When Does My Xfinity Data Reset?

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Most internet service providers across the country have a set time at which they will reset their customers’ monthly data usage. Xfinity does the same, which ensures you enjoy high connection speeds while surfing the net. But, when exactly does Xfinity perform this data reset?

Xfinity will reset your data usage on the last calendar day of each month. According to Xfinity, this reset takes effect between 5 PM to 8 PM DST and 4 PM to 7 PM Standard Time, depending on your local time zone.

Monthly data resets keep your browsing experience smooth and friendly and ensure you browse on a clean slate each month. Keep reading to learn more about Xfinity’s data resetting procedures!

When Does My Xfinity Data Reset?

Xfinity will reset your monthly data usage on the last day of each month. The exact time when this will happen depends on the time zone you live in.

During daylight savings time, or DST, this data reset will occur at 5 PM PST. It will occur at 4 PM PST when standard time is in effect. This equates to:

  • 6 PM MT (DST) and 5 PM MT (Standard)
  • 7 PM CT (DST) and 6 PM CT (Standard)
  • 8 PM ET (DST) and 7 PM ET (Standard

During this reset period, you will not be able to see your Usage Meter on the Xfinity app or website. It’s also important to note that your remaining data balance will not roll over to the next month.

What Does Xfinity’s Data Reset Do?

Each month, a data reset is performed to welcome a new cycle of internet data. This reset gives you a clean slate and a renewed data cap for the upcoming month. Your monthly data cap will start from zero, and you can browse without worrying about exceeding your limit.

Is the Xfinity Data Reset Necessary?

Unless you have an unlimited internet data plan, data resets are necessary to balance your monthly data usage. It is important to understand throughout the month how much data you have left and the number of days you have left to use it so you can make the best possible decisions to maximize your internet usage. This helps encourage:

  • Timely data cycling
  • Planned budgeting

A brief explanation of these points will help you understand them better.

Timely Data Cycling

Data resets start your data from zero at the same time each month. You’ll know exactly how much time you have to use your service without accumulating any data overages. This makes the imposed data cap more bearable and easy to manage.

Planned Budgeting

You can always view your current or previous data usage on the Xfinity app or website. Once you notice a string of consistency in the amount of data you use each month, you may want to choose either a smaller or larger data package, depending on your internet needs.

When you know when Xfinit will reset your data usage, you’ll be able to act quickly with your remaining data and find out whether you should keep playing that video game or streaming on Netflix.

Can You Reset Your Own Xfinity Data?

You cannot reset your data usage manually. This is the sole responsibility of Xfinity. However, you can check your Usage Meter anytime you’d like on the Xfinity app or website to ensure you don’t go above the stipulated limit.

Although you cannot reset your monthly data on your own, you can easily keep an eye on your usage. This may help you feel more in control of your internet service.

Does Your Xfinity Data Reset Every Billing Cycle?

Although some ISPs may choose to perform their data resets on the last day of a customer’s billing cycle, Xfinity does not reset data using this method. Your Xfinity billing cycle is the period between the due dates of two monthly statements.

While Xfinity data resets typically do not coincide with billing cycles, it may be the case if your due date is the last day of each month. However, this is purely coincidental. Xfinity data always resets on the last calendar day of the month.

Final Thoughts

Your Xfinity data will reset on the last day of each calendar month and is renewed on the first day of the following month. This reset refreshes your data usage and gives you a clean browsing slate on the first day of a new month.

You can easily check your monthly data consumption on your account’s Usage Meter to know how much data you truly use and perhaps choose a more appropriate plan for you and your family. Unused data cannot be rolled over to the next month, so it’s best to keep close track of how much you’re using and choose the plan that best fits your needs.

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