Westinghouse TV Black Screen No Picture – Five Easy Fixes to Try!

TV with black screenTV with black screen

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After a long day, you just want to relax and watch a show, so you turn on your Westinghouse only to find out that you have a black screen. You most likely suspect the worst; you need a new TV. However, that may not be the case for you with your Westinghouse TV.

Some easy fix tips could solve your problem with your Westinghouse TV and get the screen back on. In our guide below, we’ll go over some of those easy fixes and help solve your black screen problem. 

One Thing to Keep In Mind Before Starting

While one of these easy fix tips might solve your problem, if it doesn’t, that means that your Westinghouse TV has an issue that would require a repair or replacement. 

The 32″ Insignia is a great choice for those looking for a replacement TV. Or you could just upgrade to one of Westinghouse’s own, new smart TVs. 

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Replace the Batteries In the Remote

Sometimes the fix can be as easy as replacing dead batteries inside the remote. If the batteries have leaked out acid, you will need to clean the battery contacts with rubbing alcohol. 

The easiest way to do this is by using a Q-Tip and dipping it in the rubbing alcohol. You can then use the Q-Tip to remove the battery acid from the contacts inside the remote. After removing the acid, allow the contacts to dry before putting in the new batteries. Your remote should now be working, which should solve your black screen problem.

Unplug Your TV From the Power Source

If replacing the batteries in the remote with fresh batteries didn’t solve the problem, try performing a soft reset.

To do a soft reset on your Westinghouse TV, unplug the TV from the outlet and leave it unplugged for at least one minute. That should give the TV time to release some of the power stored inside. After the minute has passed, plug the TV back in and power it on. Hopefully, this should solve your black screen issue.

Perform A Hard Reset on Your Westinghouse TV

If the changing of the batteries or the soft reset didn’t do the trick, there is always a chance that a hard reset could fix the issue for you. 

A hard reset requires you to unplug the TV again and hold down the power button at the same time for 30-45 seconds. Doing this will force out all the power in the power supply board. After doing this, you can plug your Westinghouse TV back in, which should solve your black screen issue.

Try Using Another Outlet

If none of the other easy fix answers worked for you, try to see if the problem is the current outlet that your Westinghouse TV is plugged into. There are times that wall outlets or power strips can go bad and stop working, which will prevent your Westinghouse TV from turning on. 

Locate another outlet you know is working and plug your Westinghouse TV into it. After doing so, this easy fix should solve your black screen issue.

Check to See if All Cords Are Properly Plugged All the Way In

If changing the wall outlet didn’t work, you might want to try one more easy fix. Go behind the Westinghouse TV and check all the lines and make sure they are all tightly attached to the TV. 

Sometimes pets and kids accidentally dislodge cords from the TV, and that would cause it to have a black screen. After checking and securing all cords that go into your Westinghouse, like the power cord and any HMDI cords connected to the TV, you can power the TV on. Doing this should solve your black screen issue.

Additional Information For People That Still Have A Black Screen Issue After Trying This Easy Fixes

If none of these easy fixes were helpful for your situation with the black screen on your Westinghouse TV, then the issue is a major one that needs more than an easy fix. 

The most common issues that cause your Westinghouse TV to have a black screen would be a power supply board failure or a LED/LCD lighting failure. Depending on the repair price, it might be better to go and buy another TV, as LED/LCD light replacement is more costly than buying a new TV.

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