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What Size Screws Do I Need For A Sony TV Wall Mount?

Last Updated Apr 1, 2022

Mounting a large and expensive TV to a wall isn’t something you want to accomplish incorrectly unless you like waking up to a large crash in the middle of the night. By far, the most important aspect of hanging a TV is ensuring you have the correct size screws to mount the TV to the wall mount itself.

The M8 screw is the most common size screw for Sony TV wall mounts. However, if you have a smaller screen at under 22 inches, you may be able to use an M4 screw. If you want to take all of the guesswork out, you can purchase a universal wall mounting kit.

There are numerous other factors to consider, including spacing, screw depth, and the mounting method. You can even purchase a universal mounting kit separately if needed. If you find yourself questioning whether you have the correct screws or not, read on to find out.

The Screw Size Required For Mounting a Sony TV Wall Mount Varies

The wall mount size and TV size are two different factors that go into the size of the screws that you may need. Typically, the wall mount will come with a package containing all of the screws needed for the correct installation, but they can get lost or even not fit. 

TV sizeScrew Size
Under 22″M4
Over 22″ but under 48″M8
Over 48″M8 or larger. Read on for fitting instructions.

If you find that your mounting kit didn’t come with the correct screws or was missing screws, contact the manufacturer so they can send you the correct ones.

Additionally, when you are shopping for the wall mount, make sure to know the length and width as well as the TV’s weight to make sure your wall mount can handle it.

Spacing Is the Key to Staying Cool

Which Sony TV you own will determine the length of the screws needed. While M8 screws are the most common, the length of the screw varies by television. Mounting the TV and maintaining a gap such that it can wiggle on the mount means your screw is too long.

Spacing between the mount and the TV is crucial to prevent overheating while still providing enough fixing power to ensure the TV does not fall down. The TV needs room between the mount and the TV itself for adequate cooling.

This is accomplished by utilizing the spacers that you receive with the TV or the mounting kit you purchased. These spacers go between the mount and the TV.

Verifying The Correct Screw Depth

To work properly, the screws need a minimum of 5mm of thread engagement on the M8 screws. Inadequate engagement may mean the screw will not have enough holding power to ensure the TV will be mounted throughout time. If you have screws that can’t reach the threads or bottom out, they are not the right size, but how can one ensure there is 5mm of engagement?

Taking a toothpick or even the screw itself and inserting it into the female receiving end of the screw will indicate the depth of the hole. Marking the toothpick with a mark will indicate the depth you must go to be fully engaged. Compare that to the size of the screw plus the spacer, and you will have an adequate indication of the engagement.

Hanging The Mount On Your Wall

The type of wall you intend on screwing the mount into plays a factor as well. Most mounts are designed to screw into a wooden studded wall at 16 inches on center with drywall covering. The manufacturers assume this will be the case when designing the mount.

If there is a variation in the stud sizing or material, the weight and size of the mount and TV, or you cannot locate a stud within your wall; you should read on to find what alternative mounting method will work for your situation.

Alternative Mounting Methods

If the TV will be mounted in a location where drilling into the wall is not desired, for example, brick or stone veneers, there are alternatives. If the wall is light steel or stucco, you may want to explore these alternatives as well, as their holding power may not be enough to ensure the mount stays on the wall.

Brick clamps are one of the most popular ways of adhering items, not just TVs, to a brick veneer or solid brick wall. Adhesives have come a long way in the last decade as well and continue to advance. The right choice of adhesives may even be a stronger hold than the brick clamps and able to hold the weight of most televisions.

If there is a shelf, stand, or table under where the TV is desired, there are low visibility stands that are designed to make it look as if the TV is mounted on the wall without a stand and should be considered as a viable alternative to hanging the TV on the wall.

When to Hire Help

Attaching a wall mount to a wall is no small feat. Even the most experienced workers have trouble with the weight and bulkiness of the TV. 

If you feel uncomfortable with the size or complexity of the operation, please be sure to seek qualified professional assistance. Many models offer assembly and mounting services that you can order directly on Amazon.