What Size Screws Do I Need for a Sony TV Wall Mount?


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Mounting a Sony TV to a wall isn’t something you want to do incorrectly. To avoid a big, expensive crash in the middle of the night, you need to use screws that are strong enough to handle the job.

Here are all the screws you could need to safely mount your Sony TV on the wall.

What Screw Size Should I Use to Mount a Sony TV?

The screw size you’ll need to mount a Sony TV on the wall depends on the TV’s dimensions and VESA pattern. Depending on both, you may need M4, M6, or M8 screws.

Sony TV SizeScrew SizeVESA PatternBest Wall Mount
32”M4100×100Pipishell Full Motion TV Mount
42-50”M6200×200USX Mount Full Motion TV Mount
55-77”M6300×300Pipishell Full Motion TV Mount
83-85”M8400×400USX Mount TV Wall Mount
98”M8600×400Perlesmith Full Motion TV Wall Mount

It’s essential to use the right size to ensure the screws can support the weight of your Sony TV. Most mounting kits will come with the screws you need, but if yours doesn’t, follow the table above. 

How to Measure Your Sony TV’s VESA Pattern

While most Sony TVs follow the table above, some models have different VESA patterns. The VESA pattern will usually be listed in your user manual or the product’s online listing, but you can always measure yourself if you’re having trouble finding it.

  1. Use a tape measure to measure the distance between the top two mounting holes.
  2. Measure the distance vertically between the left or right side mounting holes.
  3. Convert the measurements to millimeters.

The distances in millimeters make up your VESA pattern.

What Screw Length Do I Need for a Sony TV?

The length of the screws you’ll need to mount your Sony TV depends on the specific model you’re mounting. Mounting thread lengths can vary from 5mm to 15mm, and for the most secure fit possible, your screws should reach all the way into the thread.

The depth might be listed in your Sony TV’s user manual. If not, take a paperclip and measure how much goes inside the thread in millimeters to find the correct length. 

If you’re already at the hardware store, it’s a good idea to get a universal mounting screws kit. Test out different lengths until you find the best fit. 

What Wall Materials Can I Mount a Sony TV on?

Most mounts are designed to screw into wooden-studded walls with drywall coverings. While Sony TVs can be mounted on other wall materials, you’ll need to use a stronger screw to ensure a secure hold.

If you want to mount your TV on a concrete, brick, or stucco wall, use concrete screws and anchors. If you’re mounting it on an unstudded wall, use drywall anchors.

Can I Mount a Sony TV by Myself?

Before you go too far to turn back, make sure you know what you’re getting into by mounting your Sony TV on the wall. 

Attaching a mount to a wall and a TV to a wall mount is no small feat. Even the most experienced workers have trouble with the weight and bulkiness. 

If you feel uncomfortable with the size or complexity of the operation, seek qualified professional assistance. Many stores and online retailers offer assembly and mounting services for a small additional fee.

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