Turning Off Ring’s “Hi, You are Being Recorded.”

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Walking in your neighborhood or visiting a friend’s home and suddenly hearing a recorded voice telling you that you’re being recorded is definitely unsettling! Although this motion warning feature of Ring device is quite helpful to alert owners, can it be switched off?

Using the app, you can easily turn off the motion warning on your Ring devices. But first, you must navigate to the device dashboard in the app, click on settings and toggle off the option of motion warning.

Keep reading to understand the motion warning feature, how to disable it, and how to keep your home safe.

How to Turn Off Rings “Hi You Are Being Recorded”

Ring doorbells, cameras, and security systems are renowned for their features.

One such function offered by Ring smart home devices that enables you to increase the level of protection in your house is motion warning.

The fact that this feature would be activated even when entering and leaving your home makes it likely that you would find it annoying.

When the Motion Detection feature on your Ring device is turned on, it will capture any motion that comes into its field and send it to the “Event History” app on your smartphone.

Here’s how to disable it:

  • Open the Ring app.
  • Tap the three lines on the upper left-hand side.
  • Tap on Devices.
  • Select the device on which you want to turn off the Motion Warning.
  • Toggle off “Motion Warning.”
  • You will hear a message saying Motion Warning is turned off.

If you turn on the Motion Alerts control, it will let you know whenever motion is detected. But it can sometimes get annoying, especially when it alerts you when you enter or leave the house.

How Do I Know if My Ring is Recording?

Users routinely enquire on numerous community platforms whether their doorbells are video recording.

Checking the App

The owner of the Ring device can easily check on their app if the doorbell is recording.

Other than that, checking to see if your Ring Doorbell is recording is simple.

  • You should check the Ring app or the doorbell’s indication light.
  • The motion detection feature of cameras is activated, and the camera begins recording when its sensors pick up any action.
  • Even the frequency of door openings is recorded.
  • When motion detection is activated, an audio alarm lets you know that activity has been seen at your door.

However, if you have turned off the motion alerts and are wondering if the camera is recording, see the next section.

Checking the Doorbell Itself

There are obvious signals when a Ring Doorbell is active and working properly.

  • The red light on the doorbell should be on. If yes, the Ring Doorbell is operational and is now recording.
  • To check if the recording is on, you can physically approach the mounting location and use the camera’s indicator light or check the app to see if the video is properly captured and stored.

Keep in mind that if you have a smartphone with Ring access, you will already receive alerts whenever the camera is recording because the doorbell sends notifications whenever motion sensors are triggered.

Other Alternates to Alert People They’re Being Recorded

Thankfully, Ring’s Motion Warning is one of many options.

You have several options for alerting guests and prospective intruders that they are being recorded, in addition to Ring and more available options.

Physical Signs

The traditional physical indication is one of the first possibilities.

Most Ring devices include a sticker that you may paste on your property in a visible place.

This alerts visitors—both welcome and unwanted—that a Ring camera is there.

Additionally, they will be aware that the Ring camera is probably recording them and whatever they are doing.

A generic sign is an additional choice.

These are available at places like Home Depot and even online at Amazon.

Essentially, these signs read, “Video Recording is in Progress.”

In this manner, everyone is conscious of the camera and understands that they are being recorded.

Motion Activated Lights

Lights turn on when someone enters your Motion Zones, informing people there are cameras.

The motion-activated lamp works best in places where thieves and malicious people like to lurk, such as the backyard, the side of your house, and other dimly lighted areas.

These elements can be combined, ensuring everyone knows they are being filmed.


The Motion Warning feature is useful, but not if it frightens your guests and scares away people.

Many people try to disable this feature as a result and use other alternatives to inform their guests.

Some people also consider this feature as a privacy-invading feature.

Hence, there are several effective methods for alerting individuals that they are being filmed, including physical signs, motion-activated lights, and Ring’s smart responses.

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