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What Is Super Smoke On A Traeger Grill?

Last Updated Jul 13, 2022
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There are plenty of reasons to love Traeger grills. They look amazing, they give your food a wonderful smoky flavor, and they come in so many different sizes that you can find one for any size patio or outdoor space. However, even though Traeger grills are known for their high-quality construction and ease of use, there is one big question that comes up about them: what exactly does Super Smoke mean? 

Traeger’s Super Smoke mode lets you infuse your food with 100% hardwood smoke, which revolves around precision fan control that can be used at temperatures from 165 to 225 degrees Fahrenheit. This is one of Traeger’s customizable settings on their brand of grills and is one of three design features grouped under their patented system called Smoke Science.  

Now that we know what the Super Smoke setting is, which models have this setting, and what other settings can we use on our grill to take our cooking to the next level? Read on to find out more! 

Which Traeger Grills Have The Super Smoke Setting?

You may have seen it on the display screen when you first turn the grill on or you might have noticed it in some recipes but don’t know why it’s important. When it comes to a large and expensive appliance like your outdoor grill, it is crucial to get the most out of your new purchase! 

Traeger offers a wide variety of grills, but not all of them have the Super Smoke setting. In this section, we’ve provided you with a list of the models Traeger offers that feature this setting, along with each model’s basic dimensions below:

  • The Timberline Series: This series of grills come in two sizes, the 850, which has an 869 square inch cooking area, and 1300, which has a 1,343 square inch cooking area.  
  • The Ironwood Series: This series of grills come in the 650, which has 649 square inches of cooking space, and the 885, which has an 885 square inch cooking space.  
  • The Silverton 650(Only Available at Costco): This model features an attached under-grill cabinet and has a 650 square inch cooking space. 
  • The Pro Series: This series comes in two sizes, the 575, with 572 square inches of cooking area, and the 780, with 780 square inches of cooking area.  

What Is Smoke Science?

Smoke science is a term used by Traeger for their three-part design for their grills to make smoking an easier and more accurate process. Traeger has developed this specific system over 30 years of manufacturing their grills, and this three-pronged design model is exclusive to their products. 

This system has three parts, which we have outlined for you here:

  • Tru Convection: This feature uses convection to generate an even and powerful flow of heat and smoke to cook food faster and more evenly. 
  • Downdraft Exhaust: This design feature forces old smoke down and blows where the food is being cooked, causing the new smoke flavor to penetrate the food instead of stale smoke, as well as allowing precise control. 
  • Super Smoke: This feature allows you to blast your food with concentrated smoke to enhance flavor. 

More Traeger Grill Settings To Improve Flavor

Now that we know about the Super Smoke setting, what other settings can be used on the Traeger grill to improve flavor and help us make the best dishes possible using this product? We’ve provided a list of features specific to preparing your food that is included in the Traeger grill line, grouped by each type of grill Traeger offers below: 

FeaturesSilverton 650TimberlineIronwoodPro
6 In 1 VersatilityYesYesYesYes
Digital meat probeNoYesYesYes
Super SmokeYesYesYesYes
Wifire With Traeger AppYesYesYesYes
Dual Position Smoke/Sear Bottom GrateNoYesYesNo
D2® Direct DriveNoYesYesNo
Porcelain Coated Grill Grates NoYesYesYes
3 Tiers of Stainless Steel GratesNoYesNoNo
Bamboo Cutting Board and Stainless Steel Front ShelfNoYesNoNo
Turbo TempNoNoNoYes


Super Smoke on a Traeger Grill is the perfect addition to your grilling needs. Not only does it add an extra layer of flavor, but you can enhance texture and moistness too! The best part about this technology is that it works with most kinds of meat, but also veggies which means you’ll be able to make some delicious side dishes along with the main course. 

In this article, we’ve answered our initial question on what the Super Smoke setting on your Traeger grill can do, as well as some other excellent settings that can help you take your grilling to the next level! 

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