Why Amazon Prime Video Sound Keeps Cutting Out?

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Streaming services are the main method people use to watch their favorite TV shows and movies. Sometimes, errors occur that can disrupt the viewer’s enjoyment of the content they are streaming. While this situation is frustrating for the viewer, it is common to experience technical issues while streaming and it can be easy to resolve. Why does your amazon prime video’s sound keep cutting out? 

To fix the issue of your video sound consistently cutting out while streaming videos on Amazon Prime, you must go through the troubleshooting process.  This problem can happen due to having an outdated version of amazon prime video, slow internet speeds, or connection issues.

Many things can contribute to the audio cut out on amazon prime video. Many steps can be taken to resolve audio cutouts and prevent them from occurring in the future. Keep reading to learn these steps.

Outdated Software Causing Sound to Cut Out On Amazon Prime Video

Outdated software is one of the main issues that can cause audio blips. 

Take into consideration the age of the technology you are streaming on and follow the following steps to determine if you need an upgrade:

  1. Check to see if there are any updates for the Amazon Prime Video app that can be installed. 
  2. Check if any other applications have this issue on your device
  3. Check for updates on your TV or other streaming devices
  4. Try using Amazon Prime Video on a different device to determine if it is a device issue or an app or Wi-Fi issue

Tech issues that result from outdated devices or software can appear in many ways, including causing the audio to cut out during streaming. There are also a few other things that can cause this that you should investigate before you purchase a new device.

What to Do If Your Software Is Outdated

What are your options if you need to upgrade your device? You do not necessarily need to buy a whole new smart TV if you are experiencing problems due to your outdated device. 

Listed below are a few more economically friendly options:

  1. Purchase an Amazon Firestick and connect it to your TV to stream that way
  2. Purchase a Roku Streaming Device to stream your content that way
  3. Purchase a Google ChromeCast to stream content from your mobile device and cast it to your tv

All these options are cheaper than buying a new TV. These devices can help you bypass your struggles with your outdated streaming device and allow you to stream comfortably again.  If your audio is cutting out on amazon prime video because of outdated device issues, this method will resolve that problem.

Poor Internet Connection Making Sound Go Out On Amazon Prime Video

Another potential contributor to your audio cutting out while streaming on amazon prime video could be your internet connection. Streaming requires a decent internet connection to work well. 

Check the following things to determine if your audio issues are a result of a bad internet connection:

  • Check your internet speeds online by using an internet speed test
  • Check your router to make sure all the lights are on
  • Check online on your smartphone using mobile data to see if there are any internet outages in your area
  • Move your streaming device closer to your internet router

Now, let’s take a look at a solution to these problems.

What to Do If You Have Poor Internet Connection

The Internet connection can be fickle. Walls, distance, and dead spots in your home can all affect your streaming experience and cause your audio to cut out while streaming on Amazon Prime. 

If you suspect Internet connection to be the cause of your audio issues, here is what you can do to resolve the problem

  1. Unplug your Wi-Fi router and plug it back in
  2. Move your streaming device into a different room
  3. Move your router into a different room
  4. Invest in a faster internet connection
  5. Install Wi-Fi meshes in your home to better distribute your Wi-Fi connection in your home

There are times when the internet just keeps cutting out and there is nothing we can do about it. Wi-Fi outages are also a common issue people run into while streaming. The only thing that can be done during a Wi-Fi outage is to wait it out. 

Weighing Your Options

You may choose to combine both resolutions to improve your streaming experience. Both resolutions can help solve the problem of your audio cutting out while streaming on Amazon Prime Video, as well as many other problems you may encounter, whether it be a black screen, unresponsive applications, or buffering.

Try to keep your apps and devices caught up on software updates to prevent streaming issues from arising. Additionally, you should consider purchasing a faster internet package if you tend to stream often or use a lot of devices in your home. Internet connection is a huge factor when it comes to having a pleasant streaming experience.

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