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Is the Traeger WiFIRE Worth It?

Last Updated Jul 31, 2021
A man applying bbq sauce to ribs on the grill.

If you’re looking to upgrade how you grill outside, you have probably heard about the Traeger WiFIRE line. These grills allow users to connect them to Wi-Fi, with your smartphone being a remote control for the device using the Traeger app. While the idea of a smart grill seems amazing, a Wi-Fi-connecting grill like a Traeger WiFIRE might not really be worth the price for some.

Control the grill through a smartphone app
App has over 1000 recipes
Great temperature accuracy
Variety of cooking area options
Fast temperature recovery 
More expensive to operate than other grills
Wood pellets must be stored indoors
It takes a long time to heat up
The clean-up process is hard
Grill has connectivity issues often 

Who is the Traeger WiFIRE for?

The Traeger WiFIRE grill is a pellet grill that boasts being able to connect to Wi-Fi and has a user-friendly app. It’s excellent for grillers who need to control their grill remotely, which is useful for regular grillers and those who slow-smoke meat.

The Traeger WiFIRE grill is not for those who only use their grills a few times a year or only cook basic meals; it’s also not the best choice for those who prefer charcoal or propane grills.

Key Takeaways

While the Traeger WiFIRE grill is innovative in the way it can use Wi-Fi and a smart device app, it has some disadvantages over other grills regarding more basic features. With an expensive price tag, buyers should consider whether the Wi-Fi connection is more important than some of these missing features.

Control the Grill Through the Traeger App

The main advantage of this grill over other ones is that you can control the grill through the Traeger app. If you spend hours standing next to your grill or like to slow-cook meat and don’t want to be home for the entire process, the app control can drastically change how you grill.

The Trager app can be installed on iOS and Android devices. Some of the main features of the app include being able to read the grill and meat temperature. The probe thermometer is included with the grill, so no need to purchase it separately.

You also have the option to use a “Keep Warm” button if your meat hits the target temperature and you want it to stop cooking. The “Super Smoke” button can also give a hardwood blast of smoke to the meat if needed.

Traeger App Has Over 1000 Recipes

One of the major perks of the Traeger app is the endless number of recipes. The recipe database is great for new grillers because it allows you to learn new recipes. Professional grillers can also use the recipe app to get more creative and try new concoctions.

The app is organized by categories such as pork, lamb, vegetables, and beef. You can also search for recipes based on the cut of meat you want to cook. The app also allows you to save recipes for later, so you won’t forget them.

Great Temperature Accuracy

If you slow cook meat regularly, you know how important it is for the temperature on your grill to be consistently accurate. Once the Traeger WiFIRE reaches the target temperature, it usually stays within just a few degrees of that range.

With great accuracy, you can cook and smoke your meat much easier without worrying about overcooking or undercooking meat.

Choose Your Surface Area for the Grill

The Traeger WiFIRE grills come in many different sizes, making it easy for you to pick your ideal one. If you cook for events or have large parties, you can go with one of the larger sizes. If you only cook for yourself or your family, you can save money and get a smaller one. The larger the grill, the more money you are looking to spend.

The smallest size starts at 572 square inches of cooking space. The grills also come in 649 square inch, 780 square inch, and 885 square inch cooking sizes.

Fast Temperature Recovery

Even if you ramp up the temperature quickly or turn it down, the grill can stabilize itself very quickly. The target temperature is only exceeded for a short time and only by about 5 degrees. The fire pot burns down quickly, allowing the grill to get to the new temperature.

More Expensive to Operate

The Traeger WiFIRE grills are pellet grills; this means you use wood pellets to power the grill rather than charcoal or propane. If you have never used a wood pellet grill before, this change can take some time to get used to.

Wood pellets must be bought more often and cost more than charcoal or gas. For example, a 20 lb. bag of hardwood pellets from Traeger is about $18.99 a bag and will only last you about 2 or 3 cooking sessions. Exactly how long it lasts, though, will depend on the temperature you cook your meat on.

Wood Pellets Must Be Stored Indoors

Water and snow can instantly ruin wood pellets. You will need to find a space to store them inside your garage or other areas of your home away from environmental elements. This can be inconvenient if you don’t have much extra space. You will also need to unpack them and bring them inside as soon as they are delivered.

Takes a Long Time to Heat Up

Once turned on and ignited, the temperature takes longer to heat up and get ready compared to other grills. If you decide to start grilling on a whim or are in a hurry, you might be stuck standing around for a while, waiting for the grill to be ready. You’ll have to try to remember to ignite it way before you plan to start grilling.

Clean-Up Process Is Not Simple

The cooking area of the grill must be completely removed and dissembled. This includes the grease tray, heat shields, and grill racks. It’s almost impossible to clean the grill without getting grease on your hands. The fire cup also has to be cleaned out, and all ashes need to be removed.

Grill Experiences Connectivity Options Often

The Traeger WiFIRE grill has to be very close to the router to work properly. This can be inconvenient when you have the grill outside and the router in a different area of the home. You might be stuck buying another router or Wi-Fi extender.

Do I Need Wi-Fi for My Traeger WiFIRE Pellet Grill to Work?

Although Traeger WiFIRE grills offer the ability for users to connect to Wi-Fi for convenient smart features, it’s not a requirement. You can still use your Traeger WiFIRE grill as a standard wood pellet grill if you choose, though you lose access to the ability to control your grill through your smartphone.

The main perk of connecting to Wi-Fi is being able to control the temperature and smoke without having to stand right next to the grill; this can be extremely convenient for slow cooking. However, it’s not a necessary feature for everyone.

Is Traeger WeFIRE Worth the Money?

If you want a simple grill that is easy to operate and utilizes smart features, Traeger WiFIRE grills are a great investment. The wood pellets also give the meat a great smokey flavor.

However, if you don’t like wood pellet grills or don’t care too much about the “smart” aspect, there are many more inexpensive options that could be a better alternative.  

Final Thoughts

In summary, if you want a grill with Wi-Fi and an amazing app, a Traeger WiFIRE grill can be an amazing addition to your outdoor living area. The temperature and thermometer functions also ensure your food is cooked perfectly every time. If you don’t think you need the Wi-Fi and don’t love the idea of wood pellet grills, consider a different choice.