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Where Is the Serial Number on a Blink Doorbell? 

Last Updated Jul 28, 2022
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If you purchase a Blink Doorbell, one of the first things you should do is locate the serial number on the doorbell and on the Blink’s sync module. The serial number (also known as the Device Serial Number or DSN) is an identifying number that is used by the manufacturer to identify which model is being used and what methods may be necessary to repair or reset it. 

The serial number on a Blink Doorbell is located on the inside of the battery compartment. This number is used for setting up the Blink Doorbell and for securing technical support. The serial number and QR code are used to verify the authority of the user to start a Blink account. 

Finding the serial number on a Blink Doorbell isn’t difficult. However, you do need to locate it to get the Blink Doorbell set up. Read on to learn more about installing Blink Doorbell and why you need the serial number to do it. 

Looking for the Blink Serial Number

The serial number on the Blink Doorbell is located right above the QR code inside the battery compartment. The QR code is a black-and-white square design that is located on the interior surface of the battery compartment, in the center of the battery compartment cover. 

Why Do You Need the Serial Number? 

The serial number is used in setting up the Blink Doorbell when you connect the doorbell to the Blink Wi-Fi network through the Blink Sync Module. The network ID contains four numbers in the serial number along with the identifier BLINK so that you can identify the device network. 

The serial number is also used to add a Blink device to your Blink account. To add a new Blink camera or doorbell to an existing smart home system, you can add it by inputting the device’s serial number into the device list in Account Settings. 

What Is a QR Code?

On the Blink Doorbell, the QR code is used to help set up a Blink Doorbell and its accompanying software. A QR code is a matrix barcode that can be read by machines and is used as a kind of digital shorthand. By scanning the QR code on the Blink Doorbell with a smartphone camera, users can initiate the process of registering and activating it. 

Registering and Activating a Blink Doorbell

As with many electronics, registering your new Blink Doorbell with the manufacturer can give you access to warranty information and makes it easier to make a warranty claim if you have any technical problems with getting the Blink Doorbell to work correctly. 

Here’s the process you should follow to set up a Blink Doorbell and use the serial number to activate it: 

  • Locate the serial number. Open up the battery compartment on the back of the doorbell and look for the black and white QR code, which will appear as a square shaped sticker. Directly above the QR code, you should see the serial number. 
  • Download the Blink Doorbell app. Using the QR reader or camera on a smartphone, download the Blink Doorbell app by scanning the QR code on the doorbell. Follow the on-screen prompts to open the app once it finishes downloading.  
  • Set up the Blink Doorbell account. Through the Blink Doorbell app, add the Blink Doorbell to your account by inputting the serial number as prompted through the Account Settings. This will allow you to activate the doorbell once it is powered up and active.
    Power up and install the doorbell. Add batteries to the battery compartment of the doorbell and replace the battery compartment cover. Install the doorbell and perform a sound test to calibrate the chime and make sure the doorbell is connected.

Once the app is installed and the doorbell is powered up, the software should recognize the doorbell’s network and you should be able to connect it. 

What If the Blink Doorbell Won’t Connect? 

If the Blink Doorbell doesn’t recognize the Blink Doorbell device on the network after you set up the Blink app, the first thing you should check is the wireless Internet connection. Blink requires a wireless connection to connect the Blink Doorbell to the Blink Sync Module, as well as connect the Blink Doorbell to the Blink app on your smartphone.

If the Wi-Fi signal is weak or down, reboot the modem physically to rest the wireless signal. Once the wireless signal is functioning properly, you should be able to complete the Blink Doorbell installation. 

Another issue you should check if the doorbell isn’t functioning is to open the battery compartment and check the rechargeable lithium battery. If the battery is dead, inserted improperly, or missing, the doorbell won’t connect to the Blink app. 

Where Is the Serial Number on the Sync Module? 

Along with the serial number on the interior of the battery compartment on the Blink Doorbell, you can also find the serial number for your Blink device on the Blink Sync Module. On the module, the serial number is located on the back of the device.

If for some reason the serial number on the interior of the Blink Doorbell is obscured, it can be found and used from this alternative location. 

Blink Serial Numbers Are Necessary

If you want to get the Blink Doorbell up and running, knowing where to find the serial number is an important part of the process. This number is also the identifying number you’d need if you ever have to contact technical support. 

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