected to a set-box top from your cable provider, you will need to reset both devices in order to fix the problem.

All you need to do is follow these simple instructions:

  • Turn off the television and the cable box for a few minutes.
  • Unplug any connected devices and the power source.
  • Press the POWER button on the television for 30 seconds.
  • Plug in the television and external devices after 10 minutes.
  • Turn the TV and cable box back on.

Your television and cable box have been recent and any errors in their performance should be rectified!


Now that you know every possible solution to try if you cannot successfully change the channels on your VIZIO TV, you should be good to go!

If for some reason you are still having trouble, it may be time to reach out to the VIZIO support team for help.

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